DJ Scope - Street Certified Vol 58

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1. Jusmula- Freestyle
2. Jay-Z- Talkin Bout Freestyle {Dame Dash Diss}
3. Jadakiss- We Fly
4. Sheek Louch- We Love What We Do
5. Sheek Louch- Pose Off
6. Styles P- Freestyle
7. 50 Cent- Im Paranoid
8. Havoc- Smells Like Nine
9. Young Chris Feat. Freeway, Beanie Sigel- The Last Two {Remix}
10. 50 Cent- Suicide Watch
11. Notey Extra- Block Is Hot
12. J.R. Writer, Hell Rell- Thrilla
13. Notey Extra- 4 The City
14. Prodigy- Keep The Heels On
15. Styles P Feat. A.P.- Freestyle
16. Joel Ortiz Feat. Styles P- We Can Do It
17. The Game Feat. Chris Brown, Diddy- Better On The Other Side
18. J.R. Writer Feat. Charlie Chips- Swag On Freestyle
19. J.R. Writer- To The Top
20. Joel Ortiz Feat. Papoose, Novel- So Much More
21. Chase/ A/Millonz- In A Choke Hold
22. Papoose- I Just Want The Paper
23. 50 Cent- Respect It Or Check It Nigga
24. Rick Ross- U The Best Freestyle
25. Notey Extra- Thug Till You Dead
26. Rick Ross- Skyline
27. Tox- Beat It
28. Camron Feat. Vado- Cocaine
29. Camron Feat. Vado, 40 Cal- Lennox 7th Ave
30. Camron Feat. Vado- Different Cloth
31. Camron Feat. Vado- We Here Now

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hang it up scope, just retire, your skipping mixtape volumes just to make it look like your keepin up wit all the otha DJ's, never seen that one before but thats just SAD duke, i mean at first I just thought mixtapetorrent didnt upload parts 55 & 56 but when I actually realized that they were NOWHERE IN EXISTANCE i couldnt believe that a DJ could be that pathetic LOL, i dont mean to make a big deal about it and drag it out like that because I did point this out before, but everytime I see one of your mixtapes uploaded its the first thing that pops into my mind LOL, thats gotta be the biggest jerkoff move EVER by ANY DJ EVER since mixtape DJ's came out in the mid 90's, just retire my man, let whiteowl just keep runnin shit like he's been! "The Dictionary Is The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work"
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HAHA kinda like that jerkoff move u pulled when u put up that ugly azz pic of ur ugly face over someone holdin a grip of money posin like it was really ur broke azz. now that shit was pathetic.... or what about that time u put that other pic with a person with a big azz tattoo on ur back like it was u but u could tell it was a female by how small and petit that torso was..... NIGGA YOU A LOSER!!!!
JayJayGemini's picture

another victim My life is REAL, try again cockroach haha, if you knew how much money I had you'd off yaself haha, take a closer look at my "fake pics" faggot LMAO, you just made a real ass out yaself
dninc's picture

White owl clone

He's trying too hard to be white owl.. White owl does do some good drops for the North, i'll take him over this shit anytime. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
silverback_gorilla's picture

wats happened?

wats happened 2 pap? he has fell off. i fort he was gonna drop a album.
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f$ck them hates scope. lets

f$ck them hates scope. lets goo!!! its 80 proof bittcchhh!!!!!