DJ CEO - Papoose: Nightmare Before The Dream


01 . Papoose - Make Em Say [ 03:12 ]
02 . Papoose - Pop Off [ 04:19 ]
03 . Papoose - Chips [ 01:58 ]
04 . Papoose - Law Library Part 5 [ 03:12 ]
05 . Papoose - Like What You Love [ 03:25 ]
06 . Papoose - The Last Lyricists [ 03:15 ]
07 . Papoose - Nothings Changed [ 03:22 ]
08 . Papoose - Ride Out [ 04:13 ]
09 . Papoose - A gift And A Curse [ 02:42 ]
10 . Papoose - Charades Part 2 [ 03:36 ]
11 . Papoose - Flatline [ 04:28 ]
12 . Papoose - Is It Good To You [ 04:00 ]
13 . Papoose - Cancel Christmas [ 03:07 ]
14 . Papoose - 2006 Obiturary [ 03:27 ]
15 . Papoose - Kiss Kiss (Remix) [ 04:10 ]
16 . Papoose - New Friend Request [ 04:32 ]
17 . Papoose - Process Of Elimination [ 02:29 ]
18 . Papoose - Respect My Hustle [ 03:32 ]
19 . Papoose - Victory 2007 [ 03:38 ]

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Papoose Is The Best There Is In The Game Right Now Because He Has Everything That Every Other Rapper Wants. The Only Person That Can Even Be On His Level Is The Punch Line Kid A.K.A Cassidy


please papoose doesn't come cloese too lupe fiasco Papoose can spit but his lyrics & rhymes are boring .. lupe can entertain people with deep shiit

lupe fiasco is a kayne west wannabe

Hip-Hop36Chamberz wrote:
please papoose doesn't come cloese too lupe fiasco Papoose can spit but his lyrics & rhymes are boring .. lupe can entertain people with deep shiit
lupe fiasco is a kayne west wannabe


pffft lupe is a lil skateboarding punk, ill take his board from under his feet and kick kick push him upside the head with it. and papoose lyrics are PIFFFF like alpha slaughter for example, too bad he got sucker snuffed in the back of the head like a lil bitch.

verrrry well said Casidy is

verrrry well said Casidy is the truth...
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yeah yeah cassidy does spit

yeah yeah cassidy does spit that crack but he is real fucking disrespectful like talking shit on gillie the kid when gillie was shoutin him out and shit he should stay loyal to other philly rappers

Lyrical Monster

Of Course Paps at the top. i been listenin to this dude since early 1999 when i first heard him on "Home Sweet Funeral Home" w/ Kool G Rap, lost my copy and havent found one since. but yeh, this mixtapes alright, no exclusives. Cover is lame tho, Dont even show all his mixtapes. but still, nice up and thx. ima dl just for the collection. JP
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hey papoose


homesweet funeral home

got that ca hit u wit it

DJ CEO - Papoose: Nightmare Before The Dream

This has old papoose mixed with some new songs Papoose never drops official one without DJ Kay Slay u can tell from Law Library 5 where u hear HIP HOP GAME DOT COM in background
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this is just something to hold us over

I actually think that the cover is pretty clever...and it DOES show all his mixtapes plus a couple duplicates, he has 19 official mixtapes and he has hosted a few on the side but those are all his tapes....This dude is fire, he has had a lot of different concepts that no one else has been able to release, and keep coming with that versatility...thats what defines him, is his ability to blend in with any movement....this dude got heart, and hes real humble in person, which is cool, Im a 21 year old white dude who doesnt play thug and I walked straight up to him and slapped five like it was nothing, this is a REAL rapper....ohh and lupe is dope too, same shit different toilet, dont hate on him


I cosign that, that cover is ill. I wouldn't mind hearin' him on a collabo wit' Superstar J's Storm P & 50....that ish would be major. I heard Nas might be released from Def Jam cuz of all that "N*gger," album stuff. Could Aftermath pick him up? Nas Is Coming.... "From childbirth to hearses/ flow like the Nile cover surface/ I bit the fruit from the Serpent/ Apocalyptic, get bent, stay splifted/ Control the rap game, you got it twisted/ Dr. Dre way the 'Bridge say, shake dice and kiss it/ Sip Crist', push the six with the biscuit" -NaS Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

is this an official papoose mixtape

yo i just wanid to know if this is an official pap mixtape or jus a compilaton made by someone, is it really number 20 or is number 20 official still not released..let me know please....peace
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no it aint offical pap only

no it aint offical pap only does officail ones wit slay

this niggas a real problem..

