Elzhi - Elmatic


1. (00:02:32) Elzhi - Genesis (Prod Will Sessions)
2. (00:04:41) Elzhi - Detroit State Of Mind Houseshoes shout (Prod Will Sessions)
3. (00:02:07) Elzhi - Halftime (Prod Will Sessions)
4. (00:03:43) Elzhi - Memory Lane (Prod Will Sessions)
5. (00:06:12) Elzhi - The World Is Yours_Represent Intro (Prod Will Sessions)
6. (00:03:05) Elzhi - Represent (Prod Will Sessions)
7. (00:05:49) Elzhi - Life's A Bitch Feat. Royce da 5'9 and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition (Prod Will Sessions)
8. (00:07:17) Elzhi - One Love (Prod Will Sessions)
9. (00:03:44) Elzhi - It Ain't Hard To Tell (Prod Will Sessions)
10. (00:06:46) Elzhi - Pete Rock Shout

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who the hell is this

who the hell is this

Wow are you kidding me...

This is Ol dude from Slum village... this mixtape is off the hook. and who ever the producer is realy hooked up and up graded these old premo, pete rock, and q-tip beats...
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Yh dude is nice...

I enjoyed this tape...


very very very very good...get this one
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His solo album the preface

His solo album the preface wuz classic gotta check dis out "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang
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If anyone was gonna try to pay tribute and do an adaptation of one of, if not the greatest hip hop album ever made this is definitely the way to do it. This dude rips it, and the production is dope, nice variations on the Illmatic beats, I'd give this shit 10/10.
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Bringin back that Slum Village!!

Well this is a surprise! and a well received one, im MOST DEFINITELY Snatchin this one! If you want to know who the hell this is, go listen to Witness My Growth, Fantastic Vol. 2, Detroit Deli, Out of Focus, Best Kept Secret and The Preface. ...
Problem with this one, it's short as fuck!, Some of the Production is just really sleepy and bland but nigga still can spit betta than ya favorite rapper, but wassup with the good artist puttin out short mixtapes nowadays?
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10/10 dis is wat i expected "Protect Ya Neck" Wu Tang
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giving this play all day.

giving this play all day. .repdom.
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a couple good ones here
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Tuff. Definitely showed the

Tuff. Definitely showed the big homie love on this one.

Dun Kno!