Trap-O-Holisc & Rick Ross - Carol Citys King 2

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Trap-A-Holics - Shawty Lo: The Bankhead Boss

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1.That's Shawty Lo
2.Big bank all night
3.Easily I approach
4.Throwin rubberbands ft. Gucci Mane
5.Aww yeah
6.Wow remix
7.Trap be jumpin remix
8.Dun Dun
9.Can't do it like me
12.Got em 4 the Lo ft. Gucci Mane
14.I'm da man
15.Lets get it
16.Trap money ft. Gucci Mane
17.Get down

Trap-A-Holics - Webbie & Lil Boosie: Life As A Savage

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1.Webbie- Six 12's
2.Lil Boosie- Where u from remix
3.Webbie ft. Lil Boosie- Thuggin
4.Lil Boosie- Im Thug
5.Webbie ft. Birdman & Rick Ross- A miracle
6.Lil Boosie- U know its me
7.Webbie- Watch my shoes remix
8.Lil Boosie- I'm a hustla
9.Webbie- Bitch
10.Lil Boosie- my pockets swoll
11.Webbie- Aint no bitch
12.Lil boosie- adios

Trap-A-Holics Present Rick Ross: Carol Citys King

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1. Speedin' (Remix) (Feat. VA) 6:09
2. The Boss (Feat. T-Pain) 3:45
3. It's Me 1:00
4. Japanese Denim 1:11
5. Criminal Mind (Feat. Akon) 0:52
6. Money Makes Me Cum 3:04

Trap-A-Holics Present Plies: Definition Of Real

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1. Speedin' (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross) 0:59
2. Buss It Baby 3:08
3. They Know (Remix) 1:11
4. Me Love (Remix) 3:24
5. Bed (Remix) (Feat. J. Holiday) 4:02
6. Stop Hidin' (Feat. T.I.) 1:35

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