this niggas a real problem.. i cant wait til his shit drops. nigga reminds me of big L in a way
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Hip-Hop36Chamberz: "please papoose doesn't come cloese too lupe fiasco" WTF?!? not only is the above statement completely illiterate, it's the gayest thing i've seen since mmmmmmmmmm... DH2VLAD revealed on this very forum that he lays awake at night wishing NaS would hook-up with Dr.Dre again. I personally couldn't think of anything worst. NOBODY can front on an emcee like Papoose but all the childrens these days are showing me is that they can't handle the raw east coast beats. they need to have their hip-hop watered down, crossed over and commercialized by the likes of Kayne West, Lupe Fiasco and Dr.Dre. Fuck-a-Dre, I've already seen him turn 50 into a joke and the same shit would happen with NaS. DH2VLAD, you can run yo' mouth all you want but anyone who speaks on the subject of NaS's production but neglects to mention Pete Rock or DJ Premier is a str8 up clown. THUGA, THUGA!!!

Class is in session.

I guess it's about that time, huh? Attack 'DH2VLAD' time. Couldn't hold back the e-thuggin' any longer, could you? You got me, I'm a gay guy. Ironically, the next track is "This is what, this is what they want, huh? This is what it's all about...word. Time to take Affirmative Action son. Just don't understand, know what I mean, n*ggaz comin' sideways thinkin' somethin' sweet mann. Yao Ming? N*ggaz don't understand the four devils...Lust, ENVY, Hate, Jealousy...wicked n*ggaz man." Furthermore, doggy NaS hooked up wit' The Game & DRE AGAIN on his last album wit' "Hustlers." Ignorance get's you nowhere wit' me homeboi. What I said was just a thought. To throw it back in your face AGAIN, you speak of "illiteracy" and in the next sentence say, and I quote, "I personally couldn't think of anything WORST." Ahaaaahaaa, you a funny dude. Light up & listen to The Chronic and THEN say "F*ck a Dre" again, aiight? Good point wit' Pete Rock & Premier, but the rest of it ain't right. You talkin' bout "crossed over and commercialized" in regards to one of the most humble, established and UNSEEN characters in all of music. 50 does what he does. He gets money and LOTS of it. Your's beef is not wit' me, it's with these ignorant wanksta's. Let this be a lesson. "You can't revolve me, embalm me, call me, or harm me/ Rob me or dodge these bullets I'm bustin'/ See that's malarkey, you yappin'/ I open up the tripod, to put the Gatlin on, and I start clappin'/ Nasty man from baggin' grams and runnin' from cops/ To a mil' in the hand, a mil on the watch, I'm f*ckin' wit' Doc!" -NaS Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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yea, I said it - F*ck a damn Dre and fuck YOU.

for the record, most of Dre's chronic beats were just sampled and looped funk tracks and not that original at all but yea, okay - it worked... but that was then and this is now. funny you should mention 'Affirmative action' - it's the usual favorite pick of commercial loving NaS groupies. I'm willing to bet your fav Biggie track is Notorious thugs feat. Bone, Thugs & Hamony as well - see? I know your kind.... Why would u mention shit off The Firm album anyway?!?! Any proper NaS fan recognizes that joint to be phony bullshit. big foxy brown fan are you? that doesn't surprise me.... Dre - humble? yeah right - this is a guy who has leeched off of rappers far more talented than he could ever dream of being for his entire career i.e. ice cube, snoop, eminem, 2pac, game, 50 but still has the nerve to pretend he's on that level but I guess that it's dickweeds like u that put him up on that pedistal isn't it? anyway, unlike u i was buying shit like Dre Day on 12inch at that time but that Dre is dead and gone. seeing as this should be about Papoose I say go listen to the joint he did with Dre - str8 garbage. remember this, everything I say is on point son or I would say it in the first place and my point is that you ARE a 'ignorant wanksta' because you still living in the 90's - deny it all you want but that's the truth. Lesson? lol, I already stated what I think of sellouts like you so there is no lesson to be learned. Sorry pal but I associate the likes of Papoose and especially NaS with the birth place of Hip-Hop, New York City and when I hear people like you wishing that it could be watered down for the masses I think that is a disgrace. you had your fun with 2pac, no doubt you are having your fun with 50 right now but you need to realize that there are actually people in this world that find Dre's organ heavy, over the top beats to be very annoying. I bet if you had it your way then every decent NY emcee would rhyme over weak-ass, bouncy west coast bullshit. oh, and by the way - there is NO bigger E-Thug than yourself. you run your fat mouth on damn near every tape.

