DJ P-Cutta - Street Wars 26

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01 P-Cutta - Intro
02 Five - Shooter On Demand (Street Wars Intro)
03 50 Cent - Speaks Vs Jay-Z
04 Beanie Sigel - Think Big (Dissin Jay-Z & Memphis Bleek)
05 Styles P - I Wanna Rock Right Now
06 Freeway - Love Is A Battlefield (Adresses Beanie Vs Jay-Z Beef)
07 Beanie Sigel - Studio Freestyle (Dissin Jay-Z)
08 Eminem Feat. Dr. Dre - Hell Breaks Loose
09 Cannibus Feat D-12 - Air Strike (Dissin Eminem)
10 Beanie Sigel - Interview With 50 Cent (Dissin Jay-Z)
11 50 Cent Feat. Beanie Sigel - I Go Off (Dissin Jay-Z)
12 50 Cent - Speaks Vs Jay-Z
13 Lloyd Banks - Microphone
14 Kash Feat. Joell Ortiz - In With The New
15 Styles P Feat. Bully - Dirty Money
16 Beanie Sigel - How I Can Kill Jigga Man (Dissin Jay-Z)
17 Beanie Sigel - Speaks Vs Jay-Z
18 Joe Budden - Speaks Vs Beanie Sigel
19 Freeway Feat. Beanie Sigel & Jack Frost - Back Ya Boyz Down
20 Five Feat. Mysonne, Stones - Run Wit It (Remix)
21 50 Cent - Man's World
22 Kaboom - I Don't Like Yall
23 Sheek Louch - Give It Up
24 Goon Regime - Unusual Life
25 Styles P - Hustler's Flow
26 Illanoise - Still Get A Rush
27 50 Cent Feat. Raekwon & Gerreddi - Crime Wave (Remix)
28 Sheek Louch - Catalina
29 Cormega Feat. Prodigy & Styles P - Dirty Game
30 Stone Gang - Crime Wave Freestyle
31 Kaboom Feat. Young Hot & N.H. - Dumb
32 Hh Spady - Angels Freestyle

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Handsome Ent.'s picture

Whats Beef

This beef garbage has got to stop. At one point it was good for Hip Hop now it just gives it a black eye. Reminds me of the Comments under the V5 mixtape bunch of fuckin kids with Accounts.
ThaWhat's picture

Second That....

Wasn't that shit crazy!?!? I agree with you 110% maine.... How I see'it this beef shit... Is'a marketin tool gon'bad... str8 up.
tebmu's picture

Street Wars 26

Good to see P with a new release. This is still one of the hardest hitting mt series. Crazy to see all these Beanie diss Jay tracks tho. A LOT of energy being put into that right now. Watch street dvds and hood dvds right now for free at