Method Man & Redman - Live In Paris


This is audio ripped from the DVD...the DVD is not included

01. Intro
02. Diggy Doc
03. Tine 4 Sum Aksion
04. Method Man
05. Blow Your Mind
06. Tonight's The Night
07. All I Need
08. Pick It Up
09. Keep In '99
10. Bring The Pain
11. Freestyle
12. Street 101
13. Freestyle
14. DJ Dyce - Scratching
15. Smash Sumthin
16. Let's Get Dirty
17. Freestyle
18. Let Da Monkey Out
19. The Motto
20. How High
21. How High Part 2
22. Y.O.U.
23. Judgement Day
24. Da Rockwilder
25. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
26. Brooklyn Zoo

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split the fucking mp3s up,

split the fucking mp3s up, this isn't a fucking cassette tape


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stab him with a gun? did you really take time to threatin to bruise this man's ribs?