Class 2

I don't even know where to start with that SH*TLOAD of nonsense you wrote. I used to respect your opinion on here CUZ you WERE here before me(Hint Hint) but you done yourself in this time. Let me start by saying...STOP B*TCHIN'!!!! You aren't a real hip-hoppa, though I can understand why you MAD. Point blank, WE aren't gettin' any play, but more importantly, RESPECT from mainstream society. Which is exactly why we are here on this site speaking the truth while all these "cool" guys (snitches) are listening taking notes. With that being said, I thank you for igniting this conversation....Let US start from the top....just like just about everything, Hip-Hop started, and therefore, will always be about being "funky." Definition - "of or relating to music that has an Earthly quality reminiscent of the blues." NO IDEA'S ORIGINAL! Every song you heard on THIS mixtape is essentially recycled, it's the way of the world. Therefore, you saying most of Dre's Chronic tracks are SAMPLED (not looped) means absolutely NOTHING. The importance lies in WHO and WHAT he sampled and how "funky" he GOT wit' it!!!! The difference between sampling and looping is the authorization he recieves, and RESPECT (funk) in return he pays them. Next lesson, Affirmative Action wasn't even on The Firm album. Like I said, it's the NEXT song after the one I quoted to begin with. What, did you sniff a ton of cocaine before you replied? Damn, it's like you didn't even read what I said. I do know the groupies you SPEAK of but sorry, I'm not one of them, I think you gave YOURSELF up right there. LEACHED, more like MADE! Dre paved the way for all of those artists. So your saying 50 is more talented than Dre? HAAHAAA what an idiot! OH I see, you just madd Dre got more money than you. If it was, which it's not, YOU are the reason Hip-Hop is dead! How you gonna talk about I'm livin' in the 90's and in the same breath say I'M the sellout. You're a brainwashed crackhead. Where the f*ck you comin' from wit' all this bullsh*t actin' like you Pap's righ hand man an sh*t. Watered down? That's you homie, you're the one that can't comprehend the sh*t after sniffin' up all that smashed crack rock. You still cool wit' me homeboi, just stop snitchin' and bitchin' & RESPECOGNIZE. The rest of your bullsh*t is irrelevant. Don't be mad, Real Recognize Real....big ups to 'mfizzel'. Appreciate the realness bro'. P.S. I'm a white boy who's half ENGLISH, been here from the beginnin'(respect to all the Natives, save the land, and GO Seminoles!) P.S.S. Listenin' to Makaveli's Rise & Overpower right now, little late but thanks again 'mfizzel'. "Will I survive all the fights and the darkness?/ Trouble sparks, they tell me home is where the heart is, dear departed/ I shed tattooed tears and couldn't sleep good for multiple years, witness peers catch gunshots/ Nobody cares, seen the politicians ban us/ They'd rather see us locked in chains, please explain why they can't stand us, is there a way for me to change?/ Or am I just a victim of things I did to maintain?/ I need a place to rest my head/ with the little bit of homeboys that remains, cause all the rest dead/ Is there a spot for us to roll, if you find it/ I'll be right behind ya, show me and I'll go/ How can I be peaceful?/ I'm comin from the bottom/ Watch my daddy scream peace while the other man shot him/ I need a house that's full of love when I need to escape the deadly places slingin drugs, in thug's mansion" -Tupac Amaru Shakur Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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Class? School's out bitch....

no nonsense here son - you the one crying about how you want East Coast emcees to lose their identity, cross-over to the West and rhyme over beats like Candy Shop - now thats fucking nonsense boy! yes, okay I might have hit some 2nd hand smoke from yo mommas crackpipe when I said about affirmative action but it's all Firm shit and that joint may seem like a classic album to your commercialized ass but believe - that album was shit on when it came out. the fact that Dre's sampled alot on the Chronic counts for everything because he's struggled to make a decent beat ever since then. I bet you LOVE 'next episode' don't you? faggot... Dre stole the funk and that is that. Heard the original of 'Nuttin but a G Thing'? yeah, I bet that took a real genius to loop that shit. Dre ain't a pioneer anyway - that bitch was wearing make-up while the likes of Big Daddy Kane and G Rap were running shit in NYC. Yeah right, i'm mad that dre got mo' money than me - I suppose i'm jealous of all the cock he had in his ass as well! don't take my word for it, go research ur beloved 2pac and see what he thought about Dre's sexuallity - he said he was a str8 up gay so take your pick - is it dre the gay or 2pac the fake-ass, actor/rapper? face it jackass, you bumpin beats made by a fruit. I see you have resorted to LYING about what I said to make your point huh? since when did I say that 50 is better than Dre? okay, since you asked, I DO think 50 has a ton more mic skills than Dre - and I could give you many, many more examples of who better than dre. I see Dre up in these G.O.A.T lists and just laugh at people like you! Dre ain't got shit on a mic and if you think he does then just get this papoose tape and go listen to someone with real skills. as for producing, go listen to 9th Wonder, RZA etc... compared to them, Dre's beats sound 100% made for the pop chart. don't get it twisted tho, I got no love for 50 Cent so don't even involve me in that silly game. By your logic EVERY emcee who is any good should be with Dre - I disagree. I know you love Tupac so therefore you must admit that all his meaningful shit came BEFORE he sold his soul to deathrow and Dre. if u don't know that then you should and I ain't taking about no bullshit like 'I ain't mad at'cha' either you cocksuckaz! lol.... anyway, i'm done with the bullshit, the fact is this - if all you trapped in the 90's, West-coast dickriders had it your way you would take every hot emcee out there and put him with Dre, if not Dre then Timberland. I say FUCK NO to that because that will only mean that the lines between the distictive sounds of East, West & South will become blurred and all we'll end up with is a mess. try looking at the bigger picture u fools - don't you get it?

