Royce Da 5'9" - The Bar Exam 3 (Hosted By DJ Whoo Kid)

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01 Royce Da 5'9'' - Intro - Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #1
02 Royce Da 5'9'' - The Most Interesting Man
03 Royce Da 5'9'' - Go Hard Pt.1 (Feat. Kid Vishis)
04 Royce Da 5'9'' - On Fire (Feat. Crooked I)
05 Royce Da 5'9'' - Skit
06 Royce Da 5'9'' - Real Hip Hop (Feat. Black Milk & Elzhi)
07 Royce Da 5'9'' - Acapella
08 Royce Da 5'9'' - It's Over (Freestyle)
09 Royce Da 5'9'' - Nobody Fing With Us (Feat. Bun B & Slaughterhouse)
10 Royce Da 5'9'' - Airplanes (Freestyle)
11 Royce Da 5'9'' - Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #2
12 Royce Da 5'9'' - Beamer, Benz, Or Bentley (Shadymegamix)
13 Royce Da 5'9'' - I Hate Your Pants
14 Royce Da 5'9'' - Forever (Freestyle)
15 Royce Da 5'9'' - In The Club
16 Royce Da 5'9'' - Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #3
17 Royce Da 5'9'' - Go Hard Pt. 2 (Feat. Kid Vishis)
18 Royce Da 5'9'' - Vagina
19 Royce Da 5'9'' - Psyco Skit
20 Royce Da 5'9'' - Pyscho
21 Royce Da 5'9'' - Drama (Feat. Trick Trick And Junes Flow)
22 Royce Da 5'9'' - I'm Not Slaughterhouse (Interview)
23 Royce Da 5'9'' - 187 (Response)
24 Royce Da 5'9'' - Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #4
25 Royce Da 5'9'' - Taxi Driver
26 Royce Da 5'9'' - Iceman (Skit)
27 Royce Da 5'9'' - Lyrical Hitman (Richard Kuklinski) Feat. Marvwon
28 Royce Da 5'9'' - Most Interesting Man In The World (Skit) #5
29 Royce Da 5'9'' - Spark Yo Brain

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this is hip hop

Good Tape....royce goes in...don't sleep on this
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is this any good? he kinda looks like ron browz on that cover ~she said I should watch my language so I sat & stared at the tv with captions on...I showed that bitch~
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he the truth...literally an OG in the game

yea G...have you ever heard of slaughterhouse?

Hot damn!

I've been waiting on this for a minute! You already know...
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Royce been one of my fav

Royce been one of my fav northern rappers but "Street Hop" was some straight up garbage, Im d/l this but I hope its 100x better that Street Hop or Im done with dude
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Standby For Download and

Standby For Download and Rating..... ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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ok so heres the deal...i

ok so heres the deal...i been waiting on this for months anyway.....obviously track 9 was hot...and i enjoy the Most Interesting Man skits, and track 10 is also ill as fuck, 13 was outstanding as well, 14 23 27 and 29 are all bumpable on a daily basis so....i'll give a 9.95/10 production coulda been of higher quality like bar exam 2 ♪Soul Food♪ ...@TL... ♪Elevators♪
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Wasn't expecting this...

but royce is dope. I'll have to d/l
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Its about time

Real Talk Ive been waiting for this shit Forever..The last two bar exams were classics off top..This dude right here got bars for your ass,Truely one of the best punch liners of all time..Y is this not on the top..Who knows but im not feelin that T.I. or Ricky False..Niggas tellin all theses ganster tales but the bar game is weak...but....That Just How i Feel,Randy Ravioli the truth tho

Pretty good so far

Bahahaha "They say one man's trash, is another man's treasure. I call her a fat Black bitch, you call her precious." DL this shit!!! You already know.
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This Is

Str8 Fire I Cant believe that more people comment on lil waynes garbage and not this guys every song on here is dope in the club has to be the funniest shit ive heard in fuccn years besides that tight pants skit ahahahahahahahah gnr!!! But hands down his flow is stupid and is wayyyyy better than lil miss buttfucc(wayne) dont post to many things on here but had to on this one tape is fire again 10 outta 10
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not bad

this is aite not bad check out
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I might check it out but

I might check it out but Royce sounded like a salty bitch on the BEEF documentary.
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Serious bars on this one.

Serious bars on this one. His record with Big Sean "My Own Planet" been blasting in my car all week, not sure why its not on this tape. #11 - skit is jokes
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big sean killed that shit tho...but my nigga royce said "i'm cold as ice, i'm a living refridgerator....i'm on venus, no i'm not dickin the tennis player"...goin dumb on that shit

this should be on top. every

this should be on top. every verse on this is fire. nickel is murdering the rap game. DETROIT STAND THE FUCK UP! anyone know where you can get the full version of "nobody fuckin with us?"
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royce go hard. they say one

royce go hard. they say one mans trash another mans treasure. i can her a fat black bitch you call her precious. HA!
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Slept on?

I hope everybody is just recovering from the Memorial day weekend and haven't made it to this tape yet, because this tape looks like it's gettin slept on big time.. Shit im still high from being high all weekend+monday long and i aint even smoke today.
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Royceda 5'9

its been a minit since i herd this dude, gonna DL his tape bc of ^hype^
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I've had a couple days to knock this and I gotta say this is easily a front runner for mixtape of the year Royce has been hot for over a decade and never really got credit for it. SLAUGHTER HOUSE IS HIP HOP AT IT'S FINEST every member a lyrical beast, perfect fit for Royce and now that the deal went thru and they're officialy Shady they aint goin nowhere. and after hearin Bun B on this it really makes me think that he is the southern rep that Slaughter House needs. so d/l this classic 10/10 and support real hip hop ~I STAY PA CONNECTED~
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i know royce came through

i know royce came through for me before so imma check this out i don't know how i let this slip pass but fuck it
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hells yeah

hells yeah

yo Royce, can you and EM

yo Royce, can you and EM take it back like bad meets evil...Only two rappers i wanna hear together...Shout out to D12, Slaughterhouse...DJ WHOO KID i hope you get the best mixtape ever...Eminem and Royce, you're both better then everyone...FUCK anyone who says anything else