The Empire & Celeb Forever - Before The Lights

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1. (00:03:19) Celeb Forever - Monsters
2. (00:02:33) Celeb Forever - Constantine The Great
3. (00:04:05) Celeb Forever - Alive (Feat. Curren$y)
4. (00:03:45) Celeb Forever - I Don't Believe (Feat. XV & Donnis)
5. (00:04:11) Celeb Forever - Lamborghini Music
6. (00:02:59) Celeb Forever - Live It (Feat. Ray Jr)
7. (00:03:31) Celeb Forever - High Horse (Feat. Gucci Mane)
8. (00:02:10) Celeb Forever - Hate 2 See
9. (00:03:24) Celeb Forever - Move It
10. (00:03:59) Celeb Forever - Obama (Feat. Young Ray)
11. (00:00:54) Celeb Forever - Blood Gang
12. (00:04:05) Celeb Forever - Cook (Feat. Styles P)
13. (00:00:57) Celeb Forever - All I Do Is
14. (00:03:58) Celeb Forever - Perfect

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dont waste your time

Flow is trash and he took the currensy verse from one of currensy old albums and sounds like he did the same for the styles p verse. Styles P dont rap on fag shit like the track that his voice been put over on here. this dude a faggot.....worst tape i heard on here in a minute. no way these artist would work this batty boy
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You really just sound like

You really just sound like your hatin for the sake of hatin...turn it down a notch. (follow-at-noles506)

not hating

dont know him personally to be able to "hate". Im only speaking on the quality of the tape, and like so many other artist..... this one is lame. aside from having fake features, the quality of music is elementary. as an artist how could you record work like this and actually be proud of it? simple as that, celeb forever should ask himself if he would pay for this. if he says yeah, then he should pick up the new britney spears joint too.