Fella - 3 Pills & A Half (Hosted By DJ Smallz)

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1. Country Money
2. Gon Make Me
3. Dey Say
4. You Know It
5. You Can Do It
6. Pray
7. Take A Picture
8. Signz
9. Street Nigga
10. Whole City Know
11. 3 Pills Outro

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HigherThan30ThousandFeet's picture

Hells Yeahhh.

Fella's songs always go hard. not very lyrical but reps my hometown so as far as im concerned THIS NI99A THE G.O.A.T!!!! FUCK WAYNE FUCK EMINEM FUCK JOE BUDDEN. FELLA DAT FIE!!!!! POW POW POW POW WAAAAKKKKAAAA WAAAAKKKKAAA!!!!!
Jericko's picture

yeah about that...

see i woulda took you seriously until you started that waka shit at the end smh...
HigherThan30ThousandFeet's picture

Sarcastic Adlibs.

Sarcastic Adlibs.
devilspimp's picture

Pilled out!

This dude looks like he be poppin at least 3 and a half pills a day for years now. Cheeks all sucked up like he's blowing you a kiss jocker!!!
HigherThan30ThousandFeet's picture

Duh. Polk County!

This man is from the biggest shit hole in central florida. Crooked ass sheriffs that distribute all the meth in the whole county that'll take ya to jail for anything. http://www.polksheriff.org/inq/Pages/Jail.aspx type in Dewarren Lewis as the name and see this bih's 9 mugshots lol