DJ 31 Degreez & Plies - My World

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01. (00:03:27) Plies - Hottest Nigga
02. (00:02:50) Plies - Rat Tat Tat
03. (00:03:22) Plies - Never Snitch Ft Trick Daddy
04. (00:02:20) Plies - Dope Boy N Game
05. (00:05:13) Plies - Tired Of Lying
06. (00:03:27) Plies - Ridin Ft T I
07. (00:06:04) Plies - Speedin Remix Ft Various Artists
08. (00:04:12) Plies - Im Soo Hbod Ft Trick Daddy Rick Ross
09. (00:03:35) Plies - 100 Years
10. (00:04:04) Plies - Long Ass Bid
11. (00:03:37) Plies - Single Again Remix Ft Trina Rick Ross
Lil Wayne
12. (00:03:51) Plies - Bust It Baby Ft Ne Yo
13. (00:03:34) Plies - You Aint Saying Nothin
14. (00:01:12) Plies - Tuck Ya Ice Ft Trick Daddy
15. (00:03:34) Plies - In Luv Wit Money Ft T I
16. (00:03:25) Plies - Bust It Baby Original Version

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wazzup wit all these old ass

wazzup wit all these old ass songs ya'll dj's trying to make new mixtapes out of...get all new exclusive shit if you call yourself an updated d.j.

hahaha gaythugdating haha

hahaha gaythugdating haha thats gay as aids.

someone get this nigga a

someone get this nigga a razor, man fuck plies anyway guy is wack.

fuck u it or

fuck u it or not fuck boy dis one da realest out

yo...nigga u must be jokin,

yo...nigga u must be jokin, i dont even kno what to say to that


illvibe wrote:
yo...nigga u must be jokin, i dont even kno what to say to that
Good best thang to do is keep ya mouth shut...cuz plies a certified goon

ahahah what a clown, get

ahahah what a clown, get outta here


You are seriously delusional.

Nigga u dumb Az Fuck

Look my nigga #1 errbody got dey own opinion Numba 2 wen haz plies eva spit some real Hard shit b give me a line whurr plies actually stunned a nigga u feel me plies ain't shit nigga. And tell me wat doez plies got in lyricism see wen u in da game nigga u gotta come hard body da only reason he popular iz cuz da hoez like em.

fuck yal neways everybody

fuck yal neways everybody always hatin on the is new york and east coast rap? yal dont even stay on beat yal shit is so sketchy and everybody's dick yal ridin has a ghost writer...look on these mixtapes who u see on the front of jus bout all of em...Lil' Wayne...and where's he from? THE SOUTH...FUCK EAST COAST B/S...EAST COAST is horrible with the exception of a few, but most of the time YAL ARE A WASTE OF A STUDIO SESSION, and another thing yal rappers aint never in the hood u can try n reply and say all this b/s but yall rappers aint never in the hood a few maybe but most of em NOPE...FUCK EAST COAST...AN FUCK YALL THAT HATIN


you aint listenin to no east coast rappers if u dont think most of them would merk wayne and plies... i aint hatin on the south cuz i listen to everything but fuck you for hatin on a region instead of a rapper

name tha ghostwriterz then

Iight check diz out my nigga does JayZ gotta Ghostwriter, Do Gunit got Ghostwriterz do dipset have Ghostwriterz check diz out if East coast rap sucks Den Y does wayne fuck wit Dipset Y does T.I. Fuck Wit Juelz Y da Fuck does young Jeezy fuck wit fat joe Y does alfamega fuck wit Busta rhymez so NYC rap suckz nigga u crazy we spit harder then yall nad if we suck so bad how come weezy won't fuck wit 50 50 called ur southern nigga on who most of u dickridin Lil wayne tha best arpper alive a whore u know wat weezy said and i quote 2 u " Im happy that my name came out that nigga mouth" watz up wit dat b

actually game aired them out

actually game aired them out n said 50 writes alot of their shit...why does wayne fuck wit dipset? hmmm..lets make more money its all about money in the industry and prolly cuz they are bloods...i dont even like weezy or 50 while u over there havin a double fist off wit them u dick rider...yeah i heard what weezy said u aint the only person that see that shit nigga...he also said he aint stupid he wont fuck wit 50 cuz of his money...its all about money thats why ppl fuck wit each other or get them on a track together...go fuck urself u dick ridin bitch o yeah n ur lil top 5 best n da game were mostly southern u dumb ass u jus a dick ridin bitch

Actually Bitch

i happened 2 know dat game iz full of shit cuz 5o don't write 4 them niggaz they sound nuthin alike nigga u so fuckin dumb u one of them Gunot niggaz my cuzin in tha unit Hotrod nigga u so fuckin stupid we was talkin about eastcoast rap compared 2 southern rap understand tha conversation 4 u start talkin nigga
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im from louisiana fuck wayne

im from louisiana fuck wayne dont nobody fuck with wayne down here that nigga aint been hot since the block is hot he rap like he from up that way fuck him, ti aint shit his last cd was garbage you wanna get on some southern shit nigga on some boosie some trae some z-ro theres beaucoup niggas down here that go hard in the paint but cant get a deal cause they in the south yall niggas go down the street and get a deal we gotta catch a flight you wanna hear some real shit bring your ass down to louisiana dallas or h-town shit chalie can handle half them niggas up there and he aint even the tightest down here fuck yall east coast hating ass niggas yall cant respect a nigga when the spit fire. all we here out yall mouth is weezy dis weezy dat and that nigga some junk

