Swishahouse & Michael Watts - Posted Up At The All-Star

Michael Watts brings his team of Swishahouse All-Stars and posts up
on this heavy mixtape from the Texas indie heavyweights. Featuring the
House's new single off their coming album The Day Hell Broke Loose #3,
"Chunked Up In The Deuce" with Keke, Paul Wall, Bun B & Pimp C. This
CD also features screwed tracks from Swishahouse artists, T.I. & Jeezy.

01.Michael Watts - Intro
02.Lil Keke - What You Know Flow
03.T.I. - What You Know
04.Archie Lee & Coota Bang - Im An Allstar
05.Young Nino (Ft.Paul Wall) - Thats My Hood 2006
06.Paul Wall & Lil Keke - Pushin Flow
07.Scarface - Never Snitch
08.Michael Watts - Interlude
09.Tony Yayo
(Ft.Young Buck & 50 Cent) - I Know U Dont Love Me
10.Hawk - H Town Stomp
11.Coota Bang & Archie Lee - Air Forces Flow
12.Webbie (Ft.Pimp C & Lil Boosie) - Like That Remix
13.Paul Wall Lil Keke & UGK - Chunk Up The Duece
14.Rick Ross - Hustlin
15.Attitude - I Aint Scared
16.Coota Bang & Archie Lee - Kryptonite Flow
17.T.I. (Ft.UGK) - Back Front Side To Side
18.Lil Wayne - Money On My Mind
19.Michael Watts - Tussle Intro
20.Big Tuck (Ft.Tum Tum & Slim Thug) - Tussle 2006
21.Unknown - Damn She Got That
22.Paul Wall - Girl
23.Aqualeo - Get Ya Hands Up

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finally a swishahouse cd... i didnt even know this hoe was out yet. finally some screw, finally i can officially get my smoke and drank on to something i DLed from this site. All hail mfizzle...

to bad u cant download that

to bad u cant download that shit

yeah this link is fucked or

yeah this link is fucked or something.

It's not the link, it's the

It's not the link, it's the torrent tracker, it occasionally has outages
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worked 4 me

it must work now
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Maybe I didn't read everything... Or maybe it's the "Unknown" artist, or maybe it's somebody actually just named "Jeezy," but I didn't see any "Young Jeezy" or "Jeezy" on that track list. "Believe me sweety, I've got enough to feed the needy." -- Notorious B.I.G. - "Big Poppa."
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You already know- know what da deal is!!

If you boys dont know, you need some screw in ya life. Here's your turn. G-G-G-G You know what it is nigga!!


GGG-UNITTTTTTTTTTTTT!! As ma$e says-- GGG you know what it is hahahahahahahahahhha, By da way Mas$e got mad flow.

the fuck does this have to

the fuck does this have to do with g-unit?

apparently track 9

apparently track 9


fucking legit.

I got a good one.

Where is the torrent file? I have been using azureus for years but I cannot find the torrent file anywhere.