Freck Billionaire - Benefit Of The Drought


01 - Freck Billionaire - Intro
02 - Freck Billionaire - I Aint Lyin Feat Meek Mill
03 - Freck Billionaire - Im Chris Paul Feat Young Thrilla
04 - Freck Billionaire - Choppa Hit Ya Feat Gamble
05 - Freck Billionaire - Sparklers Feat Young Thrilla
06 - Freck Billionaire - Cloud Gang Feat Young Thrilla & Adg
07 - Freck Billionaire - Tic Toc Feat A Mitch
08 - Freck Billionaire - Eyes Closed Feat Tech Rymes
09 - Freck Billionaire - Trapanese Feat Young Thrilla
10 - Freck Billionaire - What Ya Sippin On
11 - Freck Billionaire - Whos Callin My Phone Feat Dah Novelist
12 - Freck Billionaire - Till I Die Feat Broadway
13 - Freck Billionaire - Turn It Up Feat Jahlil Beats
14 - Freck Billionaire - 8 Figgaz Feat Young Thrilla & Conceited
15 - Freck Billionaire - Love Makin Feat Young Thrilla
16 - Freck Billionaire - Steve Jobs Feat Young Thrilla & Adg

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Most slept on rapper EVERRRRRRRRRR, Freck Billy is a lyrical BEAST!!! Real recogzine real shit, download this ASAP if you like lyrics, punchlines, and metaphores you wont be disappointed! If you like to dance to the music you listen to... this isnt for you, if you need cough medicine to listen to your music... this isnt for you, if Wayne, Waka, or Gucci is on your favorite rapper list... yep you got it, this isnt for you LOL
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Nice (loso voice)

Yo JayJay whats good my dude? Freck Billie is mad slept on, this dude would destroy most of these cornballs favorite rappers. At least Meek is kinda blowin up now, this dude Freck deserves it hes got bars for days, he can go bar for bar with Fab who is one of the best spittas in the game. Watch some Herb like Screw is going to jump on here and say this is trash just cuz he reps the East Coast. Philly stand up!


If you tired and cant fall to sleep this is for you! This yawner will knock your azz out cold.