DJ E.Nyce - Who's Really The King Of NY (We In The Game) Vol. 2

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1. 50 Cent - Real Tight [0:45]
2. Hot Rod Feat Rain & Remo Da Rapstar - N.Y.C. Streetz Is Dead [5:07]
3. The Game - Throw Some D's Freestyle [0:57]
4. The Game - Last Call (Not On Album) [1:55]
5. Jay Starr - Gotta Eat [3:13]
6. Young Buck - Haters (Prod By Dr Dre) [3:15]
7. Papoose - Fruits Of Labor [4:10]
8. Papoose Feat Jim Jones - Statik Staterz [1:58]
9. Lil Wayne - Hoes Sing [4:34]
10. Red Cafe Feat Fabolous, Kardinall, Coco Chanelle & Currency - Diddy Bop (Remix) [3:50]
11. Stack Bundles Feat Joe Budden - Don't Stop Get It [3:04]
12. Busta Rhymes - Imagine Freestyle [1:39]
13. Snoop Dogg Feat Young Jeezy - Wanna Be's (Dissin Lil Wayne) [4:42]
14. Snoop Dogg Feat Swizz Beatz - Got My Own [2:57]
15. French - I'm Back [2:42]
16. T.I. - Where They At [3:11]
17. Young Gunz - Freestyle [2:54]
18. Prodigy - Legends [2:47]
19. Blockwork Feat Flawless - With Us [2:55]
20. Swizz Beatz - Kingdom Come [2:39]
21. Newz - Gee's Up [2:52]
22. Red Cafe - Long Live Sean Bell [2:15]
23. Push Montana - Best Rappers [3:12]
24. Johnny Rooms & Dutch Master Spence - Lolli Pop [2:25]
25. Gille Da Kid - Say That Den [3:53]
26. Young Dro Feat T.I. - Girl Friend [4:34]

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I don't see why Busta Bust

I don't see why Busta Bust ain't on the cover or Cam'Ron over Jim Jones. I dunno I don't see Diddy as a rapper anymo.

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for real, WTF happened to

for real, WTF happened to cam i know dude is takin like a year off n everythan but its time for him to come back and put dipset back on the map - let that nigga jim joens kno he embarassing all of harlem with the ballin shit and put out soem real piff. i aint hatin on jim jones he funny and pretty thorough 2 but simply doesnt compare to cam - cams the real KONY and the best in the game mattafact

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Cam best in game ha ha

Camron was is and allways will be a CLOWN the whole dipset byrdgang is wack and why they got ans on the cover ang jigga have you heard there new albums they are weak jiggas lyrically and nas is just played out

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Nah Chill

2GunzUp wrote:
Camron was is and allways will be a CLOWN the whole dipset byrdgang is wack and why they got ans on the cover ang jigga have you heard there new albums they are weak jiggas lyrically and nas is just played out

I dunno how u can say the WHOLE dipset is wack. Come on Juelz Santana & 40 Cal are 2 of my fav rappers in my top 10. I dunno how someone can say Santana aint good and 40 that nigga be spittin some straight crazy shit. Writer & Hell Rell are ok. But I can see Cam & definitely Jim get annoying at times. Especially with the Jay-Z beef.

what the fuck..

henrey_713 wrote:
2GunzUp wrote:
Camron was is and allways will be a CLOWN the whole dipset byrdgang is wack and why they got ans on the cover ang jigga have you heard there new albums they are weak jiggas lyrically and nas is just played out

I dunno how u can say the WHOLE dipset is wack. Come on Juelz Santana & 40 Cal are 2 of my fav rappers in my top 10. I dunno how someone can say Santana aint good and 40 that nigga be spittin some straight crazy shit. Writer & Hell Rell are ok. But I can see Cam & definitely Jim get annoying at times. Especially with the Jay-Z beef.

if Juelz is in your top 10 rappers then it's about time you go listen to some REAL rap.