Sucker Free

Obviously you are an idiot. School is in session right now, and you need to make your way there bro'. Believe THAT! You are lost ramblin' on wit' no purpose, and it's evident by how many F*CKIN' times you contradict yourself. If THAT kind of meaningless garbage is what REPS HIP-HOP than count me out. I'm not gonna bring myself down and talk like an idiot just to get you to understand. NOW, in support of what 'lazyboybc' wrote, Real need to Recognize Real, unite, and make quality music together regardless of where the F*CK they from! Which is EXACTLY what NaS and Dre were talkin' about on the track "Nas Is Coming," which I referred to earlier. And you think I'M the one livin' in the 90's! You obviously need a hug cuz you feel the need to sh*t on somebody every f*ckin' time you give props. Nobody's talkin' about RZA, Premier, or 9th Wonder, though they do deserve it. Future wise, just because two artists are on the same record label, and are tight doesn't mean they have to produce every f*ckin' track together. Only idiots like you would not be able to distinguish the different sounds. Face it bro', you're gay - a confused walking talking contradiction. As regards to Dre, even if HE was gay I don't believe that has anything to do with the quality of his music. Only people like you, that are insecure with their own sexuality would let that get in the way. Listen to yourself fag, you're talkin' about by MY logic, "every emcee should BE with Dre" he's their daddy of somethin'. Like I said, just cuz they're label mates doesn't mean they have to be the f*ckin' dynamic duo you homo, SH*T!!! Your line of thought is your's, and it's crooked as a fatherf*cka. P.S. Don't bother replying cuz this convo is done as far as I'm concerned. I feel dumber by just having talked to you. "A wise man told me don't argue with fools/ cuz people from a distance can't tell who is who" -Jigga Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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If your retarded ass can't understand what i'm saying then i'll say it again - 1. EAST COAST IS THE BIRTHPLACE. 2.I'M SICK & TIRED OF HEARING DRE, DRE, DRE BLAH, BLAH, BLAH WHEN THE BEATS OF THE MODERN EAST COAST PRODUCER IS SUPREME TO ANYTHING DRE HAS MADE IN YEARS. 3. HOWS ANYONE ELSE SUPPOSED TO SHINE WHEN IT'S ALWAYS DRE, DRE, DRE??? Get-it? That's my opinion on the matter and if you can't understand that then fine - I don't expect you to because you to anyway because you made it clear that are trapped in a 90's timewarp and only certain people get a pass from you. sorry pal but it's obvious you fear change while I would prefer to let the up and coming producer do their thing. Gay? me? hahaha! I'm not the one who wants a studio-homo to beatmake for real emcees. that's the biggest contradiction ever fucko - wise up.

That Idiot 'Van-Hell-Sin'

Check the record d*ckhead, YOU brought up Dre, and EVERYBODY else in your B*TCH like attempt to attack 'DH2VLAD'. It's 2008 dumba**, and you talkin' about coastal bias' still. Real artists are gonna collab wit' any other artists they identify wit' to make better music(Real Recognize Real.) Especially if they aren't established yet! Why would you limit yourself? I would agree IF you said that some people do it too much, and wit' the wrong people but that's beyond the point. What I don't understand is why you need ME to make your points for you. You a dumba** roodypoo crackhead that' washed up and can't take it, point blank!!! You ain't sayin' sh*t!! Your points RIGHT HERE are completely valid but understand that YOU, in your envious rage, first attempted to attack ME wit' some sh*t that I NEVER EVEN SAID!!! You don't know me cuz. My advice, promote your East Coast, but hold back them b*tch like emotions, think before you speak, and watch who you beef wit'. Maybe the East Coast WOULD come back if you would get off NY's d*ck and show some RESPECT for places like where I'm comin' from Bodymore, Murdaland. Read about us. P.S. If you can f*ckin' find it, DL Bossman's No Law, No Order and listen' for me before you holla back dumba**. "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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this is what u said cracker: "Could Aftermath pick him up? Nas Is Coming...." if that ain't wishing Dre would hook-up with NaS then what is? Remember this: The East ALWAYS runnin shit and NEVER left. You might have deserted it but the real know what it is. oh yea - the track, 'NaS is coming' is about the last joint any real NaS fan would remark on. If u wanna listen to westcoast beats then go listen to westcoast artists but stop trying to corrupt NYC with ur bullshit. a punk like u should be watching American Idol and leaving NaS and Papoose to the people who respect traditional grimy East coast beats.

