DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 95

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01. Lil Wayne - Men Lie Women Lie
02. Lil Wayne - Blinded By The Light
03. Juelz Santana - Gangsta Love
04. Camron, Sheek Louch, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Papoose, Vado
Ray J & Dj Kayslay - Blockstars (Official Remix)
05. Camron, Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane - Stupid Wild
06. Beanie Sigel - Speaking On Jayz & Nas Diss Track & Business With 50 Cent
07. Beanie Sigel - Kill Jiggaman (Dissin Jay-Z)
08. Beanie Sigel - Think Big
09. 50 Cent - Speaking On Beef With Jay-Z
10. Jay-Z - Fall Off The Roc
11. Beanie Sigel & Freeway - The Mask
12. Jadakiss - No Stoppinæ
13. Juelz Santana - Swimming In The Money
14. Lil Wayne - Transform Pt 2
15. Lil Wayne & Chris Brown - It
16. Juelz Santana,Jim Jones - Secret
17. Jim Jones,Game,Oj Da Juiceman, Juvenile, J.D & Verse Simmons - Buy U A Round Pt 2
18. Jim Jones,Red Cafe - Dirty Money
19. Mase - Freestyle
20. Kanye West - Ridiculious
21. Method Man & Raekwon - Meth Vs Chef Pt 2 (Hot !!)
22. N.O.R.E - Shootouts
23. Hell Rell - Hands Up
24. 40 Cal & Young Noble - Welcome
25. Un Pachino - Freestyle
26. Rick Ross & Puff Daddy- Angels (Rmx)
27. Young Jeezy & Gucci Mane- Trap Or Die Pt 2 (Remix)
28. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind Pt 2 (Bonus Track)

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High Ride Ent. C.E.O.

This looks like some shit I could study for a while? I hope it's not a bunch of recycled b/s!!! I haven't heard much new shit from dipset...and The Meth VS. Chef pt.2 should be tight. I'm gonna give it a D/L...
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This is in reply to dude who said auntotune made TPAIN

T-PAIN worked hard wit Khaled and his voice worked tight with Khaled's genius tracks. Autotune didn't blow T-Pain up. Khaled put T-Pain on the map. Speaking of DJ Khaled, he needs to drop another CD or mix soon, I'm fiendin for a hot song wit T-Pain Khaled and whoever else wants to rap over the track. Wayne for me is hit or miss. "Fireman" is hott for example, than on the other hand he puts out too much weak shit which eventually dilutes the hott songs. 2010 if Young Money blows, Wayne should prolly take a back seat and collect the loot and only put out songs that have been produced with quality. "I'm Ghetto, Timbaland's bubblegum sole!"
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yea i heard the Meth vs Chef

yea i heard the Meth vs Chef track last thursday it's dope as hell
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Well this was unexpected, he

Well this was unexpected, he usually states on his site when the tapes are droppin, but i'll see what it do. It looks like a aight tracklist
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Lmao yo i wonder how ol that

Lmao yo i wonder how ol that Jay pic is. It look like it was takin from a magazine back in 1980 or somethin lmao all faded n shit
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worth a listen

track list seems aite, we'll see if its wack tho. zoo all day
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I dunno. Most owls shit been junk lately...this seems O.K. ...I'm sure the Meth & Raekwon track is fiya.
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jay-z is so wack -

jay-z is so wack -
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i like the women lie song

i like the women lie song

its dat old shit

I heard blinded by the light like 2 weeks ago, c'mon whiteowl get ya shit together
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after so long of blinded

after so long of blinded being out u think theyd add more then a bullshit chorus--make it a full song that shit would be hot
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datwhitekid wrote:
I heard blinded by the light like 2 weeks ago, c'mon whiteowl get ya shit together
that means your like 20 wks behind whiteowl
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little disappointed. kept 18

little disappointed. kept 18 trax, but none of them were like DAMN THIS IS HOT! You know...It was just average. 6.3/10
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ay peoples check me out at

ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think...add me...I WOULD APPRECIATE IT J Sax

Surprise Surprise

Hmm, this was certainly unexpected. It's always nice to jump online and see a new mixtape droppin' like this one. Keep it up! Download Studio-Produced Hip-Hop & Urban Beats - Hippo Beats -