Purple Sub Presents Big Stack$$$$ - Trap Talk Genius


01. Big Stack$$$$ - Intro
02. Big Stack$$$$ feat. Gucci Mane - Jet Lag (prod. by Zaytoven)
03. Big Stack$$$$ - Bingo (prod. by Zaytoven)
04. Big Stack$$$$ - Dizzzy (prod. by Purple Sub)
05. Big Stack$$$$ - Misdemeanor (prod. by Zaytoven)
06. Big Stack$$$$ - #1 Stuntman (prod. by Zaytoven)
07. Big Stack$$$$ - Show & Tell (prod. by Purple Sub)
08. Big Stack$$$$ - Bust Open (prod. by Zaytoven)
09. Big Stack$$$$ - I Gotta Eat (prod. by Zaytoven)
10. Big Stack$$$$ - Nothing To It (prod. by Myke Murda)
11. Big Stack$$$$ - Mr. Miogi (prod. by Myke Murda)
12. Big Stack$$$$ - Ridiculous (prod. by Myke Murda)
13. Big Stack$$$$ - Stylin` (prod. by Zaytoven)
14. Big Stack$$$$ - I`m All That (prod. by Zaytoven)
15. Big Stack$$$$ - Drop
16. Big Stack$$$$ - I Live This Shit (prod. by Purple Sub)
17. Big Stack$$$$ - The American Dream (prod. by Myke Murda)
18. Big Stack$$$$ - Psyco (prod. by Zaytoven)
19. Big Stack$$$$ - So Fresh (prod. by Myke Murda)
20. Big Stack$$$$ - Ohhh My (prod. by Zaytoven)
21. Big Stack$$$$ - Outro

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Damn Homie, now that's a BBQ. Nice Tape.

bIg BoOtY hOe5

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Purple Sub Mixtapes Fa Life 5 Starz * * * * *

Thiz Mixtape Iz Off Da Hook but We Need anotha "My Trunk" pt. 3 they go Hard Mayne,we need that Texas Shit Ya Dig.

Thats My BBQ

ha ayo thats my kinda BBQ nice mixtape

this tape is nice

and #9 is funny

Coming Soon

"My Trunk 3" is on the way, brother! Donations and support would improve the mixtapes. Hope you all enjoy the CD and also like my production!
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I got all that purple sub fire! All yur mixtapes are bangerz, i be bumpin that without hering all the dj shit cum on in the middle of the song(DJ MOTHER FUCKIN RELL, U gots to be kiddin me). Keep it up!

Bet That Up

I appreciate the love brother! Tell a friend to tell a friend!