Drumma Boy - 2010 All-Star Playlist


01 Standing Ovation - Young Jeezy
02 Tenessee Ft. Gangsta Boo, To Gotti, Criminal Mane, Haystack, Maru
03 That's What's Up - Yo Gotti
04 Juice Box - Gorilla Zoe Ft. Yung Joc
05 Gimme That - Paul Wall
06 White Girl - Usda
07 Shawty - Plies Ft. T-Pain
08 Umma Do Me - Rocko
09 Here I Am - Rick Ross Ft. Nelly & Avery Storm
10 Plenty Money - Plies
11 What's Up What's Happenin - T.I.
14 Money To Blow - Birdman Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne
17 Throw It Up Pt. 2 - Lil Jon & Pastor Troy
19 Ten Toes Down - 8-Ball & Mug
20 Home Run - Juelz Santana Ft. Lil Wayne
21 Miss Chocolate - Lil Jon Ft. R. Kelly & Mario
22 Pussy Fight - Game Ft. Rayj & Nicky Minaj

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drumma beat bitchhhhhhhh!

Maaaan, drumma boy is one of the best beatmaker and producer in USA. Timbaland , Dj drama , The runners , dj kayslay , bangladesh , play-n-skillz , Dr Dre , Dj Whoo kid , Zaytoven , lil jon , lil jay , swizz beats , just blaze , mannie fresh , hollywood , and... are .... But my man drumma boy is onfire for the beats. Appreciated my niggaz
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what do his nuts taste like?

what do his nuts taste like?
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haha for real

I cant believe he put Drumma in the same sentence with Dr. Dre! I mean he's good but not that good. Shit he dont even deserve to be in the same sentence as Blaze, Fresh or Swiss!!!
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Ya niggaz goin to hate me

Ya niggaz goin to hate me now. I was at the All-Star Game today and it was OFF THA CHAIN!!! I was excited to see all the players and celebrities but when i saw Alicia Keys DAMN!!! It was like she cleared the whole building. I forgot all about the game. THATS ONE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN YALL. She looks good on tv but in person she looks 10x better! I always wanted to see her live. Shakira fine as hell too. My girl was slobberin all over Usher ..lol! ...MANN! The only flaw was Kobe didnt play and the West lost. But besides that, best Valantines Day i ever had REAL MOTHA FKN TALK! Ima remember this shit 4ever.
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wish they showed more of the screen on tv

A nigga was hopin they would show more of the big screen on TV with the game blazin on it, but they didn't, it probably was better up close cuz on tv that shit looked over done and then boring, they coulda did better wit the halftime show, i like Alisha Keyz but her songz don't inspire basketball, and she in Dallas stadium singin NEW YORK lol and then changed the lyrics to Allstar at the last min lol and Shakira? wtf?, i liked that coochi pop she did tho & Usher faggot ass? shit looked mad gayed up, i was hopin for a better game, that shit looked good and fixed, and the players looked like they just playin laxed, takin it easy, last year allstar was better and a few past years when the players tried to be impressive, this one was more to show the dallas stadium and sell buncha ticketz cuz NBA is 400 mil in the hole and low on ratings and most likely gone have a hold out again.. - Reppin H-Town By way of N.O.(K-Ville) -
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I guess you just had to be there to enjoy it like i did. Watching it live and on tv is a BIG difference! You should of seen all the women walkin around OMG!!! Too bad it was V-Day and i had my shorty or it would of been on! I seen a gang of celebrities too. Chris Tucker walked right by me. Ludacris, Brad Pitt, Floyd Mayweather, Arnold Swarthwhatever? Snoop, Man too many ppl were there!
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i see you had some fun lol

I see you had some fun there, i see most of them celebrities at Essence fest, Voo Doo fest, Jazz fest and Mardi Gras when im in Nawlins every year, so you got a lil taste of what i get to see 4 or 5 times a year man..
i know that got a lot of people excited out there. i wish they coulda opened the roof up, that woulda been TIIIGHTT! to see an Open roof All Star game.. ah well..
And to the gulfsouth kat, most people aint going to allstar to watch a game man lol, they going to mingle with celebrities and watch the best out there have fun, ain't nobody take that shit seriously, and Usher and Sheikera mighta been lame but Alisha keys was a good pick.. thats my opinion..
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So far i been to 7 Cowboys games, 1 World Cup Soccer game, and a Texas Longhorn game in the new stadium. And everytime i go i see a couple of celebrities here and there, but nothing like lastnight! That shit was wild!! Everybody in the world want a taste of the new stadium. I dont blame them tho. SHIT IZ OFF THE HIZZY!!!