Drumma Boy Presents - Welcome II My City (The Official Drum Squad Mixtape)


1. Stop & Stare - (Drumma Boy feat. Lil Scrappy & Pastor Troy)
2. Welcome To My City - (Yunk Kee, Drumma Boy, Kinfolk Thugs, Miscellaneous, J1)
3. Letcha Know - Squad (Drumma Boy, Degree, Gangsta Boo, B-Hav, Allie, Young
Phenomenon, Kristyle)
4. On My Shine - (B-Hav feat. Bonecrusher)
5. Err Chance - (Drumma Boy feat. Yo Gotti
6. Aye Yo - Squad (Gangsta Boo, GK, Allie, B-Hav, Drumma Boy, Degree, ristyle,
Young Phenomenon)
7. I Got Em - (Drumma Boy feat. Gucci Mane & J Money
8. Make It Happen - (Squad - B-Hav, Gangsta Boo, Allie, Drumma Boy, GK
9. Lionheart - (Lionheart)
10. Haters - (Degree feat. Allie)
11. Real Up - (Drumma Boy feat. Nicole Wray)
12. Stomping Ground - (Allie)
13. Well Ok - (Young Phenomenon)
14. Otha Shit - (Drumma Boy feat. Gangsta Boo)
15. Juggle - (Kristyle)
16. Dis Gurl - (Drumma Boy S. Fresh, B-Hav, GK)
17. Yank Chick - (Gangsta Boo)
18. Shawty Can't - (Drumma Boy)
19. Round Me - (Drumma Boy feat. Young Buck, 8Ball & MJG)
20. Never Too Much (Remix) - (Gucci Mane feat. 3-6 Mafia, Young Joc, OJ da

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This mixtape suprised me, it's way better than expected! Keep up the good work Drumma Boy! Hola at your Mixtapes, Underground Rap 4 Life. Pease Out: JJ Cool

dis one of da hottest beat

dis one of da hottest beat makers so i now dis gonna be hot without even listenin it yet. bout 2 dl it now darealsteve-o

Worth the download

By mixtape standards this is really dope. Only complaint is that it's mainly the beats that are dope. None of the tracks are really memorable. And drumma boy can't rap at all. not on this evidence. Download. Bump a few times. Delete. p.s. #4 sounds like a reworked version of jeezy's "get ya mind right". doesn't drumma boy got enough producers in the drum squad that he doesn't have to recycle beats?