Soulja Boy - Official White Label (Red Edition)


01 Soulja Boy - Black On Black
02 Soulja Boy - Make Em Dance
03 Soulja Boy - Swag Flu (Remix)
04 Soulja Boy - Cold World
05 Soulja Boy - I Do
06 Soulja Boy - Outer Space
07 Soulja Boy - Goin Ham
08 Soulja Boy - Im Ballin
09 Soulja Boy - Yo Girl
10 Soulja Boy - Patriotic
11 Soulja Boy - Anything I Want
12 Soulja Boy - Im So High
13 Soulja Boy - She's A Dancer
14 Soulja Boy - So Cocky Wit It
15 Soulja Boy - Play Ball
16 Soulja Boy - Love & Hate
17 Soulja Boy - Bump This In My Lambo
18 Soulja Boy - Soldier
19 Soulja Boy - 2 Milli
20 Soulja Boy - Gucci Wings
21 Soulja Boy - All The Way Turnt Up
22 Soulja Boy - Stack Money

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Hell i don't rap or nothin but give me a White label -Red too! since he giving them away, i thought a White Label was suppose to be something like a greatest hits of the best rap artist or something?
Looks like it's nothing more than a over glorified regular ol'e mixtape with old tracks
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lol. he just ran out of

lol. he just ran out of material for the white labels so he went red addition to try to be creative i think. whatever he did these tapes are garbage...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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Next thing you know Bow Wow and Chris Brown will be coming out with "Pink Label". -Live Life Topless-

lol wish kanye came out with

lol wish kanye came out with a mixtape
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soulja boy dont tell em"

I got me some babe apes lmao ullll super soaker lmao


im telling u this niggas gonna get dropped from his labels by the end of the year, he better invest his money cuz all he does is spend his money on dumbshit, i dunno why artists with major deals are happy that their average, fuk that i wanna be the best rapper alive, whats the point of doing something if ur not trying to be the best.