The Jacka - GSlaps Radio Vol 1


New The Jacka mixtape "GSlaps Radio Vol 1" mixed by DJ Critical Hype and presented by, with features from E-40, Bobby Valentino, Paul Wall, Mistah Fab, Erk Tha Jerk, Cormega & more.

The Jacka & Andre Nickatina "My Middle Name is Crime" available now on iTunes.

01 The Jacka Intro
02 The Jacka Everything (Prod. By Erk Tha Jerk)
03 Ap.9 Payback
04 The Jacka And 12 Gauge Shotie Dope
05 The Jacka And Ampichino Bonafide Hustler Feat. Mistah Fab
06 The Jacka Paper Non Stop Feat. Fed-X
07 The Jacka And Berner Live By It, Die By It Feat. Shoboat
08 Ap.9 I'm That Nigga Feat. The Jacka, Bobby Valentino And Fed-X
09 The Jacka And Ampichino No Tears
10 The Jacka And Ampichino Hustle In The Rain Feat. T-Nutty
11 The Jacka And Berner All I Know
12 The Jacka And Laroo About Me
13 The Jacka Emergency (Gslaps Exclusive) Feat. Jimathez
14 The Jacka We Still Here Feat. Mr. Tower
15 The Jacka Storm Feat. Cormega
16 The Jacka And Ampichino Death 2 My Enemies Feat. Husalah
17 The Jacka And Laroo Err Body Say Feat. Fed-X
18 Husalah Sucka Shit
19 The Jacka And Lee Majors Alpine Feat. Dean Green
20 The Jacka And Lee Majors Patty Cake Feat. Paul Wall
21 The Jacka, Magnolia Chop And Young Los Mama's Advice
22 The Jacka And Berner Temper Feat. Ap.9
23 The Jacka And Laroo A Hustler Feat. Melo
24 The Jacka Callin My Name Feat. Mistah Fab
25 D-Lo No Hoe Remix Feat. The Jacka, E-40 And Beeda Weeda

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gandhi142's picture

the jacka go hard all on sum

the jacka go hard all on sum real shit~ auto/dl~AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."
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Jack A$$

Just look at this pic. I'm sick of fools showin off guns! It really takes balls to sit in a pic wit guns in your lap prolly to distract us from your wack ass style lyricly and physically. I say DO NOT DL THIS CUZ ITS GAY.
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Had'nt heard of this nigga before but checked it out and was suprised this nigga got skills, i really enjoyed this tape a 8/10 for me well worth checking out! FIX UP LOOK SHARP!
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NIIICE!!!!!! ^^ what he said

NIIICE!!!!!! ^^ what he said auto dl. bay area!!
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Hotep! Hotep!!! This is what

Hotep! Hotep!!! This is what the hell ive been wating for!!!! Stop hating cause he got strap! all these bitches on here half naked, niccas wit kilos and bling, and you hating cause he got a strap!!! Shut yo monkey ass up!!! Hotep! ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!
dninc's picture

LOL!... Yeah i seen crack

LOL!... Yeah i seen crack cocaine on one tape and no one said anything derogatory towards it.

This is really good shit

Ain't nothin nice about this dude. He's fat, ugly and you can already assume he got a criminal record out the ass. His flow is straight Oakland all day. You know what, I like him. 8/10 from me big homie. Nice beats by the way. " FUCK A BUGATTI, BITCH I RIDE CUTLASS "
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Aint nuthin like that mob shit 5/5

just when i was about to

just when i was about to give up on this site.... finally! some real bay shit.. for all you who dont already know, get this shit! this is what the bay area stays slapppin a, hold on patna, what kinda cologne you got on?


famlayf1st's picture

Yea i stop coming to this

Yea i stop coming to this site myself, the even put up spice 1! ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!