My studio in decatur

Im in da deck almost 24/7 my nigga datz ATL i know wat tha fuck itz like down hurr nigga and if u look around tha south there's record labels down hurr that u can fuck wit it don't matta where u at dummy where iz so so def, slip N slide recordz is where so b4 u open ur mouth get some sense bout u i mean even D4L iz in bowen Homes nigga if u hot u can pop yo own shit offf we did

Im from the south and i was

Im from the south and i was wit everything u said until u said that shit about 50. that niggas a ho all he do is see whos on top and then try and start some shit so niggas can start talkin wayne aint dumb but u are for fallin for that shit

Im from the south and i was

Im from the south and i was wit everything u said until u said that shit about 50. that niggas a ho all he do is see whos on top and then try and start some shit so niggas can start talkin wayne aint dumb but u are for fallin for that shit

Fuck u Uptown ass Nigga's

Let me drop some real shit, Nigga Lil Wayne aint start fucking wit u fuck ass nigga's , dem nigga's know the only way they can eat is to put a nigga from the south on they shit. If not u nigga's will be starving like marvine. How u nigga's like dem Apple's. For years nigga we layed back and u niggas wouldn't put us on your shit, If it was up to me Ill say fuck u and your mommma 2. and that's on everything.

this nigga...

you must be on some of that down south kush or somethin cause the south will never be on the level east coast shit has been on. think bout it homie, ny. shit held it down and set the standard for 20 years brah!!! just cause industry force feeds the public wit jeezy and weezy dont mean they actually on top of the game ya dig!!!weezy got ya'll gased cause he the reason the game is where it is now... FUCKED!!! repetative, bored ( for the most part) and if im lyin how come most of the niggas on here b complainin bout the same shit? HHHMMMM? dont get it fucked up i aint hatin, wayne doin what he gotta do but just cause he doin it dont mean he the nicest doin it. now pass that shit... im tryin ta float too...

Thank u

somebody actually understands Hip hop and thinkz b4 he tlkz

Wayne is repetative?

east coast set the standard 20 yrs ago but they fell off now the south done came in wit heavy hitters and took over im not sayin every southern rapper is the best thing ever plies goon blah blah all thats ok but the nigga cant rap and he have the same repetative message real nigga goon females thats ok but i get pissed when they call that nigga a rapper Wayne have the best songs cause he the best rapper he dont even have the best beats gucci only sound good cause of his beats, no content. nyc rappers sound better without beats cause they dont even go to the beats same and wayne sounds repetitive just because every "mixtape dj" got every song of his on numerous mixtapes you would think they'd stop after he said fuck em all but no he just that hot


wow........He has a good point.

Fuck plies and fuck you

Fuck plies and fuck you nigga know whats goin down in the hood before you start callin everybody goons bitch ass nigga



dats righ niga FLORIDA takin

dats righ niga FLORIDA takin ovah this shit.plies a real nigga. DADE COUNTY GOON ! LIL HAVANA GANGSTA

he a real certified goon?

he a real certified goon? why? just cause he said so, he rap about everything he did in the streets (except going to college) he trappin scarin all dem 'krackers' takin they books and number 2 mechanical pencils, as much money as he got i thought he already had better than the rich folk money, as much street money as he make why start rappin, goons hide in bushes, i thought scary niggas hide, lil white kids shoot guns all the time its not hard anybody can do it fight wit ya hands one on one why you need your goons (by the way my nigga webster told me a goon is a dumb nigga that just follow)


algenuad lanier washingtn grad with honors goon dont graduate but i ait knockin intelligents but u rapping music u never lived

how can people give gucci

how can people give gucci props on those garbage ass tapes with his garbage ass verses and then join the bandwagon to hate on plies. for a southern artist his shit has content. you people dont think for yourself, just front like its cool to hate.

kill yoself bitch....GUCCI

kill yoself bitch....GUCCI and PLIES keep it 100

old ass shit

First of all, this is some old ass shit. THIS MIXTAPE HERE NO GOOD! NO GOOD!


100% GOON wrote:
kill yoself bitch....GUCCI and PLIES keep it 100

keep yo mouth shut you dont

keep yo mouth shut you dont kno what i can back up...u must be a soulja boy fan fuck boy...GUCCI GUCCI in da building

Plies turned pussy u ask

Plies turned pussy u ask me,and fuc any nigga who hatin on da Gucci cuz Gucci really is a real trap nigga who got 2 bodies so fuc any pussy nigga hatin on Gucci dats the only thang we roc in my dope hole,we dont fuc wit plies at all,Yo Gotti we fuccin wit u in da cak and we fuccin wit Gucci so middle finga 2 a hatah or pussy niggga

Yea Bra!

