DJ Rell & DJ Tazmania - H-Town Salute

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01 Slim Thug Feat. T2 & Esg - This Is For My
02 Lil Keke Feat. Big Moe Big Pokey, Big Hawk & Dea - Dead End Niggas
03 Fat Pat - Swang Down
04 Lil Keke - Ballin' In Da Mix
05 Lil Keke Feat. Fat Pat & Screwed Up Click - Freestyle
06 Archie Lee Feat. Lil Mario & Blyndcide - Swang Wide
07 Z-Ro Feat. Scarface - These Niggas
08 Fat Pat - Tops Drop
09 Big Moe - Freestyle
10 Yungstar Feat. Lil Flex & Dat Boy Grace - Knockin' Pictures Off Da Wall
11 Yungstar Feat. Lil Troy, Fat Pat & Big Hawk - Wanna Be A Baller
12 Dj Screw Feat. Z-Ro, Big Moe & Tyte Eyez - City Of Syrup
13 C.Note & Lil Flip - Diamonds All In Yo Face
14 Devin The Dude - Doobie Ashtray
15 Esg & Slim Thug - Braides And Fades
16 Esg & Big Moe - Drop Yo Tops

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Steady Declining

This is played out H town hip hop is struglin. Tryn to survive off the Pioneers of the H.

The throne its out for grabs brah!

Theres so many lame rappers coming out from every corner of the world with their lame azz Seinfeld lyrics about nothing with their skinny jeans and scarfs, it seems like the only good hiphop is classic hiphop. Is not just texas thats strugglin, is hiphop in general! This generation of kids is lame as hell if u ask me. Wheres my NWA niggaz at?? My Wu Tang niggaz??? My Ghetto Boy niggaz???? Niggaz like to hate on the south but if it wasnt for the south hiphop would of been just a memory like disco is now.