SMKA - The 808 Experiment Vol 2


01 The Assembly
02 The Make Believer- - Tanya Morgan
03 Magnun- - Fki
04 So What- - Hollyweerd Ft. Aleon Craft
05 Fuck The Economy- - Proton
06 Right Away- - Outasight, Kyle Lucas & Jay West
07 Think You're In Love- - Alexandrea Lushington
08 What It Seems- - Young Scolla
09 Botanicals- - Aleon Craft
10 Light Your Fire- - Kidd Neer, Senor Kaos & Fresh Daily
11 Ooo Wee- - Rahbi & Slimm Duddy
12 Let Me Go- - Brittany Street
13 Spotlight- - Tom P
14 Mirror Mirror- - The Canz
15 Deer Mama- - Yelawolf
16 Street Runner- - Re
17 Jockin- - Grip Plyaz
18 Absolute Zero- - Stanza Ft. Playboy Tre
19 Back In My Younger Days- - Shawn Chrystopher, Mums Fp & Joe Scudda
20 Aine Given Up- - Pill Ft. Young Scolla
21 P.O.N- - Nappy Roots

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This goes hard...great

This goes hard...great mixtape!! I am a fan of this and also have SMKA Volume 1 which goes hard! Great fire beats/lyrical content. Real music! Im looking forward 2 more seriously! Keep it coming! "Age aint nuthin but a number and life insurance aint nuthin but a claim"
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vol.1 was nice, if your an old school hip hop head this is definately up your street. I'll be back with my review.
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What Happen?

This mixtape is nothing like the first one. One of the reason I would say why vol.1 did so good was bcause of the beats an some of the artist was actually good. But vol.2 is lacking those two main things an because of that-GARBAGE!
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Good Shit

I fucks with this shit!! I never heard any of SMKA or any of these artist music before this tape. I like this shit. Beats bang in my trunk real nice and the shit they talking is aight too. Fuck what any one says negative on this, listen to it yourself and decide. For the guy who said it is nothing like the previous mixtape... I ain't trying to violate or nothing but, isn't that the point of new shit? I am listening to new music, not looking at the sequal of bad boys or belly.
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ok, i'll try it out

lets see