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Cam best in game ha ha

Camron was is and allways will be a CLOWN the whole dipset byrdgang is wack and why they got ans on the cover ang jigga have you heard there new albums they are weak jiggas lyrically and nas is just played out

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if u think cam was alwayz wack u needta cop a children of the corn cd or mixtape and den u can see how lyrical cam was n jay was n will alwayz b juz an accessory 2 jaz den big L. cop hell rell streets wanna know n ull hear da hardest n 1 of da best mixtapes ever made. hell rell da hardest out now n cam can get lyrical. sanatanz back like cook crack mixtapes r good 2. u gotta listen 2 real dipset mixtapes 2 appreciate da dipz not there albumz.

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why is this mixtape called "Who's Really the King of New York?"...when there are tracks by young dro or snoop dogg??? I agree though that jim jones should have been replaced by cam. & diddy shouldn't even be considered king of new york put jadakiss, busta rhymes or joe or something not DIDDY???


They got cats in here from the South trying to make them king of New York this mixtape seem like they just needed a tittle. They forgot true New Yorkers they should of had these people in this mixtape:

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... but REMEMBER - B.I.G will always be THE king.

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bigz dick

GET OFF BIGZ DICK MAN!! da real king of ny iz either rakim kool g rap or big daddy kane.. big l would b king of ny b4 big. big MIGHT b 5th in line MIGHT.

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Fuck Off...

... u fruity lil hater. how the fuck can someone who on one hand has the good sense to give props to Big L, Rakim, Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane - be so dumb as to go round this site preaching yo' hatred of Biggie 24/7?
You seem as confused about Hip-Hop as u do ur own sexuallity.

Dank96's picture


i said big was a good rapper numbnutz he juz aint on pacz level dicksmoke! n he aint as good as doze mcz. i think u da 1 questioning yo sexuality u da 1 looking a picz wit pac in underwear.

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The Experts Disagree...

do some research - Rakim, Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane ALL list B.I.G as the BEST.
u know better than them right? fuck outta here...
I'm not even gonna mention the name of ur boyfriend anymore - this is a discussion about New York emcees not fake-ass west-coast traitors.

Dank96's picture

yea yea yea

rakim g rap n kane said dey like big not he da best dey kno dey da best. how da fuck iz pac a west coast traitor? dude threw up Wz all day. u make up all diz shit all day u needta get sum hip hop education. n i aint gonna argure bout whose betta ne mo either cuz i already proved y pac waz betta in da nas & az executive decision mixtape n itz time 4 U 2 make da right decision n admit pac was da best. enuff said im out

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... Who the fuck cares what u say anyway?
Big Daddy Kane on the other hand is someone u can respect:

ALLHIPHOP.COM: You have retired from making albums, but your skills are intact. Why?
BIG DADDY KANE: I got tired of the business side. It’s a headache. Before I f**k around and be Suge Knight’s roommate, I’ma get my a** out of it. For a while, I saw what Biggie was doing and decided to do it again.
BIG DADDY KANE: I saw Biggie making it cool to spit that player s**t, making it cool to come on stage in gators [shoes] and s**t.

see you bum? Biggie was an inspiration for Kane - judging by the 'f**k around and be Suge Knight’s roommate' quote I don't think he had much respect for u know who...

URBANSMARTS.COM: Being the veteran that you are where do you place yourself on the list of top emcees?
BIG DADDY KANE: I put myself in the top five.
URBANSMARTS.COM: Who's the other four?
BIG DADDY KANE: I'd put Rakim, KRS. Actually I'm not gonna say top five, I'll put it like this Biggie, Jay-Z, G Rap, myself, and Nas.

looks like YOU the one in need of an education now son.
u also need 2 go get a job instead of spending every minute of ur pathetic life hunched over the keyboard, spewing Biggie hate-speech that NOBODY wanna hear.
what the fuck u got to be bitter about anyway?!?????

Biggie's dead, 2Pac is wrongly known as one of the greatest emcees of all time and his duet partner Elton John just got married... what's the problem?

