Trap-O-Holics - Hell Up In Harlem (Jim Jones Vs Max B)

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1. Jim Jones- Dissing Max B Interview
2. Jim Jones- Can't tell me nothin
3. Jim Jones- Byrdgang bloody murda
4. Jim Jones- Just like me
5. Jim Jones- Religion
6. Jim jones & Hell Rell- D-Block/Dipset
7. Jim Jones & Game- Love me no more
8. Jim Jones- Now I can do that
9. Jim Jones- Byrd gang money
10. Jim Jones- Up in Harlem
11. Jim Jones- Dope man
12. Max B- Dissing Jim Jones Interview
13. Max B- Imma do me
14. Max B & Frenchy- Fuck u pay me(Jim Jones diss)
15. Max B- Drop that top
16. Max B- Grand cru
17. Max B- Bottles of patron
18. Max B- Hold em
19. Max B- No questions
20. Max B- Blow me a dub remix
21. Max B- Why you do that
22. Max B- Henny
23. Max B- Show me some love
24. Max B- Twilight zone
25. Max B- Flash dance
26. Jim Jones & Max B- Lump sums
27. Jim Jones & Max B- Bury me in my guccis
28. Jim Jones & Max B- We roll
29. Jim jones & Max B- Harlem American gangster
30. Jim Jones & Max B- Money comes & Goes

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two of the wackest guys on dipset battling it out....i could give a fuck about these clowns

So basicly a whole mixtape

So basicly a whole mixtape of max b. haha i fucks with the dude

ima hardbody dip set

ima hardbody dip set fan......but on some real this shit aint worth the DL unless you dont already have all these older songs

fuck max b

fuck that faggot max b nigga b singing like a straight bitch on all his songs how da fuck is this nigga still gettin into the studio hes fuckin whack no homo

ur homo

ur homo


Hella Suspect Picture DAMN!!!!!
Bluemercury's picture


Yeah suspect cuz' Ghost Riders in that muthafucker!

n dat picture dont mean

n dat picture dont mean shit, so wat his mans got his hands on him, he probly tryin to move past or something man, u lookin way 2deep to try n prove sumting dat aint tru....fix up

yall crazy

max b and jim jones the shit yall...sad they beefin but music still hot..some old tracks but nice idea

damn they do wear tight

damn they do wear tight pants... nah, i jam to them all the time, just don't understand how they have a versus mixtape

cuz they beefin g, jimmy

cuz they beefin g, jimmy aint payin max right so max b said fuk dis shit, he can do it on his own, i like both them although jims new swag im not feelin, but max b's flow is tight, dats my opinion, everyone is allowed there oppinion n mine is max b is hot, if u dont like, dont d/l, simple, dont hate... negative shit.. also, i dnt really agree wit max dissin jim tho, he paved the way for him, so if he not gettin the right amount of paper, step aside, but he shouldnt diss him, he brought him in this.... biggavelli all day, errday