Fokis - 20-20 EP


Manhattan lyricist Fokis releases his EP with help from Aftermath production genius Focus who produced the EP in its entirety.

Features include Mistah FAB, Young Dre The Truth, Donny Goines, Punch, Bad News and Focus... himself.

Video for 'Cant You See' after the break

1 Intro
2 20-20 Ft DJ Grouch
3 Cant You see
4 Do What It Do Ft Mistah F.A.B.
5 Hind Sight
6 Thank You skit
7 Gears of War Ft Punch, Bad New
8 Fully Focused
9 Just Riddin
10 About dat doe
11 Outro

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were the fuck is tre da truth on feature list???
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It's Young Dre The Truth not Trae The Truth.

shit is garbage

shit is garbage
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agreed. I like how they used

agreed. I like how they used alot of different locations to film the video.

best thing bout this is the

best thing bout this is the cover.

Nigga is a Prodigy

Nigga is a Prodigy wannabe...nigga even shot his video in "jail!" lmao...shirt looks str8 trashcan fashion.