DJ E.Nyce - Rhythm-N-Bangas Vol. 6

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01. Nas - You (Remix) [03:46]
02. Michael Jackson - Give It 2 Me [02:33]
03. Mario - Go [02:58]
04. Jay-Z - Anything [Feat. Usher & Pharrell] [03:49]
05. Ciara - That's Right [Feat. Lil Jon] [03:44]
06. The Game - Go Far (Remix) [Feat. Jay-Z & Kanye West] [02:54]
07. Ludacris - Runaway Love [Feat. Mary J. Blige] [03:32]
08. Bobby Valentino - Let's Go [03:08]
09. Young Jeezy - Go Getta [Feat. R. Kelly] [03:08]
10. Trey Songz - Uh Huh [Feat. T.I.] [03:16]
11. Razah - Where Do We Go [02:52]
12. Jay-Z - Hollywood [Feat. Beyonce] [02:57]
13. Fantasia - Hood Bro [Feat. Big Boi] [03:13]
14. Jay Starr - Weekend [Feat. Johnta Austin] [02:39]
15. Pharrell - That Girl [Feat. Snoop Dogg] [03:20]
16. 2pac - Playa Cards Right [Feat. Keisha Cole] [03:52]
17. Mya - Lock U Down [Feat. Lil Wayne] [03:15]
18. John Legend - Heaven Only KNows [02:54]
19. Mary J. Blige - We Ride [03:22]
20. Hot Rod - Be Easy [Feat. Mary J. Blige] [02:39]
21. Beyonce - Irreplaceable [04:39]
22. Melissa Jiminez - He Ain't The Only One [03:57]
23. Young Joc - First [Feat. Trey Songz & M. Houston] [03:54]

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Alright Mixtape, Some hot tracks/Some wack tracks...

1. the first track is fire, andree 3000 verse is hot ( iam surprised) and nas did his thing like always

2. A new track from Michael jAckson??? wtf i dont even no what to say?

3. Mario could sing, i like it...the beat sounds alike to the pharell young girl beat! its a nice lil come back track from him

4.this track came out a lil while ago, so iam not gonna rate it!

5. What a horrible song, i really dont like the combination of lil john screaming and ciara sweet voice! the beat is wack will probably become a huge club banger, but fuck that

6. Jay-z verse was no where near Game`s...but it was still fire and a great remix!

7. this track came out a lil while ago, so iam not gonna rate it!

8. the beat is horrible and doesnt sound good at all...i usually listen to all of valentines tracks, but this by far is his worst!

9. this song came out a while ago, kelly does his thing and jeezy is a beast on this track, FIRE

10. the beat is hot, Trey Songs laced it nice along with T I P....track is fire

11. wHAT A nice song, iam feeling it alot...razah once again comes out with a nice rNb Track

12. beat is horrible, Lyrics are weak, and Jay-Z Flow is way off, along with the weak ass verse...they should stick to making weak ass porn movies!

13. iam liking this song a lil, the beat is itte, and Big Boi verse was itte ( i couldnt really hear him thou, the production was poor)

14. iam loving the beat, lyrics are fire, jay starrs Flow is on point and the hook it catchy, lol

15. the beat is fire, pharell lyrics are weak and snoop verse was itte...iam not feeling it too much, it sounds like the last 10000 songs pharell came out with

16. Pac + keyshia cole = amazing....i love this song, keyshia is my girl, she ripped this track, i love her voice

17. This track is hot....lil waynes verse is a lil wack, mya could sing, i love her voice...all in all a great track and its probably gonna be a huge radio hit

18. i love this track, its on his cd, no point in reviewing

19. same as above^^


Are we supposed to give you a medal ?

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ur whack

wtf is ur problem dblock; dude goes out and does a useful thing for the community givin his opinion on songs and ur hating.

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this guy did something nobdy else does...and talked about the tape...thanks Atnan...

thx for the review

Yo Atan, don't feel unappreciated. i like to here more of what cats think about some of these tracks. shit . . . i hope you make your way through all the mixes