Superstar Jay - The Wire (Only The Strong Survive)

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1 - Superstar Jay - Intro
2 - 50 Cent - Hip Hop (Dissin P Diddy)
3 - Lloyd Banks Feat. Tony Yayo, MOP, Spider Loc & Freeway - Pass The Mic (Exclusive)
4 - 50 Cent - Freestyle
5 - Game - Gorillaz (Exclusive)
6 - JR Writer - Freestyle
7 - Gravy Feat. Mase - Get Up (Exclusive)
8 - J-Hood - Freestyle (Dissing Hell Rell)
9 - Young Jeezy - Stuntin
10 - Game - Exclusive
11 - T.I. - Fresh
12 - Clap Cognac - Gettin Dat
13 - Fat Joe Feat. Lil Wayne - Make It Rain
14 - Snoop Dogg & Game - Freestyle
15 - 40 Cal - Exclusive
16 - Julez Santana & Lil Wayne - Freestyle
17 - Peedi Crack - Exclusive
18 - Game - My Turn
19 - Ranjahz - Freestyle
20 - Gillie Da Kid - Freestyle
21 - Rich Dinero - Freestyle
22 - Reem Geez - Freestyle
23 - Touch - Freestyle
24 - Billy Guy - Freestyle
25 - Truck - Exclusive

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man fuck fiddy

fuck fiddy who does he think he is to start dissin diddy? shit diddy is too intellectual fo fiddy to mess with him, first of all diddy is a busness man and that just one of the stuff that fiddy ain't got no clue about..... i mean what have fiddy done for the comunitty that someone can be proud of? except those sneakers, t-shirts and jeans i ain't sein none else latelly,,,, what i'm tryin to tell y'all how can u say u own the town when u ain't doin shit for the communitty? that's just don't make sence u dig? on my point of vue i think fiddy's just jalous that diddy is a multy times billionaire, so my advice to fiddy go back to school get some knowlege then maybe just maybe u might be able to get a shot a diddy or even shack em a bit. but right now u should just get tha fuck of diddy's dick nigga u hurtin it dog!!!!
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Dun Know Whats Good!

From what it sounds like you have no clue why Fifty and Diddy are beefin your just makin a point on how diddy is intellectual and a billionaire...ahaha...thats a laugh. So why don't you figure out whats good between them before you start yappin off on here about them two and say nothing about wuts real. Its business playa when you &%$# with time you messin up the money (off The Bomb Diss) step yo game up playa!


Dude, first of all, please for the sake of ur "community" learn how to fucking spell! second of all, diddy isnt a fuckin billionaire, u asshole. man, I love diddy and respect him, but guess what, theres reasons why everyone leaves or wants to leave bad boy. CUZ HE ISNT THAT GOOD OF A BUSINESS MAN! he keeps fucking people over. do me, urself, and everyone else a favour, go buy urself a dictionary and get a fuckin clue. Idiot.


lol learn to spell fool!

Damm...are we in grammar school?? FUKK NO!!

hahahahaha.. i juss had to laugh at this one... obviously you were able to understand what tha man was talkin bout. dude, we here on a forum. GETTA CLUE!! Fukkin squares!! Since your sooo uptight on spelling...what tha hell is "urself"??? or "cuz"?? mutha fukka this aint a spelling bee. oh shit....lemme proof read this before I post, someone might check my grammar and start talkin shit.....hahaha sike, ya biatchezzz!!