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aight man

im dun whictchu u da big fukin nerd on da computer all fukin day n night lookin at big videoz findin sum half nude pac picz. EM went 2 da studio wit elton john NOT PAC. unless ur princess ass thinks pac woke up really quick 10 years lata met wit ur idol elton n made a track n turned himself 2 ashes again UR DA STUPIDEST KID ON HERE! i dont think u should be able 2 comment nomo..doesnt elton john have a blog or sumthin u can talk on u fukin fruitbag. FACT iz kane was signed wit pac on makaveli records NOT BAD BOY dl dat pac n kane track n listen 2 sum real mcz. stop bein a big fukin lozer find sum friends dat r not on da computer go out once in a while man do sumthin wit ur life instead of bending over 4 diddy like big did. u can say diz n dat get mad allll u want but u cant take away da FACT dat PAC was da greatest n big was juz another mc from ny dat fuked wit da wrong nigga datz dat.
u played out like vhs trick go spend da rest of ur life surfin da web n join da elton john fan club n look at sum mo pac picz u fukin faggot da when u realize ur life iz worthless KILL YOSELF!

Van-Hell-Sin's picture

I Ain't Mad At'Cha...

...I'm just laughing at how insecure u really are!
u so desperate to slander Biggie & butt-fuck 2Pac that u have spent the last 2 days on two forums that GOT NOTHING TO DO with ANY westcoast bullshit - runnin' yo greasy mouth about about something that was done a long time ago.
you talkin' shit and spreadin' lies like L.Ron Hubbard on crack! (look it up dummy)
man, how many times does it have to be said 4 ur slow ass to understand?: THERE WAS NO SUCH THING AS MAKAVELI RECORDS - SO HOW WAS ANYONE GONNA SIGN WITH SOMETHING THAT DID NOT EVEN EXIST???? crazy.
Pac didn't do shit except CRY about what B.I.G did to HIM - FACT.
in the end his OWN behaviour got him killed - so u can go check yo'fuckin'self next time u go tellin' anybody else to commit suicide cos that's basically how Pac went out - I just think it's a shame that Biggie had to die so Pac could pay off his bail debt...R.I.P
i should have known you'd be down with the rent-a-pigs that snitch motherfucka Suge Knight hired to murder Biggie - no doubt if Suge offered u a monkey-face ur groupie ass would have done the job for free...
bottomline: In any fight the winner is decided by one thing:


now go take 2pac's shrapnel filled nuts outta yo big mouth and get a fulltime job that pays better than the rentboy shit u do for Elton & David on weekends...

if u want to be like that

if u want to be like that the nigga pac is still standin he still puttin out music after his death the nigga is the best ever im not dick ridin its a fact he could ride a beat better then anyone big is the second best but pac will always live the nigga knew he was goin to die because of the life he lived so he lived life to the fullest and spoke wat was on his mind he is the realest nigga ever he got that from bein brought up in baltimore the home of the realest he the only nigga i no to have hundreds of bloods n crips in the same place at once n nothin poped off

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Fuck Outta Here...

That's ur opinion man - enjoy it - but I can't understand how u can even rate Pac alongside B.I.G... I know it's all the rage for u kids to go on about : "Biggie&Pac/Pac&Biggie" blah, blah, blah...but i think ur just sayin' what u think u should say... i bet ur top 5 reads REALLY like this:

1. 2Pac
2. Dre
3. Eminem
4. Snoop
5. NaS (no insult to NaS - I just noticed he got alot of dicks as fans)

u ain't shit but a victim of spin & lies - dank96 sure don't respect B.I.G cos he calls him silly little school yard names like "Piggie" among other shit - BUT STILL SAYS HE RATES HIM AS THE 5TH BEST EMCEE?!?
I'll give u some props for not stoopin' to the stinkin' level that Dank96 resides on but u really do need to chill cos this is a tape about New York emcees - a city 2Pac left when he flunked outta stage/ballet school.
If, like NaS said Hip-Hop is Dead it'll be because a aids-like virus aka faggots like Dank96 got into the system and killed it.

