Care Bears & Mazardi Fox - Dumout Movement Spreds (Hosted By Mazardi Fox)

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01. Mazaradi Fox Intro
02. Two Twelve
03. Transporter
04. Thicker Than Water 2007 Feat. Law & Grease
05. We Warring Feat. Prodigy & Spider Loc
06. Baby, I Want You Interlude
07. Baby, I Want You
08. Confrontation Feat. Arliss Michaels & Billionz
09. Check Feat. Topadalyne & M-Stars
10. Torn Up Feat. Tone Mac & Rich Deniro
11. One Flip Feat. Gillie Da Kid & Hot Rod
12. Get Money
13. 50 Run NY & Mazi Run The Streets Skit
14. Dumout Feat. 50 Cent
15. Look Into My Eye's Feat. Tony Yayo
16. Let's Dance Feat. Rich Deniro & Tone Mac
17. Mean Nothing Feat. Prodigy
18. Wanna Be A Dumout Skit?
19. Dumming Out
20. Chain of Command
21. Cocaine Gang Interlude
22. Cocaine Gang Feat. Frenchie & Hot Rod
23. Trappers For Life Feat. Ru Spits & 40 Cal
24. Mazi Baby Interlude
25. Mazi Baby
26. We Spray Feat. Tone Mac & Mac Milli
27. Ya Digg Feat. Ru Spits
28. Gangsta Feat. Stack Bundles
29. It Aint Easy Feat. Bynoe(Riot Squad)
30. Grab Ya Gun Feat. Maino & Uncle Murda
31. Mazaradi Fox Outro

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I got a great idea for a crew name....Care Bears. I just couldnt think of anything gay'r. So how do you like it? I was thinking cabbage patch kids too. Now wheres my lunchbox and thermos?

this shit is str8 fire