DJ White Owl - Public Enemy Number One

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01. Lil Wayne Ft Jim Jones And Stack Bundles - Throw Ya
02. 50 Cent - Reality Check (Dissin Lil Wayne)
03. Freeky Zeeky Ft J.R. Writer And Hell Rell - Shoot Em
04. J.R. Writer - Doin My Thing
05. Juelz Santana - Im Killin Em
06. Camron Ft Juelz Santana And Freeky Zeeky - Daddys Ho
07. Sheek Louch - We Spray Crowds
08. Cassidy - I Get Money
09. 50 Cent - Speakin On New Album
10. Kanye West - Freestyle
11. Cormega Ft Hell Rell - Stuntin
12. Grafh Ft Prinz - Put A Hole In Em
13. Grafh - Bloody Money
14. Jim Jones And Chubbie Baby - Stay Fresh (Remix)
15. Hell Rell Ft Young Dro - U Know What It Is
16. 50 Cent - Speakin On G-Unit Beef And Droppin Olivia
17. Spider Loc - Fuck What U Heard
18. Grafh Ft S.A.S - London 2 Queens
19. 50 Cent - Interview With Hot 97
20. Jittabug - Microphone Fiend
21. Lil Wayne - Killing Me (I Love Her) (Bonus)
22. Kia Shine Ft. Swizz Beatz, Jim Jones, Slim Thug, E-4

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ahhh shit 50 beefin with

ahhh shit 50 beefin with Wayne now....i wonder if Wayne will answer to him "These bitches screamin for E, i had to throw em a vowel..." LOL
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he is on that blood brothers

he is on that blood brothers mixtape with game and weezy game and weezy gona rip 50 to pieces


HE CALLED HIM A wHoRE IN an InTreview, go listen to "S on my chest" 'im a whore, yea u know im a whore' said lIl WeEzy Of hiMsELF, SO i DONT sEe IT aS A bEeF, AND THER MY 2 fAVS IN tHE Game so i hope They DoNt Go aT iT, BUT fUCK gAYME AND mr Drule, g-g-g-gunit!
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gunit dickryder

game killed the unit himself and weezy will put the unit to sleep 4ever if they go at it

wut nigga?

i aint no dickryder just speakin the truth
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FUCK 50 cent

I havent even downloaded this one yet to know that the diss to little wayne was coming for the simple reason of everyone wayne works with and what topped it all of was the track Wayne made with JaRule called (Uh Oh) but 50 is still a bitch and G-Unit is still dirt SHREVEPORT


You called him "little wayne." Both their music is garbage, so who the f*ck cares.......Only the new school d*ck riders that don't know sh*t! I can name atleast five artists from each of their areas(burroughs) makin' better music. "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

o u can?

u can some1 beter from ther areas, do it aint no 1 from N.O could fuck wit wayne and no 1 from queens can fuck wit 50 business wise, money wise, or lyrically so thats wut i say, g-g-g-gunit!


Lyrically they both SUCK real bad! I guess this is just my opinion, but I don't even think they are the best artists in their own clicks. Brisco and Currensy are better than Wayne. Mobb Deep and Young Buck are better than 50. MY OPINION!!!! Region wise, I'd rather listen to Banner or Juve than Weezy right now. I'd rather listen to Grafh or Nas than 50 right now. All Curtis or Wayne talk about is money. It gets old real quick. Even worse than that is how many times the word, "like" comes out of Waynes mouth......(yawn)
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swagga u dont know shit. And wayne aint even that good. B.g is way better than wayne hes still cryin bout trina... and 50 alot of rappers from ny are better than 50

game and lil wayne are

game and lil wayne are teaming up if ya'll didnt know...their making one called "blood brothers"
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game and weezy will be sick,.. 50 takes shots at everyone but then he just walks away usually or trys to buy them out hahah
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game back with the unit?

rumor has it the game has recorded i track for curtis and might sign back to g unit
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bluntfeen wrote:
rumor has it the game has recorded i track for curtis and might sign back to g unit
4 REal? That will be strange.... any source for that?
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i doubt it.....

without a source i dont even buy that..... We ALL KNOW IT's ALOT OF WACK MUSIC OUT RIGHT NOW....SO.........stop listenin.....
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ya i found it on rapbasement

ya i found it on rapbasement but just google it.50 a buisness man the best rapper to date to sell on g unit was game 6 million sold, closes to that is banks wit 2.5 but if that happens i say they both gunna flop.
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if its tru

it would be bcus of dre, game wants back wit dre so he will end beef
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game still works with dre.

game still works with dre. and dre would have nothing to do with game signing back to g-unit

dre hasnt worked with game

dre hasnt worked with game since the documentary....dre still produces for 50 & gunit if you look at the doctors advocate credits theres not a single dre track
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dre dont work with game

game left cus dre wanted him to end the beef wit 50 and he wasnt down... dre makes money off both of them so he dint wanna loose sales
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Wow!, thanks for the info

Wow!, thanks for the info bluntfeen Thats pretty interesting, only time with tell.

its a made up rumor, dont

its a made up rumor, dont believe everything you read on the internet