DJ Dolla Sign & R Kelly - Remix Killa


1. (00:04:02) R. Kelly - A Millie Rmx Ft. T-Pain
2. (00:03:29) R. Kelly - Lookin Boy Rmx Ft. Yung Joc & Hot Stylz
3. (00:03:13) R. Kelly - Its Me Bit**es Rmx Ft. Swizz Beat Lil Wayne & Jadakiss
4. (00:05:57) R. Kelly - In Love Wit A Stripper Rmx Ft.T-Pain Paul Wall Pimp C Twista MJG & Too Short
5. (00:05:15) R. Kelly - Ima Flirt Rmx Ft. T-Pain and Ti
6. (00:03:54) R. Kelly - Shawty Is The S**t Rmx Ft. The Dream
7. (00:03:37) R. Kelly - Ignition Rmx Ft. Phar-City
8. (00:04:05) R. Kelly - Hotel Rmx Ft. Cassidy and Trina
9. (00:03:29) R. Kelly - Flashin Lights Rmx Ft. Kanye West
10. (00:06:10) R. Kelly - Make It Rain Rmx Ft. Fat Joe Lil Wayne Birdman Twista & Rick Ross
11. (00:03:48) R. Kelly - We Taking Over Rmx Ft. DJ Khaled Akon T-Pain Lil Kim & Young Jeezy
12. (00:03:24) R. Kelly - Fiesta Rmx Ft. Jay Z
13. (00:04:08) R. Kelly - Snake Rmx Ft. Camron and Big Tigga
14. (00:04:39) R. Kelly - Same Girl Rmx Ft. Usher and T-Pain
15. (00:03:29) R. Kelly - Customer Rmx Ft. Raheem Devaug
16. (00:03:15) R. Kelly - Touch My Body Rmx Ft. Mariah Carey
17. (00:04:49) R. Kelly - Promise Rmx Ft. Ciara
18. (00:03:57) R. Kelly - Slow Wind Rmx Ft. Akon and Sean
19. (00:04:01) R. Kelly - Burn It Up Rmx Ft. Fat Joe and Wisen Y Yandel

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This one is OK

I have taken a gander of this mixtape and it was ok. There was some old stuff in there and he added a couple of bars to current music that was not his. Is it worth the DL, depends on how you feel I guess, I mean I like d the music alot but I like other stuff better. I am not hurting for space on my Zune (80GB) but with all the controversey that surround Kells, I am not sure if I am able to listen to it for an extended period of time. With all personal opinions a side....You should DL it just for the blast to the past.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music keeps me from hearing all the craziness in the world...

I totally disagree

If you like girls and want to have something to play in the background while F------ them, then you like R. Kelly, 'cause you know what his tracks can do to the mood. If you don't have girls, by choice or by default, then you probably aren't into his music, and even bring up his trial as an excuse, but come now. It's definitely worth the free download...and your broads will thank you later. I personally, no bulls--t, put the R.Kelly Slow Wind video on my PSP on repeat and boned a solid 45 to an hour to the same track, and the chick liked it. You can't go wrong with R. Kelly for this purpose.