DJ Scream & Swazy Baby - 1st Round Draft Pick ATL Edition

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1. Swazy Baby-4Real
2. Swazy Baby-Dat Loud Feat. Double D
3. Swazy Baby-One Night Her
4. Swazy Baby-Quarterback Option
5. Swazy Baby-I'm Not Like You
6. Swazy Baby-Crazy Stupid Feat. Gorilla Zoe
7. Swazy Baby-Half Of It Remix Feat. Brisco
8. Swazy Baby-Do What I Do
9. Swazy Baby-Whatchamacallit Feat. Hawkdogg
10. Swazy Baby-All That I Can Be
11. Swazy Baby-Do It Bigga Feat. Webbie & Lil Phat
12. Swazy Baby-I Dont Believe Dat
13. Swazy Baby-Bend Ova Feat. Hawkdogg
14. Swazy Baby-Yeen 100

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Only if first was last and last was first

beats was hot 7/10, flow decent but lacks lyrical content overall we give it a 3/10. If you like wacka flocka flame this is for you. Personally we say flush this ish!
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is this the rite tracklist for this tape $ pants on the ground lookn like fool with ah blunt in his mouth knot in his pocket.....
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nope this is joell ortiz

nope this is joell ortiz haha...quite far from the rite shit

tracklist fixed

tracklist fixed
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first round draft pick get a new name thats mike jones and magnos old cd that shit went super hard
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Saw the cover and thought this dude was birdmans son...