DJ Drama And La The Darkman - Living Notoriously (Gangsta Grillz Edition)

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1. (00:02:34) La The Darkman - La The Dark
2. (00:02:53) La The Darkman - Black James Bond (Like Thunder)
3. (00:05:43) La The Darkman - What Lifes About (feat. Willie The Kid)
4. (00:03:13) La The Darkman - Split Your Mask (feat. Willie The Kid)
5. (00:04:30) Willie The Kid - You (Remix) (feat. Bobby Valentino & La The Darkman)
6. (00:04:14) La The Darkman - All About My Ends (feat. Lonnie Mac)
7. (00:03:17) La The Darkman - Gangsta Shit (feat. Willie The Kid)
8. (00:03:20) La The Darkman - I Got Game (feat. Lil Wayne)
9. (00:03:29) La The Darkman - Suck It Again (feat. Willie The Kid)
10. (00:03:46) La The Darkman - Swisha & Dosha (feat. Willie The Kid)
11. (00:03:37) La The Darkman - Friends Turned Enemies (feat. Willie The Kid)
12. (00:02:49) La The Darkman - A Hustler's A Hustler (feat. Lonnie Mac)
13. (00:04:46) Willie The Kid - Love For Money (feat. Gucci Mane,
Trey Songz, La The Darkman, Yung Joc, Bun B & Flo Rida)
14. (00:04:33) La The Darkman - I'm A G (feat. Trick Trick)
15. (00:03:21) La The Darkman - Fucking With The Best (feat. Willie The Kid)
16. (00:02:35) La The Darkman - Well Respected (feat. Willie The Kid)
17. (00:04:22) La The Darkman - Mo Money (feat. Gucci Mane & Yo Gotti)
18. (00:03:19) La The Darkman - Ya'll Ain't Ready (feat. Willie The Kid & T.I.)

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Yo , This Mixtape hawt. La

Yo , This Mixtape hawt. La tha darkman and willie went in hard bodied on this Tape. If u nigs wanna listen to sum fresh get this ish. AMG/SSR/CUB/

Im old...

and I remember early La back in the day when the Wu had rap in a headlock, and Im a hater, I hate all these down south dudes or east coast dudes that go down south to dick ride their style, but I fucks with Willie and La did his thing... respect due!
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yo dat nigga lad got spittage

its sad tho dat drama & jeezy are beefin its cuz of drama dat jeezy hit hard like he did & its cuz of jeezy drama was able 2 put out all these mixtapes wit other spittas but neways ima d/l & drama foldin by not puttin out dat meek mill gangsta grillz out shit's real in da phil [215]


wow..this shit is fucking killin it nigga.. if you want some good shit to bump I HIGHLY recommend listening to it man willie and lad together kill them fucking tracks no doubt. fucks wit it. 334 represent
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still hungry lyrics on

still hungry lyrics on point!
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GanGsta Grillz u Bastards!!!

This shit go hard, but whut do u expect from Barack O'Drama!!! gr8 use of some throwback beats 2! 10/10