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wordz in my mouth

I SAID BIG IZ 5TH IN LINE AS KING OF NY! NOT MC!! c man u not only dont know what ur talkin bout u put wordz in peoplez mouth. but imma tell u da best MCz
1. Tupac
2. Kool G Rap
3. Rakim
4. Big Daddy Kane
5. Nas
6. Big L
7. Biggie
8. KRS One
9. Big Pun
10. Eazy E
Once again i alawyz said big was good BUT SURE AS HELL AINT DA BEST! i talk shit bout big cuz u talk shit bout da GREAT Pac.

Van-Hell-Sin's picture


Man! u don't have a clue do you? EAZY-E 10th best emcee?
now I enjoyed NWA as much as anyone but CHRIST ALMIGHTY!!! EAZY-Z 10TH BEST EMCEE OF ALLTIME!?!? HA!HA!HA! LOL!!!!
All I feel 4 u now is PITY.
so? 2Pac is a better rapper than KRS? HA!HA!HA!
u seem to claim Pac was a conscientious artist - but more so than a true PIONEER like KRS1? u even heard B.D.P before?
on B.D.P alone KRS such be higher up on ur gay top 10.
if it's the political edge that Pac had in his rhymes u liked - then surely you must admit than even Chuck D should rate above Pac no?
I look at them names u just dropped and wonder in absoulute amazement how on one hand you are smart enough to include who u do BUT also dumb enough to say Tupac was a better lyricist than G Rap, Rakim, Kane. NaS, Big L, Biggie, KRS & Pun? do u have a split personality or just say what the websites tell you? i'm also wondering how well u know Kool G Rap's music or if u just say he's dope cos u heard ur other hero NaS rightfully say: KOOL G RAP IS A PIONEER on an intro - THAT'S IT ISN'T IT!
I bet you don't own a Kool G Rap album 4 shit! Me? I have it all.
Let's get this straight - is this a list of who is YOUR OWN FAVORITES or who u think is the technically best rapper?
u should remember that 2pac had more CHARISMA than skillz.
what is this then - TECHNICAL OR FAVORITES?

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like i said man

pacz work ethic quality n qaunity proves it all.
pac did 67 trax in 11 monthes dat were on all eyez on me-FACT
pac did 20 trax 12 dat were on makaveli in 3 dayz-FACT
pac wrote n recorded hail mary in 30 min- FACT
makaveli which was made in 3 dayz dat no otha rapper could EVER do sold 28 million worldwide-FACT
if u can find some1 ANY1 dat could do that u let me now.
it took big 3 yearz 2 put out his 2nd album 3 FUKIN YEARS!
almost ne body can write trax 4 3 years n make a good album.
pac recorded more trax in 11 monthes then big did his WHOLE CAREER.
u can read all da interviews u want but kane did a track wit pac kane was gonna sign wit makaveli records- FACT
g rap said eminem iz u think eminem is phenomenal?
g rap kane n r all liked jay-z too...jay iz a lozer... jay said 1 of hiz fav mcz iz pac PAC HATED DAT SHIT OUTTA JAY n jay alll on pacz dick!same thing wit nas...u c da mcz dat da greatest mcz listen 2 IDOLIZE PAC n copy hiz song HOW DA FUK U GONNA DO A REMAKE OF ME & MY GF!
n BIG said himself PUFF calls da shotz - FACT hahaha
go listen to Bomb First n Against All Oddz (which were recorded along wit 18 mo trax in ONLY 3 dayz)n ull c who really callz all dat shotz n who runnin thingz!