You make me laugh

No, the "DH" stands for Dirty Harry. As ignorant as you are, I'm not surprised you didn't know that already. FYI he's probably the best EAST COAST DJ to EVER get his hands on a f*ckin' turntable you heathen...Can't you see you can't win wit' me! I'm convinced you can't be much older than 16 frontin' on the computer like you 30. C'mon, look no further than your f*ckin' name...'Van-Hell-Sin'...are you serious? Check yourself, you ARE the definition of an "e-thug." All you really need is a book and a hug. It's not that I wish Dre would "hook-up" (what a fag) wit' Nas, it's more like I wish Nas would sign wit' Dre's label. It's only a MATTER OF TIME Nas and Dre produce another track together. I just want Nas to find a place where he's comfortable at, cuz we all know he's never had that. If Def Jam don't want him to release his "Nigger" album than it makes me think, YA KNOW!? I'm all about freedom of speech, and freedom in general. If that's what he wants to do, let him do it. If ANYBODY has EARNED the right to do it, it's him!!! F*CK WHAT YOU THINK!!! BASICALLY!!! P.S. OH, and F*CK THE HIP-HOP POLICE!!! P.S.S. I heard John McCain wants to get rid of Freedom of Speech. I agree that money HAS corrupted the government but I don't think that's the way to go, AT ALL!!! "Do your history...way before The Firm, like back in the day/ NaS was the first New York n*gga rappin' with Dre/ So of course I got a track to bring it back to your face/ The one kid that would have been Aftermath that got away/ But we still get together like, every several years/ To sprinkle, a little bit of Heaven for your ears/ Relax sippin' Cliquot in Rio, stupid f*ckers/ Low key, know G's, but it's still Gucci luggage" Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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"DH" might stand for Dirty Harry but you ain't him so stop pretending you are dummy. was that a McCain diss?!? lol, get off that tip son cos we all know you voting for Hillary because, as I said before, you are stuck in the past. I use the term 'hook-up' only when refering to you and your Dre/NaS fetish - it suits you! nah, no e-thuggin going on here - YOU the one who wishes he had a Thug lyfe tatoo, plus you rant like Hitler on damn near every tape. you don't want NaS to be 'comfortable' you want the comfort of westcoast beats because that NY shit is too raw fo' yo' candy ass!

Papoose FTW!

Pap is the lyrical one. Why the f++k does ppl always mix in Lupe when they dont even drop stuff that is alike. They both have difrent stylez ffs! And lyricaly lupe aint close to Pap! I f++king tatto`d The Nacirema Dream on my arm in Turkey! Cant wait til it drops in March! Btw, Already A Legend is tha bomb! Best mixtape ever dropt! fou show! no doubd! Saw pap live in Norway! Got damn! 2007 Hove festival! Damn the niggha got style! Pøyyyce!
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u heard Lupe Fiasco's last joint? half that shit ain't even Hip-Hop. You know the general public lap that shit up tho - just ask Mos Def. No doubt Lupe Fiasco and Mos Def have mad talent but they trying to change the whole landscape of Hip-Hop with this hippy bullshit they make. As for this tape, I've heard better from Pap but he's still the truth - THUGA!

Hippie Bullshit?!

Half of The Cool isn't hip-hop? Well I've got news for your hippie hatin mentality...the movement has returned...our country finds itself in a state similar to the war days of the 60s, and culture has been developing in a similar for the people who actually want to save this "hip-hop" you speak of (Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, Lupe Fiasco, and mixtape rappers) they are making music to save it, by adding originality to the mix and using subject matter outside of what we've been hearing for the last ten years...look at the number of music festivals over the last five years and see how it has grown...and interestingly enough, the artists at these festivals are the INNOVATIVE, imagintive talents (like Common, Cypress Hill, and GZA, who all appeared at last year's Echo Project in Atlanta) not the stereotypical popular rappers (50 Cent, Yung Joc, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne) who the general public you speak of adore.who really needs another rags to riches, crack sellin to mediocre rappin, played-out cliche-ass CD? apparently a lot of people who love repetition....and that's why these people who you accuse of "change[ing] the whole landscape" are doing exactly that...changing something that has needed to be changed and was in the process of being changed until 2pac died over ten years ago. Don't think I'm bashing Papoose because he's def one of my favorites along with Saigon who both can flow for days, I'm just sayin be open-minded towards rap music that doesn't sound like the typical "rap music" we've been used to hearing over the last decade....also, genres shouldn't define the artist...the artist should define the genre, so thinking outside the box should be appreciated as the artist's unique perception of the world, not criticized as "not normal" or "within the lines" of the genre.

