Talent Couture - Plastic Frames & Bookbags (Hosted by DJ Ill Will)

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01. Dj Ill Will Intro
02. Nerd Swag (Loop Ya Up)
03. Get Up
04. Keep Up Ft. Wize & Dazed
05. Out The Box Ft. Wize & Fly Boy M (Prod. By Cookin Soul)
06. Love Is All You Need Ft. Lloyd, Wize & Philly
07. Hear The Music Ft. Wize & Tayse Solo
08. I'm Zonin Ft. K-Young (Prod By Formula)
09. My Jeans Skinny (Prod By Cookin Soul)
10. Air Force One Killer Ft. Fly Boy M
11. Rock Your World
12. We On Ft. Wize
13. I'm Flyin Ft. Tayse Solo
14. 1992
15. 1993
16. My Own Thing Ft. Philly & Drake
17. Pound
18. Lay It Down
19. Lick It, Lick It
20. Money In My Jeans Ft. Tayse Solo
21. Amilli Killer Ft. Tayse Solo
22. What You Live For Ft. Tayse Solo
23. Runnin Thru The Mall Ft. Philly & Justin Styles
24. Gettin Money Ft. Fly Boy M
25. Wallet Chain
26. Dear Britanya
27. Talentcouture@gmail.Com
28. (Bonus Track) Last Night Feat Omarion

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773 All DAY. Hot tape 7.5/10

773 All DAY. Hot tape 7.5/10
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i dont even know why this

i dont even know why this shit was posted on www.hotnewhiphop.com this tape is wack!!!!!!!!! 313~detroit 4 life
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child plz

wit a track called "NERD SWAG" u know dis shit goin to be wack as fuk.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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OMG!!!!!!! this whiteboy is a fuckin clown!!! look at his goofy azz. LOOK AT HIM!!!!!! kill yourself plzzz! ..........LMFAO
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nerd swag? kill yourself.
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And all this time I thought

And all this time I thought Jim Jones was the only rapper with a wallet chain! I think Im going to be this dude for Halloween!! Anybody know what part of the country people dress like this??

YOOOOOO. White Boy Can actaully rap.

I actually gave this shit a listen. He has more than just one flow. He actually has quite a few. I hate to say it but this is where rap is headed. Black artists don't have any love for the art anymore. It's all about getting paid. The lazy ass rhymes and stupid ass hooks are proof. We have dumbbed down hip hop to the point that only the ignorant amongst us listen to the shit and there ignorant asses are broke so they don't have no fucking money to buy albums. Since niggas can't do nothing but talk about guns and crack in every rap your turning off the mainstream who don't want to hear that shit. We about to lose the rap game like we lost rock n roll. All it's going to take is for one of these underground white boys to get a hit and the rest of the industry will drop you Drug gun clapping rappers in a hot minute.
DjHighT913's picture

Um Yeah, Na

I gave this tape a try and yea believe it or not this whiteboy does have a little flow. I couldnt find any stand out tracks though so in the end this dude is average or below it. And its kinda annoying because he actually sounds like a nerd. He might grow with time, but yea this isnt for me as of now. nice attempt buddy!