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Thing is - I don't give a fuck that Pac completed/released/wrote in better time than superman on speed because to me, bar a few exceptions - it's ALL shit.
Oh - he sold records! i'm not suprised - he was commerical as a motherfucker and made music for girls.
Took biggie 3 years huh? look how long u been writing sentences for and u still sound like a illiterate bastard?
"Quality OVER Quantity" is how the expression goes - not "quality n qaunity" - u make-shit-up-as-u-go-along-bitch.
Ready to Die is better than ANY wack-ass westcoast album.PERIOD.
u show me a track as FUCKING SHIT as the 2pac all eyez on me albums: "What'z Ya Phone #" on Ready to Die and i'll admit that i'm wrong - it can't be done. u lose.
Dank96: Kane "WAS" gonna sign "WAS" "WAS" "WAS"!!! u sound like a girl creating fantasies about Pac and name dropping names such as G Rap, Rakim & Kane to make yourself sound cool... oooooooo you the REAL BIG MAN!
Jay-Z? whatthefuckhegot2dowithshit? stop name droppin' u chump, fuck it okay, u wanna play ruff huh? I see ur a NaS fan RIGHT? - Well he's the dude that 2Pac described as THE LEADER of the beef - am i right or wrong? i'm RIGHT.
so why don't u stop being such a hypocrite?
P-Diddy-tha-Pussey may have called the shots - at least he didn't PUT GUNSHOTS into Biggie like Suge did Pac!
as for the musical advice - I've listened to that bullshit many, many, many times and when 2Pac get's angry his voice quivers and breaks like pussey - he was much better at making the soft spoken chick anthems.
Now go watch Desperate Housewives - u fake-ass feminist thug.

u cant say that pac didnt

u cant say that pac didnt have quality music everything he came out with was fire n everything wasnt for ladies he made songs for his niggas his momma ladies he just shows how versatile he is he show that he can be hard on one song n the next be a real nigga he was man enough to speak how people felt but didnt have the balls to say he reached out n touched his fans look in the game everyone talk about how they they supposed next pac but no1 is 50 cent is the only close thing to it cuz he come out with shit for the general public n the hood they are both versatile n there own ways u might say 50 a bitch but like i said in other threads he not worryin about no1 but 50 he gettin cake n thats all that matters he is a real nigga from the hood n wat he spit is true n niggas cant hate forever but pac is the best point blank period

Van-Hell-Sin's picture


50 Cent the NEW 2Pac huh? i'd agree with that - they both SUCK and make songs for WOMEN.
just look at what Sheek Louch & The Game did to 50 and tell me he the man - fuck outta here.
between them both they RUINED the credibility of EVERY member of G-Unit bar M.O.P & Mobb Deep, and even time is slippin away 4 them unless they get the fuck off that sinking ship!
Look BOZO - Maybe if u put yo fucking ear to the street you might know these things instead of relying on the POP CHARTS too tell u whats hot!
It's pretty ovious what's going on here -


Dank96's picture


id like 2 c BIG or NE1 make trax like:
*only GOD can judge me - da realist shit
*White Manz World
*Keep ya head up
*Souljas STory - one of nas's fav jointz
*words of wisdom
*me against the world
*if i die 2nite
*lord knows
*death around da corner
*no more pain
*bomb first
*against all odds
*THUG STYLE - if u aint heard diz track u dunno shit!
* if heaven got a ghetto - every rapper b sayin dat now
*high speed
*the good die young
*tattoo tears
FUCK MAN there r juz tooooooooo fukin many!! da realist fukin lyrics!!!
pac rapped bout EVERYTHING n thingz no1 could even think of BIG rapped bout either drugz gunz or hoez DATZ IT..EVERY RAPPER DOEZ DAT!!
wut bout dat GANGSTA SHIT big did wit 112 like miss u n shit HAHAHAH datz 2 hard 4 hip hop WATCH OUT!

