DJ Scope - Street Certified 45, 45.5 & 46

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3 individual downloads below


1. Jusmula- Freestyle
2. Jadakiss- Pop Champaigne Freestyle
3. Webstar Feat. Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Remo- Dancing On Me
4. Uncle Murder- We Aint Playin
5. Uncle Murder- Brooklyn Tale
6. Fabolous, Game- Where Im From
7. Lil Wayne- Freestyle {50 Cent Diss}
8. 50 Cent- Play This On The Radio {Lil Wayne, Oprah Diss}
9. 50 Cent- Shut Your Bloodclot
10. Young Buck- Murda Call
11. Joe Budden- Letter To Saigon {Saigon Diss}
12. Saigon Feat. Prodigy- Under Achiever {Joe Budden Diss}
13. Lloyd Banks- Mind On Murder
14. Yony Yayo- Scared Money
15. French Montana Feat. Akon- We Aint Got Nuthin To Prove
16. Max B, French Montana- Waiting On Us
17. Mike Beck, Max B, French Montana- Ultimate Rush
18. Jim Jones- Drug Dealer
19. Jha Jha Feat. Stack Bundles- Gangsta Lean
20. Juelz Santana- Let's Cruise
21. Dolla Billz- Shot Da Sheriff
22. Cassidy, Dragon- 24 Hours
23. Jim Jones Feat. Ryan Leslie- Precious
24. Jim Jones- Blow The Bank
25. Lil Wayne, Birdman- Always Strapped
26. Lil Wayne, Hunt- Lift Up


1. Jusmula- Freestyle
2. Jay-Z, Jeezy- President Is Black {Remix}
3. Jay-Z- When The Money Goes
4. 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks- Handz On The Steel
5. Lloyd Banks- Holy Matrimony
6. Styles P, Corpral Asskick- Y O To Far Rock
7. Styles P, Jo Jo Pellegrino- Holy Shrine
8. Lil Fats,Sha Stimuli,Cymarshall Law,Add 2,Jusmula, Miz,St Laz - Coast 2 Coast Cipher
9. J. Bricks Feat. Ali Vegas, Styles P- Storm Is Brewing
10. Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana- Rap Cemetery
11. Lil Wayne- My Name Is
12. Papoose- The Gods Are Back
13. Havoc- Watch Me
14. Cassidy, Uncle Murder- Gun Shopping
15. Cassidy- Rider
16. Uncle Murder- You Got To Love It
17. Nas- Something Foul
18. Joe Budden- Pain In His Life {Saigon Diss}
19. Saigon- Pushin Buddens {Joe Budden Diss}
20. Game- Number One
21. J.R. Writer, Fred Money, Charlie Clips- Writer, Money, Clips
22. Busta Rhymes Feat. Uncle Murder, Red Cafe- Please Give Me Ammo
23. Rick Ross- Mafia Music
24. Papoose- Law Library P.T. 6
25. Lil Wayne- Im At War
26. Lil Wayne- Loser
27. Lil Wayne- Prom Queen


01. Jusmula- Freestyle
02. 50 Cent- Try Me {Rick Ross, Khaled, Lil Wayne Diss}
03. Lil Wayne, Young Money- Filet Minon
04. Lil Wayne, Young Money- New Orleans Manaic
05. Lil Wayne, Young Money- Thank You
06. Young Jeezy, Jay-Z- President Is Black {Rmx: New Jeezy Verse}
07. J.R. Writer- Freestyle
08. Ransom- The Amazing
09. Lil Fats Feat. Jay Rock, K. Dot- We Dont Play
10. Red Cafe, Uncle Murder, Maino, Suss One- Who Shot Ya 2009
11. Game Feat. Wyclef, Damian Marley- Enemy
12. Omillio Sparks, Peedi Crakk- Freestyle
13. J. Bricks Feat.Nature- Live This Way
14. T.I. Feat. Akon- Hero
15. Busta Rhymes- Hustlers Anthem 2009
16. Q.Tip Feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekon, Lil Wayne- Renaissance Rap {Remix}
17. Rick Ross Feat. John Legend- Magnificent
18. Styles P- Street Life
19. Juelz Santana- Blame It
20. Dream Feat. Rick Ross, Juelz Santana, Fabolous, Ludacris- Rocking That Thing {Remix}
21. Jim Jones- Turn My Swag On
22. Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana- Rock Star
23. Bully, Beef- Freestyle
24. Hatian Fresh Feat. Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross- International Boss
25. B.G. Feat. Feat. Ceto, Lil Wayne- Gorilla

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all this shit

all this shit was on biggy jiggy tapes and whiteowl tapes. not worth the d/l unless you didn't download the jiggy and whiteowl tapes. GOD MC
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all this shit

all this shit was on biggy jiggy tapes and whiteowl tapes. not worth the d/l unless you didn't download the jiggy and whiteowl tapes. GOD MC
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I 4 1

agree step yo game up scope

get some game fool!

why does he even waste his time.... every single scope tape sucks!!!! every single one!!! sound quality sucks.... he picks crap songs. does anybody want this kidn of crap anymore.... there is 0 difference between a whiteowl tape and a scope tape. there covers looks exactly alike...
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This ass ripped these songs off Youtube! lmao Thats why the bad quality, he probably couldn't get the Original songs without other DJ's yellin all over it so he found them on youtube which get them pretty fast and Sound recorded them.