Pugs Atomz - Kinda Like A Mixtape


01 Pugs Atomz_K.L.A.M. Intro Grant Parks
02 Pugs Atomz_Live Feat. K. Sparks Produced By Ill Poetic
03 Pugs Atomz-Listen To My Album Prod By Dirty Dunnz
04 Pugs Atomz-Dan Ryan Lsd
05 Pugs Atomz_Purgatory
06 Pugs Atomz_Understand Feat Primeridian_Wes Restless_Prod By Jay Vega 1
07 Pugs Atomz_Settle Down
08 Pugs Atomz_Kinda Like A Love Song
09 Pugs Atomz_One Step @ A Time Feat Gerald Walker Prod By Slot A
10 Pugs Atomz_Hunger Feat K Sparks_Nikki Lynette Prod By Dj Vadim
11 Pugs Atomz_On The Move Feat-Shev Rock Prod By Mulatto Patriot
12 Pugs Atomz_Yea Yea Yea Remix Feat. Elevation
13 Pugs Atomz_K.L.A.M. Outro Prod. Grant Parks

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fuck it...

ima play it in my earbuds at work tomorrow and check it out. let you know tomorrow night...
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i already know your going to

i already know your going to be disappointed, the tapes whack, plus you will be wasting space on the Zune or what ever you have ^Fuck You^


you ever get the feeling your being followed?
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It actually wasnt horrible.

It actually wasnt horrible. There was some decent lyrical content on here but only a couple tracks were worth giving a listen to and those couple tracks are not good enough to make the cut for the zune. i dont recommend the dl. im deleting as we speak before i forget...