King L (Louie) - Showtime

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01 King L (Louie) - Drilluminati [Prod. By Plu2O Nash]
02 King L (Louie) - Showtime [Prod. By C-Sick]
03 King L (Louie) - Money Team (Feat. Bighomie Doe) [Prod. By Lokey]
04 King L (Louie) - Full Of Dat Weed [Prod. By Million $ Mano]
05 King L (Louie) - It's Like That [Prod. By Cryptonite]
06 King L (Louie) - Po' Up (Feat. Leek)
07 King L (Louie) - Pack So Loud [Prod. By Young Chop]
08 King L (Louie) - Numbers (Feat. Fredo Santana)
09 King L (Louie) - Pour [Prod. By Lokey[
10 King L (Louie) - She Want Me (Feat. Leek) [Prod. By Chase N Dough]
11 King L (Louie) - All This Ice [Prod. By Cryptonite]
12 King L (Louie) - Hitta Shit (Feat. Shorty K)
13 King L (Louie) - Hater's Mad
14 King L (Louie) - Glory (Feat. Fredo Santana) [Prod. By Leekeleek]
15 King L (Louie) - On Da Road
16 King L (Louie) - Want It All (Feat. Lil Durk) [Prod. By Young Chop]
17 King L (Louie) - Life (Feat. Yp)
18 King L (Louie) - Rap Shit (Feat. Chief Keef) [Prod. By Young Chop]
19 King L (Louie) - Feelin' Like A Big Check (Feat. Dj Victoriouz) [Prod. By Lex Luger]
20 King L (Louie) - Mubu Gang (Feat. Fatzmack) [Prod. By Block On Da Trakk]
21 King L (Louie) - High (Feat. Wamu)
22 King L (Louie) - Chiraq Playaz [Prod. By Chase N Dough]

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To be honest I don't know if

To be honest I don't know if he off beat or the tracks dont fit his style. I will keep this one though.