DJ Rah2K & DJ Racks - Problem Solvers 5

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01. Webbie - Miracle
02. Webbie - They Know
03. Webbie - No Money
04. Webbie - Hot
05. Webbie - Get Rich
06. Mike Jones - J.O.N.E.S.
07. Mike Jones - Turning Heads
08. Mike Jones - Crunch n Munch
09. Mike Jones - Gimme 50
10. Mike Jones - Six Four
11. Mike Jones - Body Rock
12. Chamillionaire - Warning
13. Chamillionaire - Let Me In Produced By mf
14. Chamillionaire - Picture Me Rollin
15. Chamillionaire - I Run It
16. Chamillionaire - International Money
17. Chamillionaire - Guess What
18. Shawty Lo - Trap Money
19. Shawty Lo - Lets Get It
20. Shawty Lo - Say My Name
21. Shawty Lo - Hundred Million Dollars
22. Shawty Lo - Got It For Cheap
23. Shawty Lo - Foolish

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Did we decide to half of each album put it on a mixtape? Also, mix up the songs, yo... if I wanted to hear each one of these artists CD's I would put them in rotation, like so. I'm from Texas, and there are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY better songs you could have used to showcase our talent. Go cop some Swisha House mixtapes and hear these dudes before they made it big. Chamillionaire's old freestyle mixtapes go harder than most of his commercial stuff. That, or try to get some new exclusives...

thats true

thats true

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You found me...

ohmygod wrote:
I posted that link on this site a while back, catch up.
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Here's another one...
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And another...