Valtiel - Dreams Fade


1. (00:01:05) Valtiel - Origin of Valtiel
2. (00:03:44) Valtiel - Battlegrounds
3. (00:03:14) Valtiel ft Young Blunted - Choppin
4. (00:05:46) Valtiel ft Broken Silence - Are You With Me
5. (00:02:56) Valtiel - Bury Me Eyes Open
6. (00:01:42) Valtiel - Glock Mane Hotline
7. (00:03:40) Valtiel - Devil Shit Remake
8. (00:03:43) Valtiel - Your Angel
9. (00:03:58) Valtiel ft Archangel, Vero, Broken Silence - Insult To Injury DJ MJY Remix
10. (00:03:24) Valtiel - Heaven After The Fall
11. (00:03:54) Valtiel ft Broken Silence - Black Cloud Still Follows
12. (00:04:07) Valtiel - World of Mine
13. (00:05:30) Valtiel ft Broken Silence - Show Me Your Demons
14. (00:03:00) Valtiel - Feel Me Flow
15. (00:03:40) Valtiel and Broken Silence - Run
16. (00:03:01) Valtiel - I Got Something For Ya
17. (00:04:37) Valtiel - Last Chapters
18. (00:05:54) Valtiel - Tha Underground Network
19. (00:05:01) Valtiel - Family Night

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finally sum real evil underground shit

yo ive been downloading mixtapes from this site for years and never once saw a real underground mixtape to now ive been bumping evil pimp. shy one, icp, dosia demon, creep lo and ETC this music is like real old skool triple six pure blood and guts kind of shit i like gucci mane and them other cats but this site never brought me mixtapes like this it took me 3 years for them to post a real underground mixtape that ive been looking for p.s Tha Underground Network is the best song this guy made ts been out for the longest already hope u guys like this mixtape as much as i do and reamember keep it underground

Hell yeah, homey! Good look

Hell yeah, homey! Good look on this. Haven't heard of the guy, but I'll definitely check this out, cuz Tha Underground Network was fucken book! MMFCL!


where can i find some stuff by the other artists you mentioned?
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I fuck with alil evil pimp

I fuck with alil evil pimp so I checked this out and shits pretty good, but you're right to compair him to Triple 6, well old 3-6, they used to have this dude rappin with 3-6 thats a local preacher now, his name was Koopsta, and this dude sounds alot like him but without the, I dont want to call it singing, but the holdin of notes that him and Lord Infamous started, that Bone stole
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i always wondered what

i always wondered what happened to koopsta, the end is still my favorite 3 6 album personally and i think he had good flows on there... alot of these tracks reminded me of that album, maybe too much, but it's good worth the space.
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Koopsta Nicca is a PREACHER now? Damn, that's a HELL of a turnaround! I was wondering what happened to that dude. His flow was SICK! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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His father is a preacher so

His father is a preacher so its not that far of a leap, hes actually been doing a "been there done that" type approach with the youth
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His father is a preacher so

His father is a preacher so its not that far of a leap, hes actually been doing a "been there done that" type approach with the youth
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Wut Happend To Evil Pimp?

Dat Nigga Use Ta' Be Wrecking....
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I know what your saying

But, this guy sounds like a combination of lord infamous and flesh-n-bone.
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East Oakland

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Yea Ive been on some Brotha

Yea Ive been on some Brotha Lynce since "Season of da Siccness" Him and N-I-P prob have the sickest lyrics as far as eatin bloody pussy or shootin the bitch and fuckin the bullet wound. Ras Kass is borderline, and I just bring him up cause you're in Cali
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SMOKE TA DIZ! this sum good shyt.
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Good Mixtape

I fukks wit' this. I like the beats, flow & the dark subject matter but dude's nasal type voice be killin' me a lil' bit. I found myself wishing it was someone else spittin' sometimes. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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not bad

growth & development...not bad got some tight tracks on here......but yea that nigga koopsta he was hard but you aint heard nothing from him till you hear that devils playground his underground solo cd that shit super hard!!
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All I Could Find

I got the screwed & chopped version of Devil's Playground off mininova, u know where I can get the original version? ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Devils playground

Alright, here is a link that takes you to pirate bay, download this torrent and it downloads 38 3-6 albums, all the old shit, solo albums from Koopsta, Juicy, Paul, Wyte, like 4 Pat cds and all the old 3-6 up to 2005. All albums are in the one torrent file so it might take a couple hours to download and then just trash the albums you dont want to keep. Here is the link, I had to take the http stuff the front cause I think this site watches for links and deletes comments with them in them............................[EDIT: DO NOT POST LINKS TO RETAIL MATERIAL - THIS RESULTS IN A BAN]
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you can just go to the store and buy the real thang............. SUPPORT HIPHOP!!
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you might be able to find

you might be able to find like 8 of the 38 in a store somewhere, this is underground memphis shit, you cant just go to Best Buy and find this shit. Hell Ive been looking for Ganksta N-I-P South Park Psycho cd for like 6 years since by cd case got stole, I wish I could go buy it at a store
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best buy?? lol!

nobody buys cd's at best buy no more! try "The Basement" underground hiphop & instrumentals.
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Never heard of the place,

Never heard of the place, then again Ive never been to Texas so..
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And Dont Come Ta Texas Eitha Be 4 We Jump Yo Bitch Ass Lil Nigga! 5th Ward Stand Up!
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Big ups on the respect dog,

Big ups on the respect dog, you already know you have to jump me cause us Memphians aint nothing to fuck with one on one!
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Gangsta Nip

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a while. I remember when my homeboy 1st played that South Park Psycho 4 me & I was like "This nigga crazy!". Muthafukka said he watched a bitch give birth to a dead shark, said he rather fukk a dead bitch & some more off the wall shit. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
Upsouth804's picture

I Bought My Share Of CD's In My Lifetime

Man I have over 500 cd's (not counting the 1's that were lost or stolen) that I actually paid for. That was back in high school & college when I didn't have better things 2 do wit' my money. I'm a grown ass man wit' 3 kids now so fuck supporting someone else's career I'm supporting my FAMILY! As long as I can get music 4 free off the internet I'm not spending another damn dime on music & that's my word! ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Decided to go back through

decided to go back through and try this one out, glad i did, gonna be bumpin this in October on my way to Hollowween Horror Nights in Orlando lol.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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No Body Gives Uh Fuck Nigga ...Just Download Yo Tape And

Shut Tha Fuck Up...Be4 I Orlando Dz Grape Fruit Sized Nuts In Ya Moms Mouf Bitch!
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Tell me

tell me how my Nuts smell down there since you danglin from em.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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ha this shits sicks its like big l's Devil's son shit! Waving automatic guns at nuns since 1989
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Thanks to technania

I requested this Shit. Thanks to techninia for posting it..It is 2008 album and i guess you liked him.I dug this shit from the underground and i got more of this shit. I want to let you all know of J-Green...He sound just like Three 6 mafia of mystic style till most known unknown....He fucks wit T-rock and Lord infamous..Try his album and testify. The First 48 or Pour it up.. I know more artist like J-green or valtiel.
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Check his myspace page.

I checked his myspace page. He is a white dude Just like C-mob. He really looks like an evil child.