DJ Spinatik & Lil Wayne - Got What U Need 2

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1. Lil Wayne - Intro
2. Lil Wayne - I Run This (Remix)
3. Lil Wayne - Exquisite
4. Lil Wayne - Stuntin (Blend)
5. Lil Wayne - Lisa Marie
6. Lil Wayne - Its Your Money
7. Lil Wayne - Hey Lil Mama
8. Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Remix) (Feat. Young Jeezy)
9. Lil Wayne - Sunshine (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
10. Lil Wayne - 10 Years
11. Lil Wayne - Gossip
12. Lil Wayne - It's Killin Me
13. Lil Wayne - Lets Pray (Feat. Juelz Santana)
14. Lil Wayne - Bitch Please
15. Lil Wayne - Stunt
16. Lil Wayne - Fresh Dressed
17. Lil Wayne - Bling Blaow
18. Lil Wayne - Ride Wit The Mack
19. Lil Wayne - Big Spender
20. Lil Wayne - Pom Pom
21. Lil Wayne - Girls All Around The World
22. Lil Wayne - Your Smile
23. Lil Wayne - In This Club (Remix) (Feat. Usher & Beyonce)
24. Lil Wayne - (BONUS) A Milli (Album Version)

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Again with the SAME bullshit

Again with the SAME bullshit yo..

What up manggg

yah looks like the same old lil wayne junk... disappointing fresh tracks jus posted up on grimeylime tho peep em, you wont be disapointed

don't get this all these

don't get this all these songs are his other mixtapes

clown ass dj downloads other

clown ass dj downloads other mixtapes with these tracks then puts them on his own tape. no effort put into this. no work. no respect.try and get exclusive freestyles only on your tape.that would mean workin hard tho...punk ass .


LOL agreed

this could be for those of

this could be for those of us who havent been waiting for something new and need all of waynes current songs on one cd..hahah
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same shit lol

I like this guy Somebody tell me how to submit mixatapes I got sum fire for ya They wont respond to me These djs are wack they flooding the internet wit shit

this nigga weezy is dope but

this nigga weezy is dope but he a verse jacker hear the song swagger jacker on u tube nigga jacks like 1000 bars evn a whole rnb verse from aaliyah aint tht sum shht