Trap-A-Holics Presents - ATLiens (Home Of The Braves)

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1. T.I. & The Dream- Make Up Bag
2. T.I. 8 Ball & Mjg- What They Do
3. T.I.- Welcome Back To The Trap
4. T.I.- Not Lost
5. T.I.- Love Again
6. T.I.- Down Like That
7. T.I.- Bet I Bust
8. T.I. Diddy & Rick Ross- Good Morning
9. Jeezy- Im On It
10. Jeezy- Hood Politics
11. Jeezy, Plies & Fabolous- Look Like
12. Jeezy- Greatest Trapper Alive
13. Jeezy- Momma Told Me
14. Jeezy & Plies- Lose My Mind
15. OJ Da Juiceman, Suga Shane & French Montana- We Buy The Whole Thing
16. OJ Da Juiceman- Mr. Make It Happen
17. OJ Da Juiceman- I Got Juice
18. Waka Flocka Flame- Getting It In
19. Waka Flocka Flame- Now Cheese
20. Waka Flocka Flame- Ceo
21. Waka Flocka Flame- Bricksquad
22. Gucci Mane- I Be Everywhere
23. Gucci Mane- About My Bread
24. Gucci Mane- Adios Amigos
25. Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame & OJ Da Juiceman- Dear Diary

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Too bad the Braves suck

Too Bad the Braves suck this season, Other than ATL's Hockey team, every team out their sucks this season.. wow.. kinda embarrassing having all them sports and nothing good coming out of em..
The mixtape sucks so i guess thats what they were going for?
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HAHA i been wishin the cheap

HAHA i been wishin the cheap ass muthafucka who own the Hawks would step his game up and buy a real supastar. Even though they made the playoffs, nobody wants to go to the games unless the other team is good. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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Nope, their hockey team

Nope, their hockey team sucks as well, especially since Kovalchuk's departure. (Haha that little bitch was complaining about the weather and the region. "I don't like it here in the ATL.") Well, at least, they're named the "Thrashers". That shit's hot.
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Yeah look where they at

It's ATL!! Deez people out here don't care about Dees fuckin sports out here!! Dees people move out here from otha States go to school/work get their money or degree and leave and don't give a two shits about em when they on their way out, the one's that stay cheer for their birth city team, It's a Bandwagon city because most people out here is from somewhere else.. if the team aint winnin people aint gonna go to the games, it's a damn shame tho, Hawks did real good this year and half the season and dey last Playoff homegame wasn't a sellout, and the only support Braves get is nigga's puttin on a hat lol, nigga's don't give a fuck about that team it's a fashion trend, Falcons is worse of em all, only time the team had a waiting list is when M. Vick was on the team, since then they been having a hard time sellin tickets and keepin people in the stadium long enough to watch the full game, i like the Falcons but they sorry as fuck and they aint got no real die hard fans so im borderline a Cowboy and Giants fan. [ |_-GAYTL CUZ ATL IS THE GAY CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH-_| ]

Yup Thats Atlanta Fo'Yo'Ass, The City Of Haters

You are one tired angry black person. You should either move too Europe or jus take a vacation. " -The Fly One Has Spoken "
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Season is Early

Braves still got a they always have a great Farm system with young future stars (heywood), they just need to spend some damn money and keep them when they become stars (Texerra, McGriff, Jones, etc....) It really sucks bc Braves are owned by Tbs or whatever and Not Ted Turner anymore.
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Liberty Capital owns them

A company called Liberty Capital out of Colorado owns them, they the same company that owns Encore Cable channel and Overture Films,., i remember hearing about that a few years ago that they acquired the Braves in a swap with Time Warner that gave them control over DirecTV and the Braves.. So im not sure if that company really cares about whether or not the braves are successful, looks like they are just an asset until they no longer prove to be profitable enough... A club is only as successful as the owner wants them to be, but then again that company is worth over 5 billion so maybe they might one day spend the dough.
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Dude lol

This tape was a joke, and yeah all ATL teamz is wack but Bravez got a bunch of championshipz, they mighta not won them all in ATL but they in ATL now so gotta give bravez a lil respect, but yea i think the last time they won anything waz a decade and a half ago, and no otha teamz out there in the A az far az i know won a championship In ATL yet.... Yeah they shoulda left their sportz teams off their mixtapes so we wouldn't be in here discussin their shitty teams lol.. Mixtape is wack tho except for a couple of T.I Trackz i took offa heeere.

really bad photoshot.....the

really bad photoshop.....the blk shyne's on niggas, then i son them.

How can they copy the name

How can they copy the name of an Outkast album and put a bunch of whack people on the tape?
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Iono but they ruined a perfectly good classic name with this shit, i hope when people Google up ATLiens this shit don't ever pull up, Outkast should sue this DJ.


atl's finest??wack
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I hope yall know who the real ATLieans are