DJ Scream & Shawty Lo - I'm Da Man 3

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01. Shawty Lo - I'm Da Man 3 (Intro)
02. Shawty Lo - Birrrds
03. Shawty Lo - Ask 4 Shawty Lo
04. Shawty Lo - Get It
05. Shawty Lo - Lose A Lover (Interlude)
06. Shawty Lo - Yeah
07. Shawty Lo - Wtf Feat. Lil Wayne
08. Shawty Lo - Big Watch
09. Shawty Lo - Radio
10. Shawty Lo - Hip-Hop Police (Interlude)
11. Shawty Lo - Trap It Out
12. Shawty Lo - I Swear Feat. Cosa Nostra
13. Shawty Lo - Top Spot
14. Shawty Lo - Atl Stand Up (Interlude)
15. Shawty Lo - Atl Feat. Ludacris, The Dream
16. Shawty Lo - No Time Soon Feat. Stuntman
17. Shawty Lo - Ringtone Feat. Soulja Boy
18. Shawty Lo - Outro & Shout
19. Shawty Lo - Why Money Make Me Feel So Good Feat. Pauly Paul
20. Shawty Lo - Comes & Goes Feat. G Fresh (Bonus)
21. Shawty Lo - In Luv Feat. Cosa Nostra & Meanie (Bonus)

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thx 4 the lo

thx 4 the lo

anyone know if most of this

anyone know if most of this shit is new? thx
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shit fire

shit fire
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This not what I thought it would be but it got some good tracks on here mostly new with some old if you like lo check it out...I'm still bumbn that machine gun kelly and halsted and forgot to comment on this 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
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now i know dis shit gotta b

now i know dis shit gotta b bumping
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Fuck it...if he would speak

Fuck it...if he would speak up i might lie and say i like this .but his rhymes sound like a nigga in the 5th grade beats are fire rhymes 5 beats 10
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this is fire

right here, everyone should check out gorilla zoe and j futuristic, too gorilla zoe sounds tight wit that futuristic vlow