Silverback Guerillaz - Groundwork 9


01 Intro
02 Murderers
03 Case Closed
04 Crush
05 Live Free
06 Freestyle
07 Problems
08 5 In Da Morning
09 Ny City
10 From The Gutta
11 Just Aint Right
12 What We Came 4
13 Freestyle 2
14 Back In Da Day
15 Kingdom Come
16 Cant Deny It
17 Freestyle 3
18 Lil Roc
19 Outro

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hahaha. ARK for Arkansas, bitches.

real talk

old beats, weak lyrics.

Re-Up smarta**

Xa Ray wrote:
old beats, weak lyrics.
Old beats = Because it's a re-up Weak faggot lyrics = That's why they got kicked outta G-Unit! Weak, and to many fags in the group, 3 is enough!

real niggas

these some real niggas that used to vest up n shoot 4 50 b4 his monkey lookin head got 2 big n abandoned his ppls- real recognize real,, respect.

for real

Yeah man these niggas had love for fif.he turned his back on niggas that were down to ride for him


this real shit fuck all yall haters... but hey without hate there wouldnt be no love right FREE BANG EM SMURF!!!