Nipsey Husssle - The Marathon


01 Love
02 Keys 2 The City
03 Mr. Untouchable (Ft. Kokane)
04 Blue Laces (Ft. Kokane)
05 A Million
06 Top Down
07 Young Rich And Famous
08 U Dont Got A Clue
09 7 Days A Week
10 Late Nights And Early Mornings
11 I Be Killen Um
12 Call From The Bank (Ft. Mgmt)
13 Grindmode
14 Dreamin
15 The Crown
16 Mac 11 On The Dresser
17 One Take 3
18 I Dont Give A Fucc

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this shit right here is decent as fuck i like it

Good Tape

This is a good tape, a must download. Nipsey is defiantly getting better 7/10 (bullets have no name vol 3 still my fav). Nipsey Still has room to improve and if you have been listening to him you know he continues to get better. Big ups to the man keep it going.


I think this is the best i heard from Nipsey so far! This shit go HAWD!! or like u kids say nowadays, this shit goes HAMM!!! haha!.. Anyway, I got this from datpiff days ago! fizzel been gettin lazy uploading this new music. C'mon fizzel get widdit son! u fallen behind brah. Where dat new Chris Webby at? or dat new Webbie & DJ Rell?? maybe datpiff have it..

you can d/l the rell &

you can d/l the rell & webbie there except it's missing 90% of the tracks
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Oh snap.

Yeah I agree datpif sometimes got some good shit but they always skimpin tha sack.


nice west coast tape. chill beats, good flow. good shit
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my dude rt here!!AZ

my dude rt here!!AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."


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this shit hard!

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co sign

co sign

nigga should be on top

nigga should be on top
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Man I was listening to this shit all day

I think this the first day i didnt play that dark twisted. The beats are Fire and his lyrics point and he killed it on that mac 11 on the dresser. Made me a fan for sure
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Why good shit don't get top

Why good shit don't get top spot? oh well at least he gettin the respect he deserve despite these sites tryin to promote and push junk to the weak minded.
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I fucks wit Nipsey. Ain't

I fucks wit Nipsey. Ain't got the chance to listen to this hoe yet though. [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
MidwestBest765's picture [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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ALL HIS SHKIT WAZ FIRE 4RM DAY 1 EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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Legit on this one. -Smokyo-
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Lets see if this is any good

Lets see if this is any good
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nipsey always go hard, keep it up -010 ROTTERDAM REPRESENT-
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Nipsey holdin down fo the

Nipsey holdin down fo the west 10/10