Van-Hell-Sin's picture


u have ur faggot opinon and I have mine - but if Biggie's content is fine with BIG DADDY KANE, Then it's fine with me - "guns, drugs & hoes" huh? what else is there anyway? pro-abortion songs about single mommas throwing little babies in the trash? or tributes to mothers on CRACK? i'll take "guns, drugs & hoes" ova that garbage ANYDAY and if I wanna hear some wisdom i'll go listen to some REALLY intelligent rappers such as Talib Kweli, KRS, Common ect ect... I mean - C'mon! you think u know better than Kane or are u upset cos HE DISSED TUPAC IN THAT INTERVIEW AND U THOUGHT THEY WERE GONNA BE LABEL BUDDIES!!! BOO-HOO!HA!HA!HA! LOL... ?

ALLHIPHOP.COM: You have retired from making albums, but your skills are intact. Why?
BIG DADDY KANE: I got tired of the business side. It’s a headache. Before I f**k around and be Suge Knight’s roommate, I’ma get my a** out of it. For a while, I saw what Biggie was doing and decided to do it again.
BIG DADDY KANE: I saw Biggie making it cool to spit that player s**t, making it cool to come on stage in gators [shoes] and s**t.



Dank96's picture

dumfuk lil kid

he wasnt dissin PAC numbnutz! he was gonna sign 2 MAKAVELI-tupacz soon 2 b record label NOT DEATHROW-sugez record label (really harry oz). kane mentionz suge NOT PAC. pac got killed n big was left so NO SHIT HE GONNA B WIT BIG! KANE DID A TRACK "WHEREEVER U ARE" WIT PAC..NOT BIG!!
JABRONI! HAHAHA u r a lil elton john computer nerd wrestlin watchin faggot!ur opinionz n knowledge iz as fake as wrestlin'!
u prob do though huh! g rap da one who brought kane into da juice crew n kane became one of da greatest WITOUT G RAP KANE MIGHT NOT B HERE cuz marley marl wasnt feelin kane. so go listen 2 g rap n buy all eminemz merchandise n all his cds n his clothez!
NO1 spat as much wisdom as pac..not even close...go watch thug angel n before wake tupac documentaries or any interview or NETHING of pac n u will c pac was da realist da way he spoke waz like dude sum seriiouz ass preacher/prophet no1 can put wordz 2gether like pac.
im dun wit diz 4 good man talk all da stupid shit u want im out 4 good! PAC DA GREATEST OF ALL-TIME!

Van-Hell-Sin's picture


...didn't he do super-gay duet with Elton too?

Van-Hell-Sin's picture

EAZY-E! HA! HA! HA! wooooooo!!! YEAH!

EAZY-E 10th BEST of ALL TIME!!!! man i'm gonna go into work later and tell everyone about this one!!!
EAZY-Z 10TH BEST EvvvvvvER!!!
Sweet Jesus! how could you?...!!!!

Dank96's picture

eazy e

eazy e da 1st REAL gangsta rapper..he had sum hard shit 1 of a kind nigga. there r immitators but neva duplicatorz. alot phony rapperz say dey do this do dat but eazy did it n he rapped hard. eazy WAS NWA! go watch sum mo wrestlin fruitbag n listen 2 elton johnz greatest hitz!dont forget to read ur dr seuss bookz b4 u goto sleep.

Van-Hell-Sin's picture


... at the time - I REPEAT at the time I and most other people with brains larger than what B.I.G's hitman left of 2pacs nuts thought that Ice Cube was the shit when it came 2 NWA - u know NADA.
U diss Biggie for rhyming bout 'Guns, Drugs & Hoes' (have u ever even heard a Kool G Rap song?) but give props to Eazy-e for being a 'REAL gansta rapper'?
that just shows what a contradicting lil hypocrite U R!
go to sleep young buck and remember this:


'JUDGE' - To form an opinion or evaluation.

if u have ANY RESPECT for 2Pac then you will listen & obay what he said - he's telling u himself that he don't want yo fucking critiquing - so respect that & shut the fuck up.


Alot of people keep forgetin of one of the great mc BIP PUN he is one the best lyrist of all time he was up there BIGGIE 2PAC G RAP RAKIM NAS AND BIG L


Van-Hell-Sin's picture


...Eminem? NO FUCKING WAY.
If this mixtape was called 'who's the biggest trailer park cornball' then he would be the G.O.A.T.
excuse me for being sacastic but ain't we discussing NEW YORK EMCEES????



