DJ Whiteowl - Street Kings 5 (Jadakiss Edition)

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1. (00:00:37) Jadakiss - Intro
2. (00:02:47) Jadakiss - Freestyle
3. (00:01:47) Jadakiss - What It Is
4. (00:02:48) Jadakiss - Lil Bruh
5. (00:01:59) Jadakiss - Trade Places
6. (00:02:09) Jadakiss - I Miss U
7. (00:03:49) Jadakiss - They Don't Know (Feat. Uncle Murda)
8. (00:04:14) The Lox & Slaughterhouse - Put Some Money On It (Remix)
9. (00:02:32) Jadakiss, DooWop & Snaggapuss - The Bounce Is Back
10. (00:02:16) Jadakiss - U Want Me (Feat. Alicia Keys)
11. (00:01:47) Jadakiss & Styles P - Miss Me
12. (00:00:43) Jadakiss - Find Me
13. (00:04:29) Sheek Louch - Guess Who
14. (00:02:15) The Lox - Massive Trip
15. (00:04:08) Jadakiss - Rockin' (Feat. Maino, Jim Jones, Joell Ortiz & Swizz Beatz)
16. (00:03:38) Jadakiss - Let My Tape Rock (Feat. Nore, Mysonne & Red Cafe)
17. (00:02:48) Jadakiss - Load Up
18. (00:02:05) Jadakiss - Clip Up
19. (00:02:59) Jadakiss - 86
20. (00:01:21) Jadakiss - Red Lights
21. (00:02:48) Jadakiss - Blood, Sweat & Tearz (Feat. Chinx Drugz)
22. (00:01:57) Jadakiss & Fabolous - 1 In A Million
23. (00:04:37) Jadakiss, Beanie Sigel & French Montana - Money 4 Life
24. (00:08:02) Jadakiss - Bonus Track

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This the shit, This my nigga JA DA KISS! PLZ dont change nigga. REAL RECOGNIZE REAL.

Sr8 up man everytime this

Sr8 up man everytime this nigga makes a mixtape its usually good but when he makes an album most of it sounds r&b-ish he definitly has lyrical talent don't get me wrong but if i look for ur album in da store in da rap section that shit shouldn't have all that soft bullshit on it.
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a cat like jada is

a cat like jada is versatile. im sure he knows what his album sounds like compared to an official mixtape. thats why he feed the streets that shit they want to hear. and the album cuts songs that people on a larger scale than just the street can relate and listen to.
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Dont get me wrong Jada is a sick lyricist but he is the nigga who never quite made it. He just fucked it when it came to his albums. Jada was so close but yet so far from being a great, he just didnt have it to make it to the next level. FIX UP LOOK SHARP!
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That seems to be the case with all artists coming out the eastcoast nowadays.
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Yup.. the Eastcoast rappers

Yup.. the Eastcoast rappers need to just come to the realization that the South is the power house right now when people are looking to either get into music or buy music and they need to try and link up with the top South Rappers in the game to give them a hand up, Em, JayZ and Kanye the only one's making cash flow up there...
It use to be the other way around, i remember Jermaine Dupri complaining about none of the Northern Labels/Artist wanted to give south artist a chance and would put they tapes in the trash bin or on the side and push another Northern rap artist even though the South artist was 100x better.. Now the south sits at the head of the table and call all of the shots and the Northern kats don't wanna just swallow they pride and get money with the Southern Rap headz, they up there poutin and cryin about we down here killin hip hop because it don't sound like they shit no more.... Nigga'z better realize the game evolves! you move with it or move the fuck outta the way!
Dont get me wrong i bump me some North-Eastcoast rap music from some artist but for the most part, you heard one you heard em all.. And I feel the same about South artist, a lot of em startin to sound the same down here, using the same producers, they running out of ideas so they recyclin beats, addin a couple of new drum's and sprites to finished shit and callin it new and you got nigga's that are nothin but Hooks, cliche notes and 2 bar lyric artist just rappn over heavy bass.


These eastcoast niggaz need to just swallow they pride and fuck with these southern production like Nicki Minaj is. Maybe that will boost their creativity a lil'.

If it wasn't for the East Coast

You down south niggas kill me how the fuck you going to disrespect the east. You country dumb niggas just don't understand that if it wasn't for the east there wouldn't be a west coast or down south! And that south shit is booty you niggas sound fucking horrible you cant rap and the only niggas i give props to is Outcast Scarface and The Ghetto Boys Bun B and Pimp C. And how the fuck you going to say that Nikkie Manga or how ever the fuck you spell her name is the truth she is a fucking homo that don"t know how to rap cant wait till she fall off. The east is still in the house and is not going any were.


This ignorant muthafucka its all over the place with his dumb ass comment. First he calls us "country dumb niggas" and that we sound "fucking horrible, you cant rap" but then he gives us props..?? lol! Then he says "the east is still in the house is not going anywhere" but talks bad about the ONLY eastcoast artist who is consistant rightnow (Nicki Minaj) sayin dumb shit like "she dont know how to rap" and "cant wait til she fall off"..?? LMAO!! Damn homie, just keep ur dumb ass thoughts to yourself next time cause u only dissin yourself! Fucking MORON!! And fuck where hiphop started. We been runnin the game for the last 15yrs!! We revive hiphop after u idiots almost killed it with your boring ass lyrics! Ya should thank us, not hate on us. Hahahahaha...
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anybody still saying

"You country dumb niggas" in a sentence has no credibility at all. thats the same shit that fuck so many northern artist up. if you still think like that you never gonna understand why the game is how it is now. *Fuck Your Comments*
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Nigga i used to like east coast west coast way better but as the man says times have changed. The south tunes for me will never take over the west east tunes of the past but in this day and age the south niggas are the only ones worth listening to. Bun B, Big KRIT ect are way better than even Jay Z and co these days. We all got into rap music cos of the tunes from west an east but them times have gone and i think the south niggas are going to remain on top for a good few years to come yet. If your looking for something a bit different you should give some of my english niggas a look theres some quality shit these days! check this shit out might not be to all your taste but what have you got to lose let me know what you think. If you like download the film Kidulthood good film that ye all will like. FIX UP LOOK SHARP!

Funny thing about that list

Funny thing about that list is those cats you named on that list are better than any eastcoast cat out now & in tha past except for Big Pun.Yall niggas sound like yall reading scriptures out tha bible sometimes wit that boring content in you lyrics aside from Fat Joe, Jay-Z, and Dipset yall niggas is garbage, and if you think we slow down here n dumb take a trip down here for yourself....shit and while your at it take a good look at our woman down here as well cause i see what yall got up there n dose girls always wearin jordans wit sweatpants n shit lookin like dudes.