PeeWee Longway - Money, Pounds, Ammunition Vol. 3


01 Peewee Longway - @ Me (Intro) [Prod. By J.T.E Music]
02 Peewee Longway - Blue Hundreds (Feat. Y.D.G & Mpa Mudgod) [Prod. By Y.D.G]
03 Peewee Longway - D.F.J (Feat. Woop) [Prod. By Zaytoven]
04 Lolife Blacc - He Say He The Plugg (Feat. Mpa Turk) [Prod. By Lil Shaun]
05 Peewee Longway - Swing My Door (Feat. Jose Guapo, Lolife Blacc, Mpa 60Havin & Brick Gummbi)
06 Mpa Spud - Six Stove (Feat. Mpa Mudgod & Mpa Yikes) [Prod. By Mpa Judo]
07 Peewee Longway - Same Shit (Feat. Mpa 60Havin) [Prod. By Murda]
08 Peewee Longway - Hell Is You Doin [Prod. By Mpc Cartel]
09 Peewee Longway - Cant Win (Feat. Migos) [Prod. By Murda]
10 Lolife Blacc - Whole Block Stuffed In The Frigerator (Feat. Peewee Longway & Mpa Spud) [Prod. By G Money]
11 Peewee Longway - Necessary [Prod. By Lil Mister]
12 Peewee Longway - No Make Believe (Feat. Mpa Headshakur & Mpa 60Havin) [Prod. By Cassuis Jay]
13 Krazy Blacc - My Niggas (Feat. Lolife Blacc) [Prod. By Y.D.G]
14 Peewee Longway - Jam On Em (Feat. Bloody Jay & Rae Sremmurd) [Prod. By Mikewillmadeit]
15 Mpa Yikes - Seen (Feat. Mpa 60Havin) [Prod. By Cassuis Jay]
16 Lolife Blacc - Underdog (Feat. Peewee Longway & Mpa Mitch) [Prod. By G-Money]

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