Hippie Bullshit?!

Half of The Cool isn't hip-hop? Well I've got news for your hippie hatin mentality...the movement has returned...our country finds itself in a state similar to the war days of the 60s, and culture has been developing in a similar for the people who actually want to save this "hip-hop" you speak of (Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, Lupe Fiasco, and mixtape rappers) they are making music to save it, by adding originality to the mix and using subject matter outside of what we've been hearing for the last ten years....If you look at the number of music festivals over the past 5 years it has increased enormously, and it is these INNOVATIVE, imaginative rappers (such as Common, GZA, The Roots, and Cypress Hill who all played at Atlanta's Echo Project last year) who these festivals choose to showcase, not because their music is "hippie-bullshit", but because they are the best live rap shows that you can see...who really needs another rags to riches, crack sellin to mediocre rappin, played-out cliche-ass CD? apparently a lot of people who love repetition....and that's why these rappers who you accuse of "change[ing] the whole landscape" are doing exactly that...changing something that has needed to be changed and was in the process of being changed until 2pac died over ten years ago. Don't think I'm bashing Papoose because he's def one of my favorites along with Saigon who both can flow for days, I'm just sayin be open-minded towards rap music that doesn't sound like the typical "rap music" we've been used to hearing over the last decade....also, genres shouldn't define the artist...the artist should define the genre...


The mainstream public doesn't know what hip-hop is. The fact that they "laped that sh*t up" is reason to believe they want to know, they're just searching for something "different." What's holding them back is up for debate. Just to make it clear, Lupe Fiasco is Jay-Z's protege. Money, money, money. I don't know how the rest of y'all feel but, with the exception of a few tracks here and there, Jay-Z's been fallin' away from hip-hop since the day he came out wit' Reasonable Doubt. That has nothing to do with the quality of his music which has been dope since day one. I just feel like ever since he was named president of Def Jam his music has been, as 'Van-Hell-Sin' would say, "watered down." WORD! "Said where I would stop before I even started/ When i get to one brick, then The Game I will depart with/ Got to one brick then I looked to the sky, said Sorry God, I lied, but give me one more try" :Jay-Z (Fallin') Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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hip hop is diverese its time

hip hop is diverese its time for people 2 except what every1 is doing and just support the hip hop movement i dont care if its dead prez to pap to 50 to lupe to even soulja boy everyone brings something to the table now im not saying you gotta like everything every1 is doin but you gotta respect the hustle

True true

Why is NOW the time? You still gotta keep ya guards up. As Jada would say, "we don't allow snakes runnin' wit' dogz." It's a thin line! The hip-hop police is out there homeboi, wit' that response and that picture, SH********T!!! I hear what you sayin', but from the streets to the burbs it's real. All I know is, I ain't walkin' wit' a snitch, or anybody who don't respect WHO I AM. Real talk, so as Sheek would say, Walk With Me. I can respect the hustle and not support the overall direction that the "hip-hop" movement is goin' in at the same time. You gotta be intelligent and choose wisely who you support. Lord knows the real sh*t gets no spin on T.V. and the radio. NONE OF US have enough money to go out and buy all the crap that's comin' out. Keep it real, sh*t! "B*tch nigga I'm prepared to die, Before I fry/ I hit the w33d so I be forever high/ My eyes has seen so much in misery, So before I flee/ I open fire let the Lord pick the first to bleed" -Tupac Amaru Shakur Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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agreed choose wisely who you

agreed choose wisely who you support!!! but im just sayin everyone brings something to the table and what some find corny others find fresh like or even responisble like i personally wouldnt b caught dead listening 2 soulja boy im a wu tang & dipset man myself but for kids just gettin into the hip hop scene this maybe the exact person they need to let them into the scene and open them up to hip hop ya feel me
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fuckin cunt nigger foggot hoe

are you self censoring? don't want no one to read foul language ? thank you for your " ++ " cause that saves me from profanities beyond my comprehension. Profanities that upset, insult, terrify and threaten me intellectually, spiritually and sexually . LOL, the only word that was not caught on the spell check was nigger, what does that mean?
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xcuse. had to put my kids to bed, so my post is out of whack I am speaking to Hetty and anyone else who hates typed profanities. ass banging homo lame dick riding clit hating squares
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what the fuck is wrong with this person