Being business man=good lyricist? that's stupider then the dude saying Juelz was in the top 10 best rappers.

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red cafe is the shiite

red cafe is the shiite

salute the dream's picture

nacirema dream

though i dont really think its needed, why don't we just wait a few more months and ask that question.



why it won't downloaddd??? damn it

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Its not about whos the king

Its not about whos the king of NY, its about the Dirty South now. HipHop aint dead NY is dead!

You Crazy

When it comes to dancing its all south but lyrically there's not that many in the south.
True king of the south
and who i belive got lyrics
LUDACRIS i think is the best right now
LIL WAYNE he alright


you left out Z-Ro.

henrey_713's picture

Fa sho my nugga Ro

StopSnitchin wrote:
you left out Z-Ro.

Whoa I actually agree with u on that one Z-RO & Trae my 2 fav rappers till tha day I die.

To tell you the truth i dont

To tell you the truth i dont know nothing about Z Ro or Trae ill check them out

TuPaci's picture

Snoop Dogg vs lil pussy weezie

LoL wtf lil wayne thinkin messin with legends like snoop and jay-z ... nigga lost his fuckin mind ... need to cut up, dumb ass mutha fucka ... the only good nigga from the south is T.I.

- TuPaci

krime's picture

pussy weezy?

ay nigga am pretty lost like wat did weezy do kause am tryna find out n one thing i kno fo sho the lil nigga aint pussy n man t.i aint the best in the south i think u shoud read books n keep ur nose out of hip hop if u aint kno bout it, n plus if jay, the best motherfucking rapper alive is saying dat weezy is the new up coming best rapper alive how the fuck is t.i the best in the south lol ur'll niggas is lost somewhere in mars at least say ludacris bout t.i, man, i get jokes everytime i kome on this web site

Ske's picture

shiit is jokes everytime...

you ain't heard bout weezy kissin baby, that dude is pussy, or at least thats what baby is usin him for... haha. fuck cash money, ain't you heard of gillie da kid, b.g., young buck, cash money has no idea what to do with real talent

The Infamous...

Dank96's picture


baby is like his dad cuz weezy aint neva had a dad n baby made weezy a multimillionaire so wut man it dont mean their faggotz. they didnt make out u c athletes kiss there coaches n each otha all da time but they dont make a big deal bought dat. every superbowl or world series dudez almost make out wit dey coaches..itz da same shit but accordin 2 u half of nba nfl n mlb r faggotz. bg been consistently good but lyrically does not compare 2 weezy. bg juz raps 4 da brown not da green. gillie wrote acouple shitty trax 4 wayne n now hes actin like he sum sorta great rapper dude sux he should stick behind da scenez. young buck needzta get off 50z dick cuz dey all lame. buck is good but not lyrical. since da 1st carter n wit all weezyz mixtapes weezy 1 of da best lyricist in da game now..not eva but now. wayne useta suck but dude stepped up BIG time. fuck jayz n snoop...jay iz da most overrated in game since he came out n hes full of shit n himself n snoop went from gangsta rapper 2 pop r&b singer...weezy needzta put dem in dey place.

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dank96 this for u

ya my nigga these nigga wont kno bout love ya dig like non of these niggas dat r dissin r as lyrically inclined like weezy trust me like i listen to weezy hard real hard n trust me i think to myself n b like yo wat the fuck is this nigga thinking bout so b.g, yung buck, n gillie the asshole r all fools trust me like they kno if weezy holla back fans would buy mad cds to find out bout this beef dats y the lil nigga aint fucking wit them hes jus making money differently not in making diss records so like he aint need to put them in there place like in his song wit trick "yea yea yea" hes like the haters r shooting at the boy i hope the loving the bottom kause the TOP is so lovely i swear looking at these haters like yea yea yea so trust me these niggas aint in his league thse niggas is jus wanting money