Thats all we thump out here in the R bra. Straight up Gucci, Oj n real nigga muzik.

gucci has just as much

gucci has just as much probly more content than plies, (plies verse) real nigga blah blah blah goon, blah blah blah blah goon, real real real nigga goon goon goon)robbin robbin, at least gucci talks about more than two things other than women and real niggas he'll add a car a chain some drugs takin his shirt off or somethin gucci throws a metaphor or two in there every now and then , somethin ive yet to hear from plies his rhymes too basic require no thought nothin to make you sit back and go oh shit, plies has no concepts some of his rhymes dont even rhyme, everyone else in the game grinds hard and will at the least have a song or two leaked this nigga dont even make no music to put on mixtapes in between albums all thats lk until somebody calls him a rapper and says he has content

yall muthafuckas all

yall muthafuckas all funny-tha best is boosie all star & gotti come next then b.g. gucci & plies they all keep it 100-be real-it aint nobody harder then them out now

Look my nigga

Um my nigga im sorry B.G. i like hiz shit he hard but i mean T.I. betta then them Gunit betta than them Young Jeezy betta then them Outkast iz harder than them lil wayne iz harder then them i mena b real my nigga think bout wat u say b4 u say it kid

murkman u must be smokin dat

murkman u must be smokin dat shit nigga... T.I. a bitch



Back it up my nigga

Back up tha fact that T.I. A bitch cuz I ain't neva seen Bitch in him Dat nigga caught wat bout 4 cases I mean back dat shit up b but i wasn't talkin bout wat he iz i was sayin lyrically T.I. Nurder B.G. and dem niggaz plus if T.I. ain't a real nigga den Y do real niggaz fuckz wit him


yeah da nigga caught 4 cases and he was a felon and da nigga walkin round like its sweet...please dat nigga runnin his dick sucker..i kno niggas doing hard time for way less than he's done...hes talkin on tape boy no way round it n i aint never seen dat skinny ass nigga w/out body guards cuz he kno one on one he'll get his lil ass stomped in the ground..what real niggas fuck wit him? cuz u dont kno ne of em u mightve heard but u dont kno first hand...this music got u hypnotized nigga i listen to alot of shit but that dont mean they real most every rapper n the game aint certified they leave they hood behind for that chedda...u dont kno shit first hand u just think u do...T.I. jus a lil bitch tell dat nigga to quit hidin behind dem body guards...n live up to wat hes rappin about..sayin he gon beat a nigga ass, or stomp a nigga ass lol please dat nigga come down here wit dat bullshit he gonna be D.O.A. fuck what u heard pussy

Ok letz see u back it up

Ok u tell me first hand lil nigga if u seen tha bitch in him see u think u know wat tha fuck u talkin bout B.G. iz a real nigga right so why did he and t.i. merge if TIP ain't real, Gucci fucked wit T.i. so Gucci ain't real, Jeezy fuckz wwit t.I. so Jeezy ain't real so look at da real in da game dat fuck wit a nigga and tell me dat shit agin u feel me u dumb az fuck think b4 u speak

ugh dis nigga gay wantin a

ugh dis nigga gay wantin a nigga to back it up...take yo ass to yahoo gay chat wit dat shit fag

what u dont understand is

what u dont understand is that what u said didnt make a damn bit of sense jud because Gucci went after T.I. he aint real? lol u goofy mothafucka are u retarded...thats all i gotta say u jus stupid haha kill yoself pussy

Look u hoass nigga

Iz u a real nigga if u iz den check diz out if u real do u waste yo time wit pussyniggaz see u juss exposed da bitch in u my nigga read it agin and learn sumthin bitchnigga

Read it agin

See diz how ignorant yo azz iz we waz tlkin bout real niggaz i said TI been on trackz wit real niggaz like B.G. and Gucci Mane and Jeezy so u tellin me that they ain't real either thatz wat i said mayb if yo azz got hooked on phonic andgt ome new bifocal glasses yo ass could read betta bitchnigga

who determines what is real

who determines what is real and who is real i bet you never met none of the niggas that you call real im not sayin they are but they could be the gayest pussyest niggas you ever seen, ti been in movies so ya know he can act, i just listen to who got the best music, the realest niggas in the world rep that UFC kinda shit bet ya wont meet em in the ring emptyhanded

Plies aight but GUCCI is that nigga

I fucs wit plies (especially his 100 years shit) but he aint that hot b/c all he talk bout is pussy.(dont get me wrong, thats straight but he's not that real to me) I'll listen to gucci any day before i start listening to plies. N besides gucci has way more money than plies n gucci cant even come out wit most of his shit publicly b/c its too real. (Jus like niggaz such as Yo Gotti n Project Pat)

u my nigga 100 fuck murkman

u my nigga 100 fuck murkman jblack knows whats poppin