2000mil wrote:
are you self censoring? don't want no one to read foul language ? thank you for your " ++ " cause that saves me from profanities beyond my comprehension. Profanities that upset, insult, terrify and threaten me intellectually, spiritually and sexually . LOL, the only word that was not caught on the spell check was nigger, what does that mean?
I mean really....cry for attention much?
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Hip-Hop came from the streets and I believe it should stay in the streets and if I want to listen to a 'diverse' emcee at least i'll have the respect for real Hip-Hop to go listen to someone who has a edge like Killah Priest or Jeru the Damaja. You put it across like a street emcees like Papoose ONLY rhyme about negative shit, can't say anything intelligent and that only the likes of Lupe Fiasco and co. can enlighten us. WRONG. As for your comments about Tupac, I believe that there was no finer example of a dumb thug so stop frontin' like he was a revolutionary black panther because he wasn't - drugs, guns, sexual assault, jail time... is that your idea of 'change'? stop trying to re-write history son lol... Bottomline DH2VLAD, you can't handle the beats from the East, that's why u sweet on Dre. That gimmicky little Jay-Z & NaS picture u use on here shows exactly what kind of man you are - a part-time pussey, who mistreats the culture of Hip-Hop like it's a fucking soap opera or faggot wrestling storyline. "ooooo, is Jay-Z gonna get with NaS????, is NaS gonna tag-team with Dre????" - who gives a fuck about all that u homo!

Mr. Contradiction Strikes Again!

How's that for a do make a good point about how anybody can enlighten us. To add on, it takes a conscience decision though from both parties. On one hand, the artist needs to make up his mind if he wants to do that, or start some meaningless beef. On the other hand, the listener has to make a conscience decision on if he, and the rest of the world wants to LISTEN to that. As for your comments about Tupac, you're dumb. I'm sweet, you're the one that goes both ways son. Real Recognize Real, and that's that. So yeah, who cares about all that, let's just act like we ARE hip-hop, and talk down on everybody who has less money than us and makes a decision we don't agree with. Right?...right. "So stop with that childish shit, n*gga I'm grown/ Please leave it alone - don't throw rocks at the throne/ Do not bark up that tree, that tree will fall on you/ I don't know why your advisors ain't forewarn you/ Please, not Jay, he's, not for play/ I don't slack a minute, all that thug rappin and gimmicks/ I will end it, all that yappin be finished" -Jigga Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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I feel like all this dude was doing was hating on anything except the east coast and that aint right....Im east coast first and foremost but there is alot of talent on the west from dre to game, crooked i to mistah fab.....its whatever but as long as an artist has talent...I can stand to listen, this gimmicky/super thug/kingpin/any other gimmicked act with no intelligence and no creativity is lacking...put it like this Im not the type of dude who looks at a painting thats been effortlessly thrown to together and give it credit....this corn ball sesame street rhyme game you hear from jeezy to soulja boi to gorilla zoe to all other whack ass mcs isnt art, its trash period....production is a different story, it takes a good ear to produce...I definitely can feel a dre beat but I dont think hes the greatest of all time....I like a wide variety of production......anyways point blank period ....east to west, north to south its all hip hop, BUT there is A LOT of garbage out there ....rappers like papoose are artists...not young berg, not plies, not maino...not non of those whack fucks....I gotta just vent sometimes, cause them dudes is trash...not to mention dumbing down society bringing nothing positive or inventive
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Big Chimpin'

Dre should be kept away from dope East Coast emcees because, as history has clearly shown, they will end up with a water-down pop chart album. I don't like to talk about anything gay but shitting on Dre is nessersary when you get people like DH2VLAD who can't move on. I give props to Game, Cyssero, Ya Boy etc... so it ain't about that. It's about keeping with tradition. My advice to you is this: DH2VLAD is a fucking chump. you can see him running his fat mouth on every tape like he's the king-shit of mixtapetorrent. ps ~ don't be his chimp.


