Krayzie Bone: The Fixtape Vol 1 (Smoke On This)


1. Sweet Jane
2. Go Hard For My Money
3. They Don't Want None feat. Eazy-E
4. King Kong (by lil Chico)
5. Stay Down feat. Akon, Noose & 4Sho
6. Can't Get Out the Game
7. N.I.G.G.A. feat. 2pac & Layzie Bone
8. Pay My Rent feat. Keef G
9. Maybe It's Me
10. Mary Mary
11. lil Bit of Thug
12. You Bitch
13. Turbulent Times feat. Lady of Rage & Keef G
14. I Must Be Dreaming (by Kaymont)
15. Thug Brothas feat. Young Noble
16. What You Wanna Do feat. The Game
17. Crooked Cops feat. Scarface
18. Average Thug

fixtape.torrent13.4 KB

let me get some feedback, he

let me get some feedback, he got skillz? "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost
layzboybc's picture

? u wanna know if krazie

? u wanna know if krazie bone has got skills ? this is krazie bones from bone thugs of course hes got skills man


Good up 'EazyZ', your assist....Best word to describe this kinda mixtape is, "timebomb." Looks solid, props again. "Rappers think Detroit rappers not as down as them/ or since I'm down wit' Slim, that I sound like him/ quick to judge me, and tell me my hook might sell/ and say faggot shit to me, like I look like L/ my advice, quick talkin', it's over/ I was knockin' n*ggas out, when you was knockin' sticks off of they shoulders" -Royce Da 5'9" Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

come on boi........ do krazy

come on boi........ do krazy got skillz??? dats a question dat aint even gotta be awnsered............. one of tha most legendary

Kray is the most legendary

Kray is the most legendary midwest rapper, and one of the rappers who is underestimated and not given enuf respect. his shits bomb. haha and look at the background, has KC in it - REPPIN 8ONESIXNiNE1THREE-KCMOROLO


Pay attention to the backround and you will completely see that he is cleveland reppin by the fact the indians sign is right there.




11/10...had this since it came out and im still bumpin it...definitely download if u havent already..and get the fixtape vol. 2 - just on mo hit which is a 10/10...
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DIZ HERE FIYA --no nutz no glory--

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