DJ P-Cutta - Rocafella Street Wars 2

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1. Dj P-Cutta – Street Wars Intro
2. Jay-Z Ft Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind
3. Raekwon Ft Jadakiss, Styles P – Broken Safety
4. Drake Ft Kanye West , Lil Wayne, Eminem – Forever
5. Jay-Z Ft J.Cole – A Star Is Born
6. Raekwon Ft Beanie Sigel – Have Mercy
7. Young Chris Ft Freeway, Beanie Sigel – Take Two
8. Memphis Bleek – Don’t Get Ya Head Bust
9. Jay-Z – Venus Vs. Mars
10. Freeway - Love
11. Jadakiss Ft Styles P, Sheek Louch – My Brother’s Keeper
12. Memphis Bleek Ft Uncle Murda – Say So
13. Young Chris – Grown Thangs
14. Jay-Z Ft Kanye West – Hate
15. Jadakiss – Hangover
16. Jay-Z Ft Young Jeezy – Real As It Gets
17. Cyssero Ft Beanie Sigel – Let’s Talk About It
18. Memphis Bleek – Lil Youngin
19. Kanye West Ft Malik Yusef, Common – Magic Man
20. Jay-Z Ft Kanye West, Memphis Bleek – Run This Town Rmx
21. Jay-Z – Ghetto Techno
22. Jadakiss – Let The Beat Bang
23. Memphis Bleek – Trust Me
24. Amerie Ft Jadakiss – Why R U Rmx
25. Lil Wayne Ft Jay-Z, Drake – Warrior
26. Jadakiss Ft Sheek Louch, Styles P – Heard Of Us
27. Freeway – Old To The New

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Dj Whiteowl Drop That Exclusive..who the fuck is p cutta ??

These Dj's Need to retire..
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If you've ever takin 20 or

If you've ever takin 20 or so or your favorite songs and put them on one cd to bump in your ride then you're as much of a Dj as 90% of them, just get you a mic and scream your name every 15 seconds in every song and post your shit, Dj Smash, you can even call the song an exclusive after its been on 10 other tapes
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You ain't lied about that one, I don't know if it's because there are too many "wanna be" DJ's or not enough tracks to go around or what, i know there use to be a DJ for each region of the US and 1 Local DJ for every Major City that had Talent worth listening to, now thanks to the internet, these So called "Dj's" can do what every one us can can do with a few clicks and good searching, these DJ's pretty much do nothing more than take a few steps out of what all of us can do which is go to Myspace, Youtube, or the Artist official pages and do a Audio Rip off the Media players on those sites, Hit the Vocal Signature button on their Audio editor over the Mp3 and Throw that shit on a tape, make some cover art (Which is the MOST work they do!) and throw that shit out there for fools to buy.. (or download for free)
With that info your now a certified DJ
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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Oh shit, thanks for the

Oh shit, thanks for the protips man. I'm drop a mix next week. It's gon' be hot son.. I'ma have all the exclusives and shit.. I'ma have that fuckin' Drake - Best I Ever Had, I'ma have A milli by Lil Wayne on it.. dawg shits gon' be crazy son. I never even knew shit was as easy as just takin' 20 tracks loading them on a CD and drawing a cover with crayon.. shwooo I'ma blow up son! ----------------------- This shit is all jokes niggas.. I'm not seriously bout to do that shit.
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u should

Just Grab all the exclusives from DJs like Whiteowl & Wiggy put them all in one disc, blend them together, make a good lookin cover with your "Dj Name" on it and bootleg that shit in your local fleamarket for $10 to $15 each. Ppl will buy it believe me i know. Usually hood niggaz with no internet access. I usually slow my tracks down, thats how we bump our muzik down here.
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That would work cause if you

That would work cause if you dont have internet access all this shit is exclusive, these songs that never make it on a studio album most people prob never hear or even know bout. But on the real I would say if your not in a booth with a rapper givin him beats to freesyyle over then you didnt make a mixtape, you made one of those cds they sell on TV, "Thats what I call music 36" but Dninc is right theres not enough songs to go around, and these songs that we call garbage are prob songs the artist never meant for anyone to hear, they was fucked up fuckin around and now its on mixtapes and everybody says "He fell off with this one"
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shit athang i download gets

shit athang i download gets chopped and screwedd awready