Agree wit' everything you said. Like I said, you gotta EVERYONE needs to make the CONSCIENCE DECISION on who they support cuz there is way too much trash out there. "We used to be a ghetto secret/ Can't make my mind up, If I want that or the whole world to peep it/ Now I Carry On Tradition/ F*ck a bum wack rapper makin' his career out of dissin'/ Peace to the strugglin' artists and dead one's gone, we miss 'em/ I promise I Carry On tradition" -NaS Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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DH2VLAD - last post were the words/jibber-jabba of a beaten man who talks in circles - amusing read! So an emcee can't be gangsta and informative at the same time right? so do you underestimate the capabilities of the blackman on a regular basis or are you just having a bad week? on a Papoose tape as well...shame on you. I got a newsflash for you dummy - alot of today's emcees are capable of doing both. you acting like a brother can't walk and chew gum at the same time - lol... what people like you do is read the gay hip-hop magazines, start thinking this culture is like a soap opera and then pigeonhole rappers in these gay little groups you create in your own head. you can't move on from that. bottomline, I can get as much wisdom, if not more, from a papoose track as I can from a lupe fiasco track. difference with Papoose is I don't have to listen to hippy beats. you might think it's clever or ground breaking but I think it's shit. in fact, it's str8 up PM Dawn bullshit but you too young to remember that... nope, I was on point with 2pac i'm afraid and you just bitter that I beat your Dre love to death with 2Pac's own words. Why you always quoting Jay-Z anyway? oh yeah, you a pop chart bitch.


I don't even know what to say to you anymore guy. I'm not even sure what the f*ck you are. One minute you sound like your an old crackhead who's mad at what the games became and the next minute you're talkin' like your an ignorant thirteen year old who's dealing with all types of adolescent emotions. Atleast keep it consistent faggot. I can almost predict now when your dumba** crackhead mind is gonna misinterpret what the f*ck I said. I SAID that anyone CAN enlighten us. But furthermore, it takes a CONSCIENCE decision from the artist if they choose to do THAT, or make his career out of dissing, gangsta talk, and/or how much money they got. Face it, typically IT IS one or the other. And YOU have to be stupid to say that 2Pac was of the later. You haven't told me anything that I don't know already about 2Pac dumba** I just don't have time to teach ignorant idiots. I'm wondering if you even graduated from High School. Dawg, I have never bought one of those magazines in my ENTIRE life and I never plan on it. I pretty much know what's goin' on without them unlike you. Which is probably why you chose to attack me in the first place. Though I'm glad your acknowledging The Takeover b*tchboy!!! "You n*ggaz gon' learn to respect the King/ Don't be the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen/ Because you know who, did you know what, with you know who/ but just keep that between me and you" -Jigga Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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okay fine, you think that gully rappers can't drop insightful lyrics. don't you realise how fucking dumb that sounds? maybe your commercial rap-idols like gay dre or 2pac were one trick ponies but the emcees I dig are more than capable of doing both and to claim otherwise is an insult to their talent. you think I thought Pac was a G? lol - Pac wished his candy-ass was a G but the fact is, 2Pac was a stage school performer who made songs for spotty little teenagers and girls. i'll take B.I.G over that no-talent bum ANY DAY & ALL DAY. lol, you buy them magazines and read the faggy websites as well - it's obvious. you talk about hip-hop like a school girl cheerleader 'dawg' you like: "ooooo, is he gonna get with him? oh no, well I heard he left him and now he's back with him" so who REALLY is the bitch here? is it: A: The guy who doesn't want NY Hip-Hop to lose it's identity? B: The fag who lays awake at night crying into his pillow, wishing Dre would produce NaS's whole next album? You tell me faggot?

this bitch ass nigga did not

this bitch ass nigga did not just diss 2pac
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Can't handle the truth about 2pac huh? read up & fuck off.

youre a fuckup faggot that

youre a fuckup faggot that is talking to much shit about something you dont even know. shut the fuck up for the rest of your life.

Are you done yet?

I know I am. You aren't worth my time. You don't even know what being a "G" really means. You aren't telling me anything I didn't already know, trust me on that one smart guy. Pac used to get beat up, and picked on all the time. Usually that's what happens when you move to a hood you AREN'T FROM!!! What a f*ckin' dunce you are. You don't know sh*t!!! Quit talkin' yungin' before you get beat up. You're exposed b*tch!!! Your "e-thuggin'" a** is about to get "E-JUMPED!" What a coward, hiding behind his computer screen talkin' all that sh*t like he an OG. "Some rap pioneers be them crackheads/ When they speak, you see missin' teeth/ Silver chain with a silver piece/ N*ggaz your grandfather's age/ They pants still hangin' down they legs talkin' about they ain't paid/ And they hate you, 'cause they say, you ain't pay dues/ And ..... was stealin' and robbin' them/ I feel it's a problem we gotta resolve/ Hip-Hop been dead, we the reason it died/ Wasn't Sylvia's fault or because MC's skills are lost/ It's because we can't see ourselves as the boss/ Deep-rooted through slavery, self-hatred/ The Jewish stick together, friends in high places/ We on some low level shit/ We don't want n*ggaz to ever win/ See, everybody got a label/ Everybody's a rapper but few flow fatal/ It's f*cked up, it all started from two turntables" -NaS Support the real artists. B-More signin' out.....1

hahaha look at all these nerds crying back and fourth.... go outside and get some sun u ghosts