DJ Purfiya & Trap-A-Holics Present T-Dot - Sleep When I Die Vol 2

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01 Intro
02 Foreva
03 Jerk
04 A Milli
05 Hollow
06 Buds On Faces
07 Who Gives A Fuck
08 Cake Cake
09 Mask On
10 Had 2 Pick
11 Half A Pack
12 Ima Cap
13 Yein From Round
14 Toe Tags & Body Bags
15 Above The Law
16 Mob It Out
17 Yein Bout Dat Life
18 We Bop
19 Had 2 Pick Clean
20 Outro

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who gives a fuck where u from,we merkin ova here. real 5-6-ace killa type niggas...catch deez...inya mouff...
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Kings of Beats
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thatsthashit, calm down.. have a seat, blaze wit me.. too harsh.. dude on his grind.. as long as he don't spam
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