Translee - Who's Translee (Hosted By Cory B)


01 Translee - Overload (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
02 Translee - Enough (Feat. Truth Turner) [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
03 Translee - Morning Sun [Prod. By Mr. Hanky]
04 Translee - Doin' Too Much (Feat. Truth Turner) [Prod. By Hunga, La]
05 Translee - Hell Yeah (Feat. Mykko Montana & Solace) [Prod. By Mr. Collipark & Mr. Hanky]
06 Translee - Everyone Else [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
07 Translee - Play It Back [Prod. By Maxx Payne]
08 Translee - Mind Bending [Prod. By Cashflow Beats]
09 Translee - Gone (Remix)
10 Translee - Guitar Thoughts (Feat. Earth Tone & Truth Turner) [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
11 Translee - Don't Settle For Less [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
12 Translee - Need It Now (Feat. Swurv3) [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
13 Translee - Nothing Above [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
14 Translee - State Of The Industry [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
15 Translee - Hsv 256 (Feat. Cp) [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
16 Translee - Everybodyloveseddie Skit
17 Translee - Shut Yo Mouth [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
18 Translee - Trouble Child [Prod. By Hunga, La]
19 Translee - Does Anybody Love (Feat. Eddy Fontane) [Prod. By Reldk]
20 Translee - Did You Know [Prod. By Todd Marshall & Chris Hunter]
21 Translee - Music Never Dies [Prod. By Todd Marshall]
22 Translee - My Phone (Feat. Stuey Rock & Gorilla Zoe) [Prod. By Nard & B]

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His last mix was good enough

His last mix was good enough to get an auto download on this one.. and every one in the future Keep it Clean

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