Le$ - More Le$


01 Le$ - Swang & Bang
02 Le$ - Heart Of A Hustla
03 Le$ - Bunch Of Money
04 Le$ - Stunt N Dozier Mix 1
05 Le$ - Like A Pimp
06 Le$ - Stay High
07 Le$ - Who Run It
08 Le$ - Stunt N Dozier Mix 2
09 Le$ - My Gangsta
10 Le$ - Thuggish
11 Le$ - Stunt N Dozier High Mix
12 Le$ - Sippin' (Feat. Slim Thug & Young Von)
13 Le$ - Goin' Down Tonight
14 Le$ - My Time

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Le$ is Serious

Another great banger from Le$. Seems few people listen to him becuase he with Slim Thug and all, but thia mixtape stopped me dead in conversation to say,"Damn, this shit knock!"

I got 6 of this guys albums

I got 6 of this guys albums and no lie, all his shit is worth listening to..Good beats, good lyrics which is a rarity among todays music
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all i got is 5 can you name them off?
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another great mixtape

LE$ gets constant rotation in the whip...ever since i heard the beautiful struggle been bumpin his shyt since.Im from D.C. and i put alot of ppl on to his mixtapes .Its grown man music not that bullshyt that most mofo's puttin out now kinda like some devin the dude shyt or even too short "Born-4-Struggle"