Concrete Coalition Presents Lil Boosie & Young Jeezy - Boss Talk (Product Of The Streets V.1)


01. Intro
02. Young Jeezy - Im So Hood Rmx
03. Young Jeezy - Love In The Club
04. Young Jeezy - I Got It
05. Young Jeezy - Dey Know
06. Young Jeezy - Dont Know You
07. Young Jeezy - Standing Ovation
08. Lil Boosie - Smokin On Purple
09. Young Jeezy - You Know What It Is
10. Young Jeezy Ft. Lil Boosie - Everything
11. Young Jeezy - 3 A.M.
12. Lil Boosie - I Quit
13. Lil Boosie - Tattoo (Concrete Mix)
14. Lil Boosie - Trend Setter
15. Lil Boosie - Im Bout Mine
16. Lil Boosie - Livin A Dream
17. Young Jeezy - Diamonds Rmx
18. Young Jeezy - Grew Up A Screw Up
19. Lil Boosie - S.O.U.T.H.S.I.D.E.
20. Lil Boosie - Swerve
21. Lil Boosie - Fuck You
22. Young Jeezy - Trap Or Die
23. Lil Boosie - My Nigga Then
24. Young Jeezy - Cant Tell Me Nothin Rmx
25. Lil Boosie - Wanna Be A Gangsta
26. Lil Boosie - Maniac
27. Young Jeezy - Top Back Rmx
28. Young Jeezy - So Icey 08
29. Young Jeezy - Bury Me A G
30. Lil Boosie - Big Dog
31. Lil Boosie - Aint Got Nuthin (Concrete Mix)
32. Lil Boosie - Cold Blooded
33. Young Jeezy - Make It Work For Ya
34. Lil Boosie - Consequences
35. Lil Boosie - How We Ride
36. Lil Boosie - Power Up
37. Young Jeezy - Hood Nigga
38. Young Jeezy & Lil Boosie - Out Here Grindin

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please dont download this wack shit ... these guys are retarded !!!
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Mississippi Repa

Yo where the haters at this jammin especially knowing that Boosie and Jeezy on one record it can't help but be hot no matter if it's old or not. Ain't nothing that done came out lately jamming to me so I constantly play old shit. Jacktown loves Boosie we see him all the time seen you plenty of times fuccin with those crooks out of Washington Addition. Got to be real to come to Jacktown cause if you ain't you might not make it back wherever you came from. On Jeezy he cant help but be on my team cause he really is reppin that 6 ya dig. We don't bang down here but I still rep that blue but got love for all my brothers in the struggle other cities need to get on the band wagon and stop killing each other over colors. We kill down here for other shit nothing to do with no colors but don't get it twisted chopper city round here to from carbons to desert eagle to mack 90"s 100 rounds whatever The Trillest city is Jacking All Cowards killing Suckers Over Nothing Jackson, Ms.

You tryin to hard my nigga,

You tryin to hard my nigga, no one cares how many gun names you can pop off, like jeezy said, everybody acts like they fuckin killas, i just wanna see the body bags

Didn't ask for no reply from nan nigga ya dig

The reason I started talking about guns was to let the whole country know what the business is down here in the Sip don't get it twisted we don't do controversy down here in Mississippi we to real for that I'm just letting you know what you got to come against down here. I ain't no killa but don't push me I ain't bragging about killing that's foolish But like I said that's the pound we push round here. Don't take my statement wrong like this nigga world.

nigga shet yo ass up with

nigga shet yo ass up with all that yeah they got some killas in the sip but you aint one of them so shut up and just review the mixtape aint shit special about jackson just another country ass town that want to be on the map so they do dumb shit ..I represnt houston and my people are from yazoo city houston niggas get money and im one of them so talk about that aint nobody scared to come to jackson to do no dam show and nigga mississippi people aint nothing but farmers so take that bullshit somewhere else dont nobody use acronyms to describe there city I usually dont say nothing to these nuthin ass niggas but i had to kill this nigga bc you can tell he fake and the next time somebody say sumthn to you dont respond and expalin yourself stupid thats how everybody know you fake ass hell..okay so somebody tell me whats up with this mixtape is it jammin