Trap-A-Holics & Young City - The Katrina Baby

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01 Young City - Intro
02 Young City - In My Zone
03 Young City Feat. Lambergeini & Speechless - Helluvalife
04 Young City Feat. Bulletz - Be Bothered
05 Young City Feat. Pleasure P - Trap Girl
06 Young City - Cannon
07 Young City - Gravy
08 Young City - Doctor
09 Young City - Criminal Minded
10 Young City - Conerned
11 Young City - Interlude
12 Young City Feat. Plies & Bulletz - All I Know
13 Young City Feat. Young Boy & Hot Boy - How You Do That
14 Young City - Once Upon A Time
15 Young City - Night Fever
16 Young City - I Get
17 Young City - Chose Me
18 Young City - Oh You Think I'm Sexy
19 Young City - Kill Bill
20 Young City - Outro

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dninc's picture

This nigga doing too much!

Fuck outta here, that shit is insulting sounding especially for a local nigga "The Katrina Baby"??? C'mon now! i wish this nigga hurry up and get shot.
    Go here and listen to the TRUTH:
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
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ok how many katrina tapes is go get put out....i mean damn let it go
dninc's picture

5 years too late

You do realize it's been 5 years?? c'mon now, if you was gone use Katrina, you had 3 good years while it was soft on people's mind to pay attention, FEMA ain't even in Louisiana anymore, FEMA trailers are gone, people rebuilt and tryin to forget, this nigga just tryin to do too much... Thats like Miami Tryin to reup Hurricane Andrew and use that to sell they shit.. not gonna work, Wait for another storm to do that shit lol.
    Go here and listen to the TRUTH:
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
Silence072's picture

the trailers

we still got a lot of fema trailers out here where i live, probably over 50,000, and their not doing anything but collecting mold.But whenever someone tries to steal from em they get locked up.
dninc's picture

That sucks

What part of town you in? I thought FEMA closed all FEMA Trailer parks 2 years ago, are you on the east bank? I know all of uptown and midtown trailers parks are gone, only one's left is the one's people went and paid for to keep, and i believe they got a fenced off and locked FEMA trailer park headin to Laplace where they removing or selling them.
    Go here and listen to the TRUTH:
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
Silence072's picture

This is in arkansas, i think

This is in arkansas, i think they might be selling them, but it doesn't look like they're goin anywhere soon.-$$ They tell me to shut up but i ain't shuttin it down, I'm Goin in hard so no mo foolin around $$
chop76's picture

I just spent the last 3 days

I just spent the last 3 days in Arkansas, Mt View and Blanchard Springs to be exact, fuckin beautiful around there, but Im sure you're talkin bout southern Arkansas
corndog's picture


How many Lil Wayne's is that city going to shit out? -R.I.P. Guru (Gang Starr)-
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Bay Bridge's picture

I saw this nigga at the mall

I saw this nigga at the mall lmao. Did this nigga chang his name?
KantBeDenied's picture

Get Da' Fuck Out of Hea'

Katrina Baby? Katrina was a bad bitch to fuk wit da' N.O. like she did, so I know she wouldn't birth a pussy azz nigga like dis clown!!! 5+ years ago??? Dis nigga make the whole boot look sloppy! *337 Lake Chuck* Fuck Wit ME!!! *Get It How Ya Live*
Ponotoc's picture

Fake Ass Choppa City!

This guy! Lol! This dude is garbage!! Run to Brooklyn and get me a Cheesecake my nicca!! "Everyday I ride DIRTY but